Medical Astrology For All (Based on Krishnamurti Padhdhati)

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Item Code: NAC290
Author: K.Subramaniam
Publisher: Krishman & Co.
Language: English
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 8188082058
Pages: 229
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
Message About This Book

Astrology is an ancient art which consist of the interpretation of the movements of the Sun, Moon and other Planets. A study of astrology being, as a matter of course, part of a doctors training and a vital elements in his treatment of diseases.

Modern astrologers would consider that it is both a Science and an Art, not an exact science like mathematics, but more like medicine, which calls for scientific knowledge on the part of the practitioner plus the art of being able to interpret the knowledge in a given situation.

Like medicine, also astrology has a great legacy from the past. The Greek Doctor/Philosopher Hippocrates (born c.460 B.C) proposed that man’s character was the result of the balance of four Humours, Blood, Phlegm, Black bile and yellow bile. These four were loosely linked in astrology with the triplicities the four groups of signs: Fiery, Earthy, Airy and Watery.

At present knowledge is built up on past traditions, such as the use of computers, constantly test the old beliefs to see whether they remain valid and necessary to update them.

To my mind, Astrology is on the thershcld of an era of extremely rapid growth. This transformation lies in the proper sifting of data’s, absorption of all that is good in all the systems of prediction and striking at new ideas through continuing experiments and research.

Born out of such indefatigable effort is ‘Krishnamurti Padhdhati’. It is the product of more than a quarter of a century of labour in predictive astrology based on Advanced Stellar formula.

The advantage of the astrologer has over the doctor or psychiatrist in dealing with physical and mental health, is that he can tell when as well as how a clients health is likely to suffer. He will be able o warn you which parts of your body are most susceptible to weakness.

In every age, great man came into the world with a message and a mission Sothida Mannan Jothish Mardhana Late.Prof.K.S.Krishnamurti was one of them. He stirred the world of Astrology with a new message and widened the horizon of knowledge. His teachings, true as they are will inspire us for many, many years to come.

We hope this Medical Astrology may give you some new insight into the scientific basis for astrology and into contemporary techniques of interpretation and predictions. This book is designed to clarify in time past and how they may be applied to our present situation and to the prospect of a new world tomorrow.

Astro—Diagnosis, is the science and art of obtaining scientific Knowledge regarding disease and its causes shown by the Planets. This science of Medical Astrology is slowly permeating the Medical world. This book on Medical Astrology is one of the best works to the field of Astrology and thus every reader of this book, should become a capable Astrologer; who could diagnose the disease with last effort even without seeing the patient. Where is ‘the necessity for the patient to visit the chamber of the Astrologer? For a Medical officer, he should see the patient, hear his case, do all the possible tests and arrive at a correct diagnosis. For an Astrologer it is easy to eliminate many of the suspected ones and pitch upon the disease correctly. I think this book will be more useful for K.P.Students research scholars and all Astrologers in the world.

We do not claim this book, is the last word on this subject, neither do we claim that it is infallible. The knowledge which we have gained by years of unceasing labour we are sharing with the world. We give It and if others can add it, we shall rejoice.



It is with great pleasure and honour that I am Writing Forward for this book “K.P.KRISHMAN’S MEDICAL ASTROLOGY FOR ALL”. Astrology is a taxing mathematical science stringent on accuracy and precision. It is equally important to know the meaning and the significance of each star, which Is divided into nine sub stars known as sub lords and sub lords.(and ruler of planet). Sub star and Anthra in addition to the Rasi and Lagna.

Late Porf.K.S.Krishnamurti Padhdhati (affectionately and popularly known as K.P.) took upon himself to study and analyse the various aspects of ancient literature and the contemporary work analytically solely to propogate the science of Astrology. He has himself remarked often that like any other Science, astrology has limitations at the present knowledge available, aptly indicating that the Astrological Science is not by itself limited but the knowledge of the same may prove inadequate in interpretations. Many unsolved unrecognised and not too correct predictions are due to lack of application and certainly not because the science is faulty. He has written six readers on K.P system and has astrology applied the knowledge in the study of various diseases that afflict the mankind. This book should greatly interest the Medical profession interested in Astrology to be used as a reference and research of diseases. It Is heartening to note that his knowledgeable Son Sr’.K.SUBRAMANIAM Is continuing the work with commendable zeal. I would like to quote K.P’s own observations from page 2 that “No Planet is good or bad. It is the significance of the matter concerned which gives the results in the affirmation or negative way of life”. Medical Astrology follows the well—known dictum that the human body is the seat of various diseases that human beings are prone to suffer from. The Horoscope of an individual Is the edifice upon which the superstructure of one’s health and wealth is built. The law of Karma holds full sway upon all earthly creatures and man is not a solitary exception to it. The cumulative effect of good and bad deeds done In one’s previous birth is felt in this birth In the form of good or bad health, apart from other effects of life.

