Astrological Tables for All (Ready Reckoner)

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Author: R. Eshwara Manu
Publisher: Krishman & Co.
Language: English
Edition: 2023
ISBN: 8188082171
Pages: 129
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Author

The desire to learn Astrology was born when I visited Bombay in 1967, to meet a friend. He is a student of Krishnamurti Padhdhati and attained proficiency in it. After my return from Bombay, I have purchased Krishnamurti Padhdhati 2 Vols and his Magazine Astrology & Athrishta. I was impressed by the simplicity of style adopted in Krishnamurti Padhdhati and was encouraged by its easy method, My grandfather was an Astrologer and had written some books on the subject. Perhaps, Partly due to heritage and prtly due to my interest, some how I began to learn Astrology and made some progress in it. Slowly my interest in the subject increased and I become more and more involved in it. While preparing Horoscopes, which consumed lot of time, it struck me to prepare a kind of ready reckoner. First I thought of preparing these Tables purely for personal use. I have calculated Sookshmas for all the Dasas. Later I thought of preparing sub-Sub Table. Then I prepared the proportionate movement of Planats, including Moon’s At this stage, I have decided to prepare a comprehensive Tables useful to all the students. All that a student needs in casting Horoscope, I have calculated. This will not only save the time of a student but assure him accuracy.

I have written a letter to my poojya Guruji Shri K. S. Krishnamurti expressing my desire to write a book on ‘Astrological Tables useful to one and all. He readily gave his consent and asked me to go a head. When my Guruji visited Secunderabad, he initiated ‘Uchchista Maha Ganapathi Maha Manthra’ to me. With blessing of my guruji and Lord Uchchista Mahaganapati, I could be able to write this book The following are the blessing and encouraging letters from my Guruji.



“Mr. R. E. Manu has prepared “Astrological Tables” useful to Krtishnamurti Padhdhati. With the help of this book Horoscope can be cast with accuracy, besides saving a lot of time. Mr. Manu has performed admirable work and I feel that this book is indispensable to all the students of Krishnamurti Padhdhati.”

“Mathematically, astrology is a science, and therefore if you have made no mistake in your horoscopes calculations the results obtained will agree in a very astonishing manner with the facts as you know them.”

Astrological Tables are indispensable for every student of Astrology, following Eastern system and Krishnamurti Padhdhati. They are designed for one and all. These Tables not only save valuable time needed for the interpretation and judgment of Horoscope, but also assure accuracy. We have made use of latest methods in calculating Planetary positions and casting Horoscope. The Tables presented in this book are so comprehensive that they practically cover the entire requirement for calculating every thing needed in the science of Astrology, and that a student need in casting Horoscope. In the Krishnamurti Padhdhati, position of Planets and fixation of Lagna and other Houses should be very accurate. Otherwise correct readings cannot be given. I his advanced steller system, Sub plays a decisive role. Sun sub is only 40 Minutes Langitude (2 Min clock Time) and any mistake in calculation of either Houses or planets will show wring Sub. The position of Lagna and other cusps in case of Twins is very important. We have taken extra care the calculation of Tables and a major portion of the book is devited to meet the demands of the students of Krishnamurti Padhdhati.

At every stage, we were guided by Prof. K. S. Krishnamurti and he is the inspiration for this book. It is on his suggestion that we have undertaken this book. We have made an extensive use of Krishnamurti Padhdhati Vol-I and Astrology and Athrishra, edited by Shri K. S. Krishnamurti and drawn information from these two rich sources. Students of Krishnamurthi Padhdhati waill find every thing they need. We have calculated Sookshmas for all Dusas. Prepard Sub-Sub Tabel. Calculated Ayanamsa at the rate of 50 Seconds per year. Prepared Ready Reokoner ot calculate the motion of planets for any given Hour and Minute. The contents of the book will speak for themselves, position of the planets is taken from JHrishnamurti Ephemeries and Krishnasmurti ayanams is deducted for the year required; In casting Horoscopes, Rapheal’s Table of Houses is followed. Where needed an explanation is offered with sufficient examples. Tables are arranged in the order of their need.

