Astrology for Every Body

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Author: Pandit Lakshimi Doss
Publisher: Balaji Publications Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2020
Pages: 312
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business

I wish to give this foreword to the book Astrology for Everybody. The title of the book itself speaks that it is intended for common men who are not conversant with much of Mathematical study.

The matter relating to Astronomy .s written in such a way so that an ordinary man can understand something about this science The arrangements of the chapter are in order.

The Philosphical touches given at various places is worth mentioning. It enhances the value of the book. In the chapter on prayers, the author has rightly stated that prayers should be done to one form instead of changing from time to time according to Dasa, Bukthi etc. The likita Japa is a novel one to aid con- centration.

On the predictive side of astrology no astrologer can pin point his prediction unless he is gifted by Goddess of speech. The horoscope is prepared of on the basis of birth time. Hence the accuracy of birth time is an essentia factor. In view of the inaccuracy in noting the birth time, prediction can be given on the basis of Gochara to a major extent. Perhaps the ancient sages have thought over this and have given weight to this Gochora since the planets are all moving at every portion of a second.

The author has already written books in Numerology and Palmistry. He is very conversant with all these three branches. He has taken much pains in preparing this book more for the common men. He deserves to be con. gratulated. Even though there are plenty of books on Astrology, this book is an exception in the sense that it contains useful, novel ideas necessary for, atleast to get a minimum know- ledge in the subject.



This is my fifth book on occult sciences. There are many books on Astrology.

Jothisham. Astrology is a portion in Vedha. The ancient sages brought out wonderful truth regarding planets and their significance. Many do not believe past Karma. Then what is their answer for' one person at the lower standard of life and another talented? Man is born again and again to reap his Karma only till he attains Atma Gnana. This previous Karma is denoted by the position of planets at the time of birth.

Several astrologers give several kinds of opinion for a horoscope. Each feels right in his own way. This kind of several opinions are not peculiar to this branch alone. Swami Sivanandaji used to say often, when there is one doctor there is one prescription, when two, there is consultation and when three it is cremation. In medical, Vedanta, in scientific theories, in literature, in life pattern and in everything around us there are many schools of thought.

Basic factors generally do not change. This small book is for common man. For the past twenty five years I have analysed sufficient number of horoscopes. In all cases I give practicle side of life advices.

I have avoided all mathematical calculations of Bhava Sputa. Ashta Varka etc. If readers want to enrich their knowledge they can go through other books on this subject.

The Panchang Published by many authorities differ sometimes very widely. In Tamil Nadu there are as many as Vakya, Drik, Kumba-konam Panchang, Pudukottai Panchang etc. The horoscopes written on the basis of these, invariably differ also. Drik is more reliable for horoscope casting purposes.




1 Years, Signs, Constellations 9
2 Planets (From Astronomy) Timings of some places 23
3 Rasimar.a•Lattltudes of important places 31
4 Graha Angas-Grahas in 12 signs- Friendship-Padacharam 39
4-a Reference charts 46
5 Significance of 12 bhavas- Badagasthana 48
6 Details on plenets-Karak athwa 54
7 To cast a horoscope-Navamsa 61
7-a Dasa-Bukthi 77
8 12 Rasis explained-Benefics for each sign 128
9 Yogas 134
10 Planets and Bavas 138
11 Plandts and signs 158
12 Bavathipathi exblained 170
13 Some Factors 190
14 Dasa - Buk thi periods 198
15 Profession arl'" planets 225
16 Gochara 229
17 Prasna 245
18 Health and planet 248
19 Hints for ladies 251
20 Horoscope agreement 256
20-a Mars Dosha 265
21 Hora - Favourable Hours 267
22 Proper Time - for Muhurtha- Marriage. Entering new house, Vidyaramba. Nuptial. Digging well.Constructing new house, Travel. Rahu period. etc. 271
23 Prayers 282
24 Birth star significance 293
25 Miscellaneous - Important Astronomy dates, Judging a horoscope. Panchs Pakshi Sastra, Technical Terms, Conclusion 298

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