अर्थसङ्ग्रह: Artha Sangraha of Sri Laugaksi Bhaskara
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अर्थसङ्ग्रह: Artha Sangraha of Sri Laugaksi Bhaskara

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Item Code: NZK369
Author: Prof. K. T. Pandurangi
Publisher: Dvaita Vedanta Studies and Research Foundation
Language: Sanskrit Text With Kannada and English Translation
Edition: 2009
Pages: 288
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 310 gm


Arthasangraha is a manual of Purvamimamsa following the Bhatta tradition. Some scholars are of the opinion, that it is an abridged edition of Mimamsanyayaprakasa of Vasudeva. The other scholars hold the view that Mimamsanyayaprakasa is an enlarged edition of Arthasangraha. In any case these two introduce the Mimamsa doctrines briefly and clearly. Arthasangraha follows the model of Tarkasangraha. However, the themes of the two are quite distinct. The presentation of Manameyodaya is more on the lines of Tarkasangraha arranging the topics on Mana i.e. Pramanas and Meya i.e. Prameyas. Arthasangraha goes by the plan of Mimamsa sutras and bhasya.

There are a few commentaries on Arthasangraha. Among these Arthasangraha Kaumudi of Ramesvarabhiksu is a detailed commentary and explains the text of Arthasangraha elaborately. In this volume Arthasangraha with this commentary is published, Kannada and English summary of Arthasangraha is also published. A glossary of the technical terms of Mimamsa is added. We hope this volume will be useful to the students and scholars of Purvamimamsa. I record my appreciation of the assistance given by Vidwan Krishnacharya Upadhyaya for editing the text and the commentary and also Prof. C. Ramanathan for assisting the preparation of Kannada translation of Arthasangraha.


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