Anatomy of Marma- Marmavyakarana Sarira (Vital Parts or Organs)
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Anatomy of Marma- Marmavyakarana Sarira (Vital Parts or Organs)

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Author: Dr. L.P. Gupta
Publisher: Chaukhamba Surbharati Prakashan
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788194144571
Pages: 138
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About The Book

Anatomy of Marma encompass their utmost available literature, in full length of ancient & modern views, pointing out the suitable body organs and structures involve over their. Marmas practiced in countries, outside India, have been also incorporated & enlightened, in comparison to that of Indian approaches.A large number of illustrations, leveled conjointly, with both the ayurveda & modern terms, have been also added to make the text intelligible.

About The Author

Dr. L. P. Gupta, born on 15th July, 1937, graduated in Basic Science (B.Sc-1956) and Ayurvecicarya, (A.B.M.S.-1962) from Science and Ayurvedic Colleges, Varansi (BHU) & did his Ph.D. under the supervision of Padmari Prof. K. N. Udupa, in 1971. Dr. Gupta has also written three other fundamental Ayurvedic books on (1) Positive Health through Ayurveda, (2) Essentials of Ayurveda and (3) Biogenic Secrets of Food in Ayurveda. He has also published one Monograph on 'Immunity in Ayurveda' and sixty-nine research papers in reputed National and International Journals. Dr. Gupta was awarded 'Shri Hari Om Ashram Gold Medal' from Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar. He has directed a Research Scheme sponsored by M/s Glaxo Laboratory, organised two National Seminars on 'Certain Controversial Subjects in Racana Sarira' and 'Tridosas Related to its Fundamentals'. He was also invited to attend the 12th and 14th Congress on International Society for Heart Research at Melborne, Australia and Cobe in Japan, respectively. He has been member of National Academy of Sciences and life-long Member of International Society of Hearth Research.


The term 'Manna' literary communicates the sense of vital parts of the body. Injuries or mechanical involvements directly affecting the sites of 'Marinas' are likely to take away the life of the person concerned or to make him functionless. The knowledge pertaining to locations and sites of 'Marinas' in the body finds better scope in the battle field, when enemies counteract each other. The biggest war record in the history of India, with its highest casualty was the battle of Mahabharata. The warriors and soldiers when get wounded in such battles or even in the battles of today getting injured by the bullets or missile arms, require major part of surgical interference where extreme care is needed, if certain vital parts of 'Marinas' are involved There had been many wars in India in the past which can be traced back to Vedic and Prevedic era. ASvini Kumara's have been always in the reference in ancient Indian Medical Literature. History reveales that the surgery was very much associated with the warfare. The knowledge of surgery forms its basis through thorough human dissection. Maharsi SuSruta was pioneer in this field. A detailed dissection of human body, with a view to develop a sound knowledge of the underneath organs, leads perfection in anatomy which subsequently develops its better application, during these courses of surgical interference, particularly when it is situated at some vital area or 'Marina' of the body. In comparison to an elaborate and tedious description of all the structures of the body, the knowledge of regional anatomy finds its better scope in management of the injuries involving the 'Manlius' or the vital parts of the body.

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