Astrology (For The Millions)

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Author: Grant Lewi and R.S.Raman
Publisher: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788180900662
Pages: 301 (10 B/W lllustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description


Two Astrologers, in different parts of the world and working independently of each other, judged May 10, 1940, to be a good day to start something. A German astrologer advised Hitler to attack France on that date, and the author of Astrology for the Millions advised his publishers that it was a good day to publish. We would rather not carry the analogy to its logical conclusion, because we think Hitler's aggression is bound to disappear from the face of the earth before long, and we do not wish to predict the same fate for Astrology for the Millions. But, as a matter of fact, at about the same time that Hitler decided to carry the war to more people through his attack on Russia, we were in the process of making up our minds to bring Astrology for the Millions to more people by launching it in this lower-priced edition.

Actually, it does not appear that Astrology for the Millions is going to disappear from the face of the earth. It has defmitely started something. For it is the first book to enable readers to investