Vedic Remedies in Astrology

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Book Description

About the Book

For the first time a book on Vedic Astrology not only consolidates the various types of remedial measures available in the sacred literature, but also shows how to read the horoscope and recommend Vedic Remedies. The author explains the classification of remedial measures on the basis of Guna (Nature) and cautions the astrologer against indulging in black magic and other forms of black tantricism that will only destroy his good karma. The Scientific study of phonemes called Mantra Shastra has been explained in considerable detail, showing the importance of choosing the correct mantra with illustrative calculations. A compendium of Mantra provides a ready reference for the professional Vedic astrologer and a comprehensive chapter on Gemology with ready reference tables guides the reader in the choice of the right gemstone. The FAQ answers many doubts that a reader is likely to have. The daily procedure of personal Spiritual discipline and the esoteric knowledge of the syllables has added to make this the most comprehensive book of its kind in Vedic Astrology. Various case studies including the personal research of the author in determining the number of letters in the mantra etc, will help in developing expertise by teaching how to systematically work on a horoscope. There are some areas like Vaastu Shastra (Vedic Architecture) & Nimitta Shastra (Omens) that have been left out of the preview of this book for the present. Other areas requiring extensive research like the horoscopes of the ten sikh Guru's has been touched, but further research in this area has been left for future generations.

About the Author

Sanjay Rath is a graduate in mechanical engineering and has been in Government service in India (1990 Batch). He has authored a translation of Maharishi Jaimini's Upadesa Sutras and another book titled "Crux of Vedic Astrology-Timing of Events" which gives the various tools for timing events related to individual houses of the horoscope. Besides this, he has also authored various articles on astrology or many magazines some of which have proved to be very accurate in their predictions. He teaches traditional Vedic astrology at the Sri Jagannath Vedic Centre at Delhi. He belongs to a traditional family of astrologers from Bira Balabhadrapur Sasan Village of Puri, Orissa. His grandfather, the late Pundit Jagannath Rath was the Jyotish Ratna of Orissa and had authored many book on Jyotish. He was known for his precise predictions and scientific approach. He was initiated into the Gayatri as well as Jyotish (Diksha) by my paternal uncle late Pundit Kasinath Rath.


There was a felt need to consolidate the various types of remedial measures available in Vedic astrology. The scope of remedial measures available is very vast and a system of classification has been attempted based on the predominant guna (nature) of the remedy. The first chapter explains this classification and cautions the astrologer against indulging in black magic and other forms of black tantricism that will only destroy his good karma.


Some people have expressed the opinion that Jyotish is not a vedanga and that the word "Vedic" is a misnomer.

The six important parts of the Vedas are personified as its feet, face, hands, eyes, nose and ears. Chandas, vyakarana, kalpa, jyotish, siksha and nirukta represent these respectively. Harihara author of Prasna Marga adds that since Jyotish (Astrology) is the eye of the Vedas it is given the highest pedestal. Thus, there is no further doubt that Jyotish is a vedanga.

Astrology is a very vast study and is practiced in different forms in various nations around the globe. The term "Vedic Astrology" refers to Jyotish as studied and practiced in the Indian sub-continent. It is composed of six parts namely:-

Gola: The nature of planetary systems and spherical astronomy.

Ganita: All aspect of mathematical astronomy and astrology.

Nimitta: Study of omens, gestures etc. The study of Omens and gestures is called Sakuna Shastra while there are other related areas like Pallipatana (falling of the common house lizard on different parts of the body at different times) or Swapna Shastra (Dreamology). These have not been covered in this book for the present.

Jataka: Birth Horoscopy. The Birth chart provides the details of Karma inherited from past birth and gives us the indications of the suffering due.

Prasna: Horary astrology based on the time of query. The Prasna or horary chart is an important tool for the Jyotish to determine whether the suffering is due to the karma of past birth or of the present birth. If the Prasna Chart alone shows the suffering while the Birth Chart is indicating otherwise, then infer that the suffering is due to the bad karma in this birth. I both the Prasna and the Birth chart indicate the suffering, it is surely due to the bad karma of the past. The recommendation of remedial measures requires an intelligent application of mind on the part of the Astrologer.

Muhurtha: Determining auspicious time for initiating important activities like religious ceremonies etc. this by itself, is an important remedial measure. If the Birth Chart has negative indications, then the best remedy is to start the concerned activity at a most auspicious date and time. This itself can check some of the negative indications in the Birth chart provided remedies are also carried out for alleviating the negative indications.


When an error or evil planetary combination is noticed, it causes hindrances and can even deny fructification of otherwise good combinations in the horoscope. Vedic remedies refer to all the methods of overcoming these hindrances/obstacles and helps in achieving the desired objective. These remedies are normally found in books/literature dealing with Jataka, Prasna, Nimitta and Muhurtha Jyotisha. This book covers the important and effective remedies and in that sense, attempts a compendium of remedial measures. The first four chapters deal with the remedial methods and the principle involved, the fifth chapter is a Compendium of the most potent Mantra while the sixth chapter shows the application of these remedies in the birth chart. The seventh chapter deals with Gemology. The Frequently Asked Questions have been listed at Appendix V.


Since is established that Jyotish is the eye of the Vedas, than in what form should one aspiring for knowledge of astrology worship the Almighty?

The Rig-Veda explains that lord Vishnu is the ultimate goal (paramam padam). He preserves and protects all souls. Divivah refers to the Lord as the harbinger of day/light and, in the physical aspect refers to the Sun whereas in the metaphysical aspect it refers to enlightenment. He is the soul/life force of the eyes (Chaksyu: eyes). Jupiter will signify this metaphysical aspect. Thus, the Sun and Jupiter become the two important significator for Dharma and Lord Maha Vishnu is the presiding deity of Jyotish. The detailed procedure for the spiritual development and correct intuition for an astrologer has been given in Appendix I. The views of Maharishi Parasara can be understood in the Chapter titled Astrology & Deity.


Similarly, the Vaastu Flaws can lead to considerable trouble. This should also be indicated in the Birth Chart or Prasna Chart. The rectification of these flaws can be done either through the costly methods like making complete changes in the architecture or by applying simple Vaastu correctives like Yantra etc. at the appropriate place. This is very exhaustive and has been kept out of the preview of this book. The general remedies for the Dasa-Bhukti or for the birth in Gandanta etc. has been included.


It is important to understand that the real fight is between the extent of the problem and the faith of the Jyotish. Thus for effective remedial measures the Jyotish must have unflinching faith in the Lord and should himself set an example of a pure and simple life. With these words. I wish the learned readers well and offer this book for the welfare of the would.


I am indebted to the inspiration of an elder Jyotisha who has been the Guru guiding this pen (I cannot mention his name as per has desire for anonymity). Such great souls continue to guide the spiritual direction of many lives. Once again Sri Narinder Sagar has come forward to support this work as the mantle of Jyotish Publications of "Sagar Publications" is passed on to the next generation. Sri Saurabh Sagar continues in the footprints of his illustrious elders. Thank you one and all, especially Manpreet, Ravi, Narasimha, Ashok, Dinanath and all my Jyotish sisya.




Chapter I Introduction 1
Chapter II Astrology & Deity 21
Chapter III Astrological Principles 54
Chapter IV Mantra Shastra 90
Chapter V Compendium of Mantra 128
Chapter VI Gemology 271
Chapter VII Case Studies 292
Chapter I Spiritual discipline 381
Chapter II Yantra 391
Chapter III Awakening the Kundalini 394
Chapter IV Nakshatra & Syllables 405
Chapter V Frequently asked Questions 410
Chapter VI Rudraksha & Rosary 430
Appendix VI Rudraksha & Rosary 430
Appendix VII Vigneshwaroopadesa 439
  References & Bibliography 450
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