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Have you ever looked at a piece of Indian fabric like a saree, a lehenga, or a Sherwani and marveled at the flowing cuts, ornate designs, hand-crafted patterns, texture of the fabric, and unique motifs? Well, if not, you have missed out on appreciating some of the most unique and magnificent works of art in the world. Yes, indeed, Indian textiles can be considered a piece of art without a doubt. The artistic finesse in our rich embroidery, prints, and motifs is something that is otherwise found only in paintings or sculptures.

Indian ethnic wear has received international attention in the recent past due to its innovation in various aspects, including a blend of Western and indigenous trends. The gaining popularity of Indian attire can be attributed to the fact that it is suitable for any event or occasion, be it religious events, weddings, parties, or casual or formal wear. Our fabrics incorporate rich hues and have bright and beautiful patterns which are ideal for any opulent ceremony. But we also have simple kurtas, salwar kameez, etc., which are equally graceful, but more subtle and formal and can be worn casually or to workspaces. The highlight of Indian fashion lies in the meticulous attention to design details and eye-catching patterning, created using artisanal techniques. Many of our motifs and designs, for instance, Ikat and paisley, have achieved international fame. Nowadays you can also find Indian clothing with a modern twist, a blend of modern and indigenous styles making it more suave and comfortable.

These new style clothes still retain the beauty and elegance of traditional styles but add an irresistible dash of verve and fashion to the outfit. Among this is the rise in diverse formal wear, both for men and women. This is an important development in the textile industry especially at a time when formal wear is being redefined. Gone are the days when coats, suits, ties, and boots come to your mind when we think of formal or executive wear. You can enhance your look and make a fashion statement with these simple but aesthetic formal wear, for men and women. Read on to get an idea of how to pair your dresses to create the perfect combinations that can make you stand out!

Best Attires for Formal Wear- For Men

A bandh gala is the ultimate formal attire and is equally an informal casual jacket that can be paired with denim. A formal bandh gala jacket is ideal for sober evenings. It is usually made of cashmere, wool, or Matka silk. Now, apart from lightweight woolen fabrics like tropical wool, marina wool, and terry wool, some of which are lighter than cotton, bandhgalas are also made in linen, Irish linen, cotton chino, and silk. The bandhgala has an unmatched quality when made in fine Italian suiting fabric.

A bandhgala should be cut high on the armhole while the jacket should fit like a glove around the chest. This tailored look lends it a modern edge. It should always be like a second skin. The length is ideally dictated by the body type. But as a general rule to follow, the length should end just at the root of the thumb while the arms rest against the body. Too long or too short with a boxy unstructured look will kill the purpose of the well-cut acket.

Vintage-Khaki Casual Kurta with Short Sleeves from Iskon Vrindavan by BLISS

Keep the Bandhgala suit color dark, preferably black, and add color by way of your accessories like cufflinks and pocket squares. Make sure they are all color-coordinated through. Wearing cufflinks is an individual choice, and naturally depends on the occasion. Fine leather shoes and leather belts in a complementary colour are needed to top off the look. Opt for jewelled buttons and subtle and understated antique tone-on-tone embroideries on the collar and cuffs when getting your Bandhgala tailored for a dressy occasion. Alternatively, an all-over embroidered one is a good option too.

A traditional version of the Bandhgala jacket is designed usually for weddings and revelry. These are buttoned up, unlike the formal ones.

The ability to combine the bandhgala with the choice of your clothing, including denim, completely depends on your ability to style yourself as per your character. The ultimate benefit of owning a Bandhgala is that it can flatter any body type and promises a royal look.

Kurta Pajamas

Kurta is one of the most popular attires worn by Indians, be it men or women. It is very comfortable to wear as it's not rigid like other formal wear and has sleeves that do not taper but fall straight towards the wrist. A Kurta does not have cuffed sleeves and its side seams are left open for the easy movement of the wearer. The traditional Kurtas do not have any collar and their openings are usually centred on the chest.