With the help of simplified Tabe and ready reckoner, I am sure, the students of Astrology in general, and followers of Krishnamurti Padhdhati in particular, will save their valuable time on calculating and devote more time to predicative aide. The book owns its present form mainly due to constant encouragement given by K. S. Krishnamurti. At every step, his ready attention and help was spontaneously available to me. He took every pain to go through the book and offered most valuable suggestion which have improved the book a lot. While the credit goes to him for its merits, the defects I gladly share.

I am grateful to our Guruji; Shri K. S. Krishnamurti for having suggested to me to undertake this book and having written an article on Krishnamurti Padhdhati. I thank him for permission me to use material from Krishnamurti Padhdhati Vol-I

I Take this opportunity to thank my friend Shri P. Swamy who encouraged me to write this book. I also thank the press, B. V. R. Balreddy & co, Secunderabad, for excellent printing of the Book.




  Krishnamurti Padhdhati by Jyothish marthand Sri. K. S. Krishnamurti iii
  About the Author v
  Introduction vi
  Casting Horoscope vii
I Latitude and Longitude of various places 4 Minutes correction per degree for places beyond and below  
  82-30' -2/3 Seconds deduction per degree for places East or Greenwich 1
II Clock Time and it's equivalent siderial Time 9
III-A Difference between siderial Time and Ascendent (Lagna) 9
III-B Difference between siderial Time and Ascendent (Lagna) 10
IV-A Tabke of Krishnamurti Ayanamsa from the year 1861 to 2103 13
IV-B Ayanamsa for any Day of the Year 13
V Moo's Place for any Hour and Minute for the day 14
VI Slow moving Planets-1' to 2,24/ fir 24 Hours motion 33
VII Sub-Sub Table for all 249 Subs 45
VIII Constellation (Nakshathra) and Dasa period 54
IX Dasa and Sub periods (Bhukthies) 54
X To findout Dasa balance of all the 9 Planets 55
XI Navamsa Table 56
  Sokschmas -Sub-Sub periods  
  Kethu Dasa 57
  Vanus Dasa 59
  Sun Dasa 61
  Moon Dasa 63
  Mars Dasa 65
  Rahu Dasa 67
  Jhupitur Dasa 69
  Saturn Dasa 71
  Mercury Dasa 73
  Exampled Horoscope (Section-I)  
  Hirth Horoscope (Born at Place less than 82° E 30) 75
  Hirth Horoscope (Born at Place more than 82° E 30) 78
  Horary (Section -2)  
  Basing on the time of quarry 79
  A chart gathering all information may be prepared as under after erecting Horoscope for our convenient Prediction  
  Explanation for using Number within 108 81
  Example Horoscope using Number within 108 82
  Examples Horoscope using Number within 108 82
  Examples Horoscope using Number within 249 83
Chapter -II (Miscellaneous Tables)
I Duration of Moon in each Sub when its daily motion fluctuates between 20-30 Hrs and 27 Hrs 84
II Table of Houses for Secunderabad Latitude 17° 27' 89
III Lagna (Ascendant )fixation using number within 108 91
IV Horary (249) Table of Houses for Secunderabad 17,27' 93
V Lagna pramana (Time-measure of each sign) 96
VI Time taken by Lagna for each Degree 96
  Krishnamurti Padhdhati Table in Clock Time 97
  Retrogression of Planets 99
VII Sunrise for Northern Latitudes 100
VIII sunrise for Southern Latitudes 100
IX Calendar for 3000 Years A. D. 101
X Table to Turn into Degrees and Munutes or to turn Degrees and Minutes into Time (L.M.T.) 102
XI Hindu years and their corresponding English years 103
XII Lalahora (Planetary Hours) 103
XIII Western Aspects 104
XIV Date from which the Standard Time (S. T.) is adopted by various Nations of the World 104
XV Zodiacal Table showing Signs, Planets and their elements 105
XVI Sun transit Table 106
XVII Northern/ sdouthern Latitude and Eastern/ Western Longitudes of Various places in the world 107
  Dictionary of Astrological Terms 118
  Emamples for Table X (Chapter-II) (Page-102) 120

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