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The Angelic Origins of the Soul (Discoveroing your Divine Purpose)

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Author: Tricia McCannon
Publisher: Bears and Company, Vermont
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9781591432715
Pages: 512 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
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Book Description
About the Book

Your Soul is a divine light originating within the angelic orders of Heaven. The Tibetan Book of the Dead speaks about the seven lokas, or dimensions, the Soul travels through after death, while the Egyptian Book of the Dead refers to the Soul becoming one with the ever-renewing phoenix. Yet what is the phoenix but a symbol of our own Angelic Twin who resides in the highest realms, the essence of our Soul? In this book, Tricia McCannon explains how to discover the angelic realms where the highest parts of yourself reside and become the catalyst for your own path of ascension.

Exploring the Soul's angelic origins, the nine orders of Angels, and the multidimensional landscapes of Heaven, McCannon takes you on the journey each Soul makes as it descends from the higher vibrational realms to arrive in the world of form. Drawing from the perennial wisdom of the ancient Mystery traditions, she looks at what our ancestors have to say about the nature and history of the Soul. She reveals how, once embodied, the Soul loses its ability to vibrate with the highest celestial levels, causing it to forget its purpose. She addresses how our illusion of separation from divine Oneness arises, causing us to move away from the Light and become wrapped up in the Shadow of fear and suffering. She explains the six stages of Soul evolution we must pass through to heal the wounds of separation, reawaken to higher vibrations, and remember our Soul's purpose-the reason your Soul chose this incarnation. Presenting the great Course Curriculum of the Soul, the author shows that by remembering our divine essence we can move beyond conflict and struggle to embrace the love and joy that reside eternally at the core of our being.

About the Author

TRICIA McCANNON is a renowned clairvoyant, teacher, and mystical symbologist. She is the author of several books, including Return of the Divine Sophia, Dialogues with the Angels, and Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions. She has been a featured speaker at conferences in the United States, England, and Europe and has appeared on radio and TV shows, including Coast to Coast AM and Whitley Strieber's Dreamland. The director of the Phoenix Fire Lodge Mystery School, she lives in Atlanta, Georgia.


Welcome to planet Earth! You have arrived on a complex planet that is not for the faint of heart. You now have a physical body. Take care of it. It is the only one you will receive this time around, so if you abuse it, you will pay the price. But remember, this body is not who you really are. You are a spark in the body of God, and you will live forever.

That's the good news. The bad news is that since you are now mortal, your body will eventually perish. Whatever choices you make with your mind, body, and spirit will not only affect your present life, they will also affect how you move forward on the long road of your many successive lifetimes, for this is but one chapter in your Soul's journey. In each life you can either embrace the path of mastery or you can stand still. Each life contributes or detracts from your overall evolution. Your thoughts, actions, words, and intentions will all affect where you will go when you die, as well as the next set of choices in future lifetimes. So be wise. Take your time. Be patient with yourself and others, and try not to burn any bridges. The person that you help today may be the very person who is there to help you tomorrow. That's how it works. Our deeds come back to us, and there is no escaping this cosmic law. So remember to be kind.

This book is to remind you that you came to Earth for a reason. Your existence is not random; it was planned. Now you must figure out what that reason is, because even though you once knew it-in fact, you chose it-you have forgotten. That's one of the most difficult things about coming to planet Earth-the amnesia. There are planets where this veil is not in place-a veil meant to allow you to start fresh in each new life. But Earth is not one of these places, so you'll have to get your memories back for yourself. But don't worry, there will be clues along the way, the first being the circumstances of your birth. Whatever pain, suffering, and hardship you may have experienced, this may actually be a clue as to your life's true purpose. So if you landed in one of those many dysfunctional families here on Earth, you may have actually come to this planet to better understand the problems of humanity from the inside out, and to change them for the better. This is good, not only for you, but for all of humanity.

One bit of advice: Every life has two interconnected missions: an outer task and an inner task; and these are usually linked. Each one of us has an inner challenge, a hardship designed to test our character at the core of our being. This is for the learning of the Soul. Someone dies; there is not enough money; you are in the middle of a bitter divorce; you lose your home or your country; or the environment that you grow up in is difficult, to say the least-these kinds of scenarios are the setup, the challenge that you signed up for that will set you on your unique path.

The second task involves what you do with these challenges, which if met, will bring you to a point of resolution and wisdom that will point you toward your greater mission. This is the reason you were born. And if you manage to succeed in overcoming your difficulties, you will gain the strength and power needed to triumph in your assignment. So treat each challenge as an opportunity, not a problem. If you do, then it will inspire you to turn your deficits into strengths, bringing you right to the heart of your purpose.

One word of wisdom: There is no escaping this Course Curriculum, and suicide is not an option because you'll only have to come back and face the same problems all over again. Life does not work by running away or anesthetizing yourself with any of the many substances and obsessions that human beings use to keep themselves medicated and out of touch with their true essence. Getting hooked on alcohol or drugs is a sure way to waste the precious time that you are allotted. You're on the clock, so get to work and figure it out!