During the summer season, Kurtas made up of light silk and cotton are in great demand, while during winters, people usually look for heavy fabrics such as wool, Khadi silk, or maybe handspun. The buttons used in the design are mostly wooden or plastic. Kurtas are good for comfortable dressing and are great for both formal and casual occasions. They are undoubtedly classy and elegant, which is why they never go out of fashion

Riviera-Blue Kurta Pajama Set with Printed Mughal Motifs

Short kurtas can double as a semi-casual shirt that does not require to be tucked in, hence making them perfect to be paired up with jeans, and worn to just about any place and occasion. Meanwhile, long kurtas make a better choice for a more formal look.

Juttis, leather sandals, and kolhapuri chappals make up the only types of ethnic footwear for men. As for western and ethnic fusion wear, casual footwear like sandals, boat shoes, and espadrilles work just as well.

Handloom Shirts

While once handloom shirts were worn only by working men in the 40s-50s age group, nowadays there is an emerging trend of youngsters wearing the same. Men's formal popular shirts are becoming younger, fresh and are emerging with a strong element of fashion. Colors are becoming younger, brighter, and fresher. 

Handloom shirts are mainly made using Cotton, linen, silk, and wool. The colour palette has a wide choice of beige, chrome, blue, fuchsia, brown, and so on. The design includes checks, micro checks, plains, and stripes. Blended fabrics in structure/dobbies for popular ranges of solid shirts are increasingly being used. 

More checks rather than stripes designs are seen in trend in the synthetics segment. This is because there is a wider scope in terms of style and designs in checks than in stripes.

Nehru Jacket

This timeless Indian attire makes a bold fashion statement as well as gives you a classic and contemporary look. Nehru Jackets are available in various types, fabrics, and colours to choose from. Stripes are classic and never go out of fashion. A striped Nehru jacket is an ideal way to separate yourself from the crowd. Vertical stripes create an illusion of height so it is best for shorter men. The checked Nehru jacket is another exciting and stylish pattern to add to your wardrobe. Just like stripes, checks also make you stand out in the crowd.

Wedding Waistcoat with Digital-Printed Florals All-Over

Best Attires for Formal Wear- For Women

Handloom Sarees

When it comes to attire, sarees are a different genre altogether. From designer sarees to normal cotton sarees, they are an all-purpose item. But your best bet for formal wear is undoubtedly Handloom sarees. Tussar silk sarees. Khadi sarees, handloom cotton sarees, linen sarees, Jute silk sarees, etc. are some of the options you have to create a classy look for an official meet or a formal party.

The blouse is an accompaniment to the saree and should rightly complement the saree. The same colour as the saree is best, but one can always wear soft colours that match. 

Royal-Lilac Banarasi Handloom Sari with Heavily Brocaded Patterns All-over and Floral Pallu

While bold prints get bad stares, the medium-size works best to spruce up your appearance. The small motifs, in floral, geometric, or abstract, appear nice.

The handloom sarees can be a luxury and a fashion must-have in your wardrobe. They are rich, elegant, and easy to carry, making them a perfect option for women of all age groups. They are not only artistically cultivated but also give the most dignified look like no other. Wearing the handloom sarees gives an earthy vibe and instantly levels up your personality. So, go ahead and give your personal fashionable spin to the down-to-earth handloom textiles.

Traditional Salwar Suits

Salwar suits are such an outfit that offers a wide variety of options to choose from. The Salwar Kameez is one of the most beautiful garbs that showcases Indian fashion in a simple and traditional form. Just like the famous saree, it is traditional attire that can go from simple and comfortable to intricate and decorative. From Anarkali to Jacket style Salwar kameez, this three-piece dress is ideal for any formal occasion, be it a wedding, office, or any religious ceremony. The salwar is the type of pants while the kameez is a long shirt or tunic. Other garbs like the dupatta are used to accessorize it to achieve a certain look for a specific occasion. The top can be a Kurta or Anarkali among others while the pants could be churidar, salwar, or Patiala.

Aqua-Haze Wedding Anarkali Suit with Embroidered Flowers and Patch Border

 For office and workspaces, it is better to wear a long Salwar, with minimal or light patterns. Choose a cotton material for this formal occasion with a smart collar and three-quarter sleeves. Let the colours be sober and not too shiny which is eye-catching.  Grey to blue range of colours is a better option for a salwar Kameez for interviews or formal occasions.

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