Medical Astrology (Horoscope for Stethoscope)

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Item Code: NAD105
Author: Dr.S. Krishna Kumar
Publisher: Impala Impressions
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 8186089136
Pages: 204
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business
Book Description
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Dr.S.Krishna Kumar is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering and an Industrialist at Bangalore. He was the President of Peenya Industries Association which is the biggest Industrial Estate in South East Asia. Apart from this he has served as General Secretary of Karnataka State Small scale Industries Association, Bangalore which is an annex body of Small Scale Industries Association in Karnataka State.

He has evinced interest in the study of Astrology since 25 years. He has served the Indian Council of Astrological Science founded by late Dr.B.V. Raman as its National Vice President and ex Chairman of its Chapter in Bangalore foe more than a decade.

He has passed the examinations of the above Council such as Jyotish Praveena and Jyothish Visharada and thereafter has got many awards from the Council such as Jyotish Kovida, Jyotish Vachaspathy, Jyothish Bhooshana, Jyothish Bhanu and Jyotish Briddacharya. That apart he has been conferred many awards in many National and International conference such as Jyotish Shastra Tapo Nidhi, Vidysagar, Jyotish Gnana Brahma and life time Achievement in Astrology.

He has also studied the four Vedas under many teachers. He has been conferred honours such as Vedas Dharmabhimani and Vedashree by various Vedic institutions.

He had presented a thesis in Medical Astrology to Medicina Alternativia of the Open Internattional University of Sri Lanka and was conferred a Doctorate.

He has written two more books in Astrology such as Vedic Astrology (with roots) and Secrets of Bhavath Bhava.

He has visited Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Nepal and has delivered lectures on various topics of Astrology in various forums and Seminars apart from giving interviews in the media. He was also giving Astrological guidance through the Zee Tv. He is disseminating the knowledge of Astrology in many countries.

Presently, he is the founder President of Bharatiya Jyothisha Samsthan, Bangalore, teaching Astrology in Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan in its branches at Bangalore and Mysore with a team of lecturers. He is also a professor and adjunct faculty member of the Hindu University of Florida, America.



Firstly, I was blessed by our National Founder President of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, late Dr.B.V.Raman when I placed before him my ambition to write a book on medical Astrology.

Hereby, I acknowledge that this book was published by Bhartiya Prachya Evam Santan Vigyan Santhaan Delhi, under the able support, encouragement of Shri M.N.Kedar, National Vice-President I.C.A.S. and General Secretary of B.P.E. Santan Vigyan Sansthan who has lovingly identified the script for publication and has also edited the same. Dr.Lalita Gupta, President of the B.P.E. Sanatan Vigyan Sansthan deserves all praises under whose able guidance Sansthan has already published twenty books. The present edition of this book is published by me in the interest of students of Astrology.

I also acknowledge with thanks the initial thrust and confidence given to me by Dr.T.S.Vasan, National Vice-President of I.C.AS. and my teacher about the acceptance of these information by the astrological fraternity.

I would be doing injustice if I forget to name Shri.R.V.Gopalan, Keshavalu Naidu, A.N.alase, K.Vasudev, Rajagupalish, S.N.Tekur, the fuclty members of I.C.A.S. Bangalore Chapter who were instrumental in encouraging me from time to time to take up this work without whom the spirit of encouragement could have been dampened. I am indebted to my wife Smt.Kshma Devi who has constantly and patiently worked with me in my astrological attainments.

Lastly, I request all readers to shower their good wishes on my children Kum. K. Chetana , K.Nandana and K.Sughosh Kumar, whom I could not give my full care and company, because of my involvement in learning and imparting knowledge of this great science.

I thank Sri A. Srinivas, my students and Sri R. Srinath, Proprietor, Parishree printers for having brought out this book in this pleasant form.


Preface to the First Edition

Astrology is a great science which unfolds the secrets of human beings in a wonderful manner.

The whole scheme of Astrology lies in analyzing a given chart thoroughly through various means propounded in Astrology.

Astrology is a multidimensional science encompassing all branches of knowledge through the planets in exemplary manner which puzzles even the modern scientists many times.

Among the various sciences, the modern medicine is the one which has progressed leaps and bounds in this century.

The traditional knowledge of medicine being projected since ages in India is “Ayurveda” and in the ages of the past, it was also compulsory for a student studying Ayurveda to Acquire Astrological knowledge.

On late, the modern medical science does not have any link with the influences of planets unlike the oriental medical science of Ayurveda which emphasizes the diagnosis of diseases on the Tridoshas- the Vatha, Pitta and kapha meaning airy, bilous and phlegmatic humour.