Life works by asking yourself why you incarnated into your particular family in the first place. Why did you choose those parents, this race, that gender, or that set of economic conditions? Once you can figure this out, then you can use this as a foundation to reach higher ground. Hidden in your seeming travail is the heart of the lessons you came to learn, and it is learning these lessons that will bring you to greatness. In fact, this may be the very wisdom that you came to teach. When you have decoded this equation, then you will have figured out the direction of your life. After all, you planned it.

Yes, we know that this Course Curriculum is not easy, but that's all a part of the game. What would be the fun of it if you could figure it out in a minute? And while your amnesia is really a bummer, it has been put in place to help you and some of your fellow human beings begin again, because if you were to remember your past choices, you might be so filled with regret that you would never be able to start anew. And it's true, there are easier planets you could have chosen. Some planets only have physical challenges like weather, food, or survival. Others have mental challenges. But Earth has it all-mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. So it's a very advanced Curriculum, and if you succeed, you will be light-years ahead of those who never tried.

Just remember, no one forced you to come here, and we wouldn't have let you if you weren't ready. So be brave. Believe in yourself. Take time to breathe. Remember to help people, animals, and the planet. Above all, listen to your heart and remember to love. Tune in to nature and you'll start to hear the whispers of your true Self. It is always within you, and you are never alone. And remember, we believe in you. Good luck, and see you on the Otherside.


This book is a journey, a journey into the immortal nature of the Soul and the purpose behind our life. It is a voyage into the discovery of our own angelic origins, the landscapes of Heaven, and our ultimate return to those worlds. During the course of this expedition we shall discover much about what mystics and near-death experiencers have told us about the eternal nature of the Soul and the celestial realms from which we source. We will explore the questions that lie at the very heart of human life, such as: What is the nature of the Soul, and what does it mean to be truly human? Is there a divine destiny for each of us, and how is it possible that we have somehow forgotten it? How do we fit into the puzzle of the cosmos, and are there specific spiritual laws that govern the cycles of Soul evolution? Are there young Souls, old Souls, and Souls that are in-between? What are the lessons we must master if we are to achieve enlightenment?

Throughout human history many great philosophers, statesmen, saints, and healers have asked these same perennial questions, and every religion in the world has its own take on the answers. Most traditions assert that the Soul exists long before we are ever born, and that it departs when we die, only to continue on another plane of existence. The Soul, this eternal part of us, is born from the nature of God, lives in the worlds of God, and returns to the bosom of God. Like its maker, it is intelligent, curious, loving, explorative, and creative. Furthermore, this part of us longs to love and to be loved, to know itself and to be known by others. Since life itself is built on the vibrational principle of love, the Soul, which is created from love, longs to return to this place of nurturance. While this divine light expresses itself uniquely in each and every one of us, in truth we are all a part of the same eternal intelligence that animates the universe.

In the pages of this book you will learn about the Soul's angelic origins and its journey to claim its innate divine inheritance. You will travel the journey that each Soul makes as it descends from the highest Heavens to arrive in the worlds of form, taking first one expression, and then another. During our expedition you will also learn about the great Course Curriculum that each Soul must master, and how time and experience are the prime movers that assist us in moving through these many phases of development. You will discover the six stages of the Soul's evolution that we must all experience to reclaim our place as angelic beings. Along the way we will discover the mechanisms of Adi-karma, a Sanskrit term meaning "first karma," referring to the mechanisms by which we come to believe the illusion that we are separate from God or Source, a mechanism that allows the Soul to become dense enough to descend into the world of duality, thereby resulting in the existence of the Shadow.' This Shadow, or Great Adversary, causes us to move away from the light of our own eternal nature. When the Shadow is projected outward, as it so often is, it becomes a belief in evil, which wraps, us in fear, darkness, ignorance, and suffering, causing us to project our greatest fears onto those around us. Our job in this and every lifetime is to find a way to remember our own essence and dispel these false beliefs that keep our planet trapped in war, conflict, and struggle. When we finally dispel the Shadow, the path opens, and we can begin to figure out what we have come here to do, why we have chosen this incarnation. This reframing of our essential nature and the events around us is the first step in a transformative journey that leads to self-empowerment and embracing the love and joy that resides eternally at the core of our being.

In these pages we will also explore the vast territories of light that lie on the Otherside, realms that have been called "the Far Country." We will hear from modern and ancient travelers who have crossed over to the Otherside and returned, giving us incredible accounts of our true home. We will also discover our own origins among the nine angelic orders of these heavenly realms, and how, by knowing about them, we can live more fulfilling lives in alignment with our dharma, or life's mission. William Wordsworth, the nineteenth-century transcendentalist and poet, expresses the idea of our divine origins beautifully in his Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood:

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