Looking To Buy Indian Art? Here Are Some Tips Worth Considering

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India has a rich history to boast about with regard to arts and paintings. Paintings have always been an integral part of our culture for centuries. It is only through stories woven in artwork that we know so much about our heritage today. From the prehistoric cave paintings to the modern Indian paintings these have changed and evolved to a large extent. Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh, discovered and explored only in 1957, is one of the richest sources of primitive art in the world, with paintings that come right into the historic period. In the Ajanta caves, we can find locales, figures, and episodes of the Jataka stories.  The Ajanta artists showed themselves capable of depicting the most moving scenes in the life of Buddha with a classic restraint that has won them a place among the most expressive paintings in the world. The mural traditions and miniature paintings also evolved in the sixth to the eleventh century which are also symbols of great artistic creations.

Top Points to consider when buying a traditional Indian Art Piece



 Vastu plays an important role in deciding what kind of paintings to keep in your house and where to keep them as it can really make an impact on your surroundings. Every painting or art that you display in your house defines your feelings and emotions. All visual art and sculptures are powerful mediums that directly define our mental state of existence. They create a direct effect on our mind as well as our neural network. For instance, paintings of a blessing Buddha or pine trees are believed to be good for your house. The direction in which the paintings are placed also plays a crucial role. As per Vastu shastra, a photo of Lord Ganesha should be placed in such a way that your eye should go firstly on it when you enter the house. Never leave the front wall blank while entering the house. This is considered to be a symbol of loneliness.

Bhumisparsha Buddha amidst Himalayan Verdure

The message of the Painting

 Once you have figured out the kind of paintings you can place on your walls, think about the message of the artwork. Are you religious? Would you prefer folk art or that of goddess Saraswati? It all depends on your taste as well as the nature of the room. You can also decide the kind of person you want to portray yourself as by decorating your living/guest room accordingly. Do you want it to depict beauty? Religion? Richness? Some teachings? It’s your space, so go full creative to create the ideal space you have always dreamed of. 

Goddess Ashta Matrika, Folk Art

The Divine Glamour of Devi Lakshmi, Water Colour

Your Personal choice

 As mentioned above it’s all about your personal choice. While some may find full figures to be good, others find abstract art more aesthetic. Then there are also personal favourites which you would like to see often. For instance, you might like Raja Ravi Varma immensely and would want to stare at his ‘Hamsa Damayanti’ often. Or you might like a particular style of painting like kalamkari or Madhubani. So go ahead and buy it!

Enticing Peacock, Madhubani

Hamsa Damayanti, Oil Painting

Type of Painting

 It is also amusing to note the plethora of painting techniques and forms India is home to. And each style of painting has something unique to offer which makes it all the more confusing to choose from. For instance, you can get the portrait of Lord Ganesh as a kalamkari painting, mandala painting, or in the form of a miniature painting. The hues and the drawing techniques are entirely different and give the viewer different experiences although the figure is constant. As said earlier, the atmosphere of the room, its colours, and your personal choices have to come into play in this situation.

The Cosmic Glamour of Lord Ganesha, Miniature

Dancing Bhagwan Ganesha, Patachitra Paintings

Location for the Painting

 Paintings that you hang in your house might not be ideal for a space like an office. While you can have your final say at home, an office is a shared space where the tastes of the majority have to be taken into consideration. So take a general consensus before you buy an art piece for common use. The themes also play an important role in this. For instance, you might probably not want a battle scene hanging on the wall of your living room or even bedroom. But as an admirer of art, you can definitely buy it by figuring out a suitable location for it. Another point is the size of the space. Hanging extremely small paintings on a large wall would not look appealing.

Small paintings on large bare walls look unappealing


Sometimes, the colour also plays an important role in choosing the painting. Because your art can be anything from an investment piece to a work of personal value, it’s essential to integrate your pieces with the right colours. Choose a painting whose background matches your wall colour. Choosing complementary shades is also ideal and will make you feel good when you look at them. 

Your wall colour isn’t the only thing that can help your artwork stand out. Creating a balance between the colours of the artwork and the furniture in the room will help the artwork become more of a presence.

Choose paintings that match your wall colour

Paintings with complementary colours look appealing


 Last but not the least, think about the purpose of buying the traditional art piece. As an art lover, you might have a personal collection which you would like to expand. Or maybe you have an idea to update your home and need traditional pieces to give your rooms an authentic and sophisticated look. You may even want to give a painting to your relative who is getting married or a farewell gift to a  colleague. Depending on whether it's for personal use or some other purpose, you could choose an ideal painting that would be suitable for your needs.


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