No man is an exception to Karmic Law. The twelve segments of a horoscope (twelve cusps / signs) is nothing but an Indication, as it were, of the zodiacal (stamp) that is impressed upon the individual according to the merits or demerits of his past deeds. The planets are known to exert their vibrati8ns while constantly on the move in he Heavens and the horoscope is the barometric effect of these vibrations at the moment of birth of an individual. The successes or failures a man encounters in his life time are therefore closely knitted to these vibrations as ordained by the laws of Karma and the laws of nature are immutable. The traditional effect of the permutations and combinations of all the nine planets. Twelve signs and twenty seven stars therefore affect a man in varying measure and decide the state of his health.

The planetary connections to various diseases has been established beyond the shadow of doubt by our wise sages of yore but much of their knowledge had not percolated to posterity, having sunk in oblivion, with the passage of time.

Where traditional Astrology on account of Its Inherent limitations and lack of proper scientific approach could not make much headway in the arena of predictive astrology, it wa5 our revered and great Guruji-Late Jyothish Marthand Prof.K.S.Krishnamurti, who rising like a twinkling star in the firmament of the astrological sky, she a great, light on scientific astrology by the evolution of his cuspal and sub lord Theory with the Blessings of LORD UCHHISHTA MAHAGANAPATHY and provided a ready alchemy (K.P.) that transformed the much—ridiculed science of astrology Into a creditable and veritable science and revived its glory to its rightful place.

According to the findings of our late Guruji there is a definite link between the sub lords of the Ascendants and the sixth cusp of one’s horoscope to the occurrence of disease in the conjoined period of the significators of these two cusps. His thumb rule in pin—pointing disease from one’s horoscope is therefore very unique and simple.

It was our late Guruji’s ambition to bring out a book on medical astrology during his life time as part of the K.P.Readers we have inherited from him, but as ill—luck would have it, fate snatched him away without allowing him to fulfill his cherished desire, casting on us the responsibility of pursuing his unfinished tasks. It is with this avowed objective that this book titled “K.P.KRISI-IMAN’S MEDICAL ASTROLOGY FOR ALL” is brought out by K.Subramaniam even though there are several other books in the market on medical astrology.

And keeping with K.P.Tradition, this book, apart from giving fundamental postulates, harmoniously combines Traditional Western and K.P.Theories to explain various diseases that scourge humanity in a virulent form and establish the co—relation between the various parts of the human anatomy and the zodiacal signs, the nine planets and the twenty seven constellations, in a lucid way. When one suffers from a disease whether of chronic or routine nature, it is either the blood, bone, skin, muscle or arteries and veins or a combination of one or all of these that are primarily affected and ne inter—relationship of these parts with the zodiacal signs given at the end of this book world help the astrologer to come to a definite conclusion as to what disease a person is liable to suffer from, its duration, curability or otherwise etc. After all, there are hundreds of diseases afflicting the human race and even with the most sophisticated medical equipments, doctors are often obfuscated in the correct diagnosis of some diseases. So far as K.P. is concerned, such confusion is not there, such tests are not necessary. Even the K.P.Astrologer need not look at a patient, but can diagnose by a mere and systematic analysis of the natal or Horary horoscope. This is the chief merit of medical Astrology.

The Tables of contents of this Book and Chapters would, per se, indicate that chronic and malignant diseases have been elaborately dealt with example, horoscopes, Cast accurately on the computer according to K.P.Principles. We are sure this would enhance the utility of this Book amongst astrologers and doctors.

We have dealt with the subject matter in this book with a systematic analysis and approach so that readers will find the complex chapters easily comprehensive.

We have been greatly assisted in this work by Shri Vaikari Ramamurthy, an experienced and ardent follower of K.P. The authors thank him for his valuable guidance in bringing out this much—awaited publication.





1. Principals of K.P. Medical Astrology 1
2. Parts of the Body Ruled by Planets & 27 Constellations 5
3. The Pathogenic Effects of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. 21
4. Nature of Disease denoted by each Sub-Lord (1 to 249) 28
5. Disease of Subs 41
6. Sub-Sub Table 43
7. Mental Disease 67
8. Indication for “Epileptic Fits” 78
9. Blindness and Eye Disease 84
10. Combination for “Dumbness and Deafness” 91
11. Indication for “Heart Disease” 97
12. “Astrology and Asthma” 114
13. Combinations for “Cancer” Disease 120
14. “Breast Cancer” 137
15. Combinations for “Tuberculosis” 142
16. Astrology and Appendicitis” 156
17. K.P. Sub Lord and “Kidney Troubles” 163
18. “Venereal Disease” 177
19. Combinations For “Diabetes” 189
20. “Leprosy” 197
21. Planetary Combinations for “Elephantiasis” (Filaria) 208
22. “Paralysis” 215
23. Diagnosing the Diseases by K.P. Horary Method 221
24. Zodical Sign Indicates 226
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