The sages of the yore were quite knowledgeable in many subjects and were great stalwarts of high wisdom and some of them even wrote Samhitas for which it is said that one had to acquire knowledge of various subjects without which it was impossible to be an author of Samhitas.

Astrology in its branch of medicine has a large number of combinations of planets causing different diseases in its own way. One is amazed at the almost perfact accuracy of the planetary combinations (Astrological principles), our sages have enunciated from time immemorial by way of innumerable stanzas in Sanskrit.

An effort to analyse various disease through this science of Astrology is made in this thesis by taking the modern medicine in the fold of Astrology. Further, applying the principles of modern medicine to that of Ayurveda of the past which in its Charaka Samhita stipulates it’s horizon on the diseases of the mankind and efforts are made to apply the principles of Astrology and to find the effect of planetary combinations to diagnose the diseases and further to detect possibility of surgery and surgical tendencies of a person.

An attempt to detect the impotency, childlessness, barrenness etc. from the birth chart is made which in case of medical science is possible only after through medical investigations and after many pathological tests.

An effort to analyse the diseases of the native with reference to the charts of their kith and kin is also made.

In short, this science of Astrology is throwing light on the anatomy, the physical conditions, and the mental dispositions etc. of a native in its own specialized manner and no wonder this science will give us a very high percentage of success provided it is viewed without bias by the modern doctors. But they rely on the stethoscope and various umpteen numbers of pathological tests for their day to day diagnosis unlike the single tool of Astrology, the Horoscope.

Preface to the Second Edition

At the outset, I thank Sri M.N. Kedar in the first instance to bring to light the book on Medical Astrology authored by me with the blessings of the late Dr. BV Raman, the founder President of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences who personally encouraged me at every forum in his life time from the day I got contact with him for a period of 15 years to put up my views fearlessly and further encouraged me in writing this book for the lovers of Astrology.

I thank the readers of my book in our country and abroad whose wholehearted appreciation of the book has made possible to enter the second edition. This has encouraged me to give more information in this second edition.

I once again thank Mr. M.N. Kedar for bringing the benefit of this book to the Hindi speaking people by translating the book in Hindi which is being translated under the guidance of Sri Ramesh Chinthak, Chapter Chairman, ICAS, Chandigarh.

Preface to the Third Edition

At the outset, I thank Sri M.N.Kedar in the first instance to bring to light the book on medical Astrology authored by me with the blessing of the late Dr.B.V.Raman, the founder President of Indian Council of Astrological Science who personally encouraged me at every forum in his life time from the day I got contact with him for a period of 15 years to put up my views fearlessly and further encouraged me in writing this book for the lovers of Astrology

I thank the readers of my book in our country and abroad whose wholehearted appreciation of the book has made possible to enter the third edition.

I have taken care to add many useful information in this third edition keeping in view the practicing Astrologers also in mind in addition to the research oriented students of Astrology.

I thank Sri M.N.Kedar for having given me the rights to publish this Third Edition




Salient features 9
Acknowledgement 11
Preface to the first edition 13
Preface to the second edition 16
Preface to the third edition 18
introduction, definitions & yogas  
1. Prarabdha & disease 19
2. Human body & planets 19
3. Devatas & parts of body 20
4. Universe (Kala Purusha) and parts of human body 21
5. Planets & parts of body 22
6. Ayurveda & Astrology 23
7. Planets, diseases, Rashis etc. 23
8. Constellations & parts of body  
(i) The parts of the body ruled by stars 24
(ii) Nakshathra devathas 25
(iii) Possible disease for native born in different stars 26
9. Diagnosing the Disease in Astrology 27
10. Background of diagnosis of diseases in Medical Astrology 28
11. Modern technology 33
12. Role of 6th, 8th & 12th houses 34
13. Association of planets 34
14. Deha soukhya yoga 34
15 Delia pushti yoga. 35
16. Deha krusha yoga 35
17. Deha kashta yoga 36
Planetary combinations for various diseases  
Diseases of the 1st house  
Shiro vyadhi (diseases of head) 36
Disease due to lord of ascendant 36
Sarvada shareera krishathwa yoga 37
Vrana yoga 37
Deha sthoulya yoga 39
Leucoderma 39
Leprosy (Kushta roga yoga) 39
Baldness (Khalwata yoga) 40
Vamana yoga 40
Diseases of the 2nd house  
Eye problem (Nethra roga) 41
Combination for born blind 45
Dumbness 45
Dental problem (Dantha roga yoga) 46
Bad smell in mouth 47
Diseases of the 3rd house  
Ear disease (Badhira yoga) 47
Nasal disease (Peenasa roga) 48
Throat problems (Gala roga) 48
Diseases of the 4th house  
Tuberculosis (Kshaya roga yoga) 48
Heart disease (Hrudaya roga yoga) 49
Diseases of the 5th house  
Manasika and buddhi yogas 49
Diseases of the 6th house  
Jwara yoga (Fever) 53
Deergha roga yoga 54
Pitta roga (Bilous disease) 54
Diseases of the 7th house  
Prameha roga (Nephrites) 54
Diseases of the 8th house  
Moola vyadhi (Disease of rectum) 55
Muthra krucha roga (Urinary problem) 55
Shishna peeda yoga (Surgery for penis) 56
Diseases of the 9th house  
Shronibhaga vaikalya 56
Diseases of the 10th &11th house  
Anga vikala yoga (Handicapped) 56
Diseases of 12th house  
General problems 57
Masurika peeda yoga (Wounds by explosives) 57
Diseases due to combination of planets 57
Signs and diseases 58
Extensive diagnosis of diseases in Medical Astrology 60
Steps to determine diseases 63
Analysis of the body from Kundalini yoga Utility of Astrology in determination of 65
Diseases and treatment from different systems 69
Determination of different systems of medicine 70
Inborn tendency indications 72
Timing of disease 73
Mehod of diagnosing and occurence of disease in Medical Astrology 74
The application of badhakadhipathi indiagnosis of diseases 77
Problems connected with progeny due to curses and their remedies  
Childlessness 79
Some more principles 80
1. Sarpa shapathsutha kshayayoga 83
2. Pithrushapatsutha kshaya yoga 85
3. Bhrathrushapathsutha kshaya yoga 87
4. Mathru shapath sutha kshaya yoga 90
5. Mathuta shapath sutha kshaya yoge 93
6. Brahmana shapath sutha kshaya yoga 95
7. Patni shapatsutha kshaya yoga 96
8. Sthree shapatsutha kshaya yoga 99
9. Preta shapa vichar 99
Measures to overcome the curse 101
Putra prapthi bandhaka shanthi 102
Definition and summary of curses 102
Long lived sons 103
Chapter -3  
Moksha & Son 104
Chapter -4  
Combinations for impotency 108
Chapter -5  
Female horoscopy  
1. Feminine diseases 110
2. Months of pregnancy ruled by planets 111
3. Safe pregnancy and healthy child 115
4. Medical aspect in female horoscopy 118
5. Determination of fecundity and virility 119
Chapter -6  
Detailed procedure of analysing a horoscope for various diseases 121
Analysis of 1 - 12 Bhawas 122
Diseases encompassing the whole body 125
Case histories  
1. Mental aberration 126
2. Blood Cancer 127
3. Mental diseases 129
4. Cervical sodalities 130
5. Asthma (bronchitis) 131
6. Gynecological problems 132
7. Cesarean operation 133
8. Case of normal delivery 135
9. Kashta prasava yoga (difficulty in delivery) 137
10. Breast Cancer 138
11. Leucoderma 139
Diagnosing diseases of kith and kin from a horoscope 140
1. Diagnosis of diseases of kith and kin from a given chart 142
(i) diagnosis of disease of father 142
(ii) diagnosis of disease of mother 143
(iii) problems to the maternal uncle 144
2. Analysis of disease of husband through wife's horoscope 144
3. Brain tumor 145
4. Chart depicting blindness of a native from father's chart 147
5. Disease of wife from male chart 150
6. Detection of disease through horary methods 152
7. Dictums for good health 153
Three humours and diseases  
Types of diseases caused by different humours 157
A. Eighty diseases caused by Vatha (Airy) 158
B. Diseases of Pittha (Bilous) doshas 161
C. Twenty types of Kapha (Phlegmatic) diseases 163
General principle of treatment for kapha diseases 164
Chapter-1 0  
Duration of disease and Stars  
A. Manifestation and duration of diseases through constellation 165
B. Diseases as per week days and stars indicating. death 166
C. Manifestation and duration of disease during tithi, vara, yoga and karana 166
D. Duration of diseases caused during week day falling on a particular star and propitiation for relief 167
Astrological diagnosis 181
Chapter -11  
Analysis of diseases through Drekkana 182
Effective Vedic remedy for Pediatric problems 185
Chapter -13  
Progeny from female horoscopy 187
Chapter -14  
Clues for good health 190
Eating habits 191
Daily chores 194
The effects of ghee, oils and meat 198
Technique of diagnosis of diseases 200
Glossary 202

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