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The Ageless Dimension

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Author: Yogi Ashwini
Publisher: Dhyan Foundation and Full Circle
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788190450669
Pages: 228
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Book Description
About the author

Yogi Ashwini is adept in ancient spiritual sciences: Yoga, Tantra, Spiritual Healing. Past-life Re-visiting, Ancient arts of fighting like Gada (mace), lathi and sword. His vast Knowledge of Creation and cohesive approach to living in harmony with nature has led Him to author many Books and impart the rare practices of Yoga in pristine form with a practical approach to suit The modern way to life, amalgamating the past with the present, without dilution in sanatan kriya. Sanatan Kriya, the pure practice of yoga, stands testimony to His mastery on spiritual science; the Amazing result have led doctors at reputed Indian Medical Association to validate the precision in Clairvoyance and yogic abilities of the practitioners of Yoga under the guidance of Yogi Ashwini. With a Master degree in management and honours in economics from Delhi University, He speaks Many Languages Fluently, is widely travelled, runs a successful business, is a house-holder and a Yogi, who practices and imparts Vedic Knowledge following the ncient tradition- Guru-shishya-parampara (direct training under the Guru) – without any charges.


Nearly 6,000 years back, when the entire world was living in jungles, hunting for a living and invading other civilizations for wealth, when human sacrifices and wild dancing around fires was considered as high level of consciousness — at that time, in the Himalayan mountain ranges, vedic rishis were preparing for the advent of kalyug, the time when chaos would prevail in their highly developed and civilized society called Bharatvarsha...Where peace and prosperity reigned. Where there was a code of conduct even during wars, which was strictly adhered. Where women were respected, craftsmanship was at its pinnacle of glory, and painting and dances were highly developed arts - this highly developed society was now going to move towards its downfall, as the word of the Guru was now being forgotten.

There was a dire need now, to document the prevailing sciences so that the so-called modern man could at least have the knowledge of them, as gyana could only flow from the Guru. In the last 2000 years, the biggest invasions destroyed most of these works. Some of them were copied in other languages and some others were lost in oblivion forever. This work is an attempt to educate the so-called modern day man about the efficacy and power of the sciences of ayurveda, yoga and the vedas in relation to longevity, beauty, radiance and glow. Each chapter is a unique work of art into which years of labor have gone. Dhyan Ashram through this work is trying to revive the forgotten.

The vedic rishis were the masters of physical and the spiritual, super beings who controlled prakriti and all its manifestations. The physical body comprising of the five mahabhutas (elements) had been completely mastered by them. In my deep contemplations, I have encountered extremely handsome men with glistening black hair and flowing black beards, holding kamandal in their hands, and extremely beautiful women - their hair resembling cascading waterfalls and themselves possessing a glow which can be likened to the beauty of the early morning sun. Time and again these images have led me to believe that the physical reflects the power of the ether and the practices of the ether as prescribed by the vedic rishis have direct effect on one’s physical beauty and glow, as well as on the destruction of body and senses, called ageing. If such beauty and glow could be held permanently in satyug, it can definitely be mastered to a great degree in kalyug also. Energy is energy. If its flow endowed them with so much beauty and glow, then its flow would have the same effect on us too.

We are the descendants of those masters. We have inherited from them the gyana. It lies with each one of us in form of the pristine sciences of yoga and tantra, often called the final frontier, where the physical meets and blends into the ether. They hold within them the secrets of creation, which once disclosed - mystery, miracles and magic would cease to exist. There would suddenly be an explanation to them. | However, our ancestors were wise men, who thousands of years ago, had conceived the kalyug. They had secured all this gyana in a golden trunk, the trunk of maya. Maya entices a being into the worldly pleasures and attractions. It blinds one from the path of transformation, trapping him forever in the vicious circle of life and death not allowing him to escape, and keeping him enthralled in the unreal. Just like when a movie is watched, the seer becomes a character and time passes, similarly here a lifetime passes!

The manas of kalyug, crippled by the limitations of his five senses, is so awed by the beauty of the trunk, that he is happy in merely possessing it. He never thinks of accessing what lies in it. This is exactly how it was intended. These practices, mantras or siddhis are never given to the undeserving or the unscrupulous. Only a true seeker can find the key, the key which lies with the custodian — the Guru. A true seeker and practitioner would be able to open the locks to ageing through this book. Here I have detailed mantras which hold age, given formulae which keep the skin and the internal organs young, glowing and healthy, given Ariyas which cleanse the body of toxins, given a combination of diets which rejuvenate the body bringing in the glow and radiance, which is enough to make heads turn at a basic level, and attract the gods if practiced under a Guru.

The book explains the process of ageing in the human body and critically examines this process. The book suggests remedies for arresting the ageing process and maintaining "that" youthful look till your last breath. The book gives techniques to prolong life and gives nourishing recipes to combat the process of ageing. Certain rare rasayanas for rejuvenating the body and maintaining its youth are also given. Techniques and kriyas for promoting longevity and youthful look from Shiv Samhita, Gheranda Samhita, Charaka Samhita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and other ancient, some near extinct texts have been given in detail. The book explains in detail, the complex process of ageing in all the layers of the body, and provides remedies and solutions to combat this. It gives step-by-step instructions to practice the various techniques. It also lists, as a bonus, various harmful chemicals and radiations present in modern day products along with studies of western universities corroborating the fact. It warns the reader about modern day products that are damaging to the cell and provides rare and authentic substitutes alongwith formulae to prepare them at home. It also gives details from where you can procure these products in case you do not want to prepare them at home. The book is a storehouse of the vedic gyana and sciences of the body and soul. I have given certain conversations, which sadhaks at Dhyan Ashram have had with the Mother Goddess. All of the above is tried, tested and a result of nearly twenty years of my research on the being. The book may be considered a thesis on anti-ageing.

If the rishis of yesteryears could go on for so long and maintain their youth and glow till the end and then leave the body in full consciousness and awareness, knowing well where they are going, then why can the modern man not do the same?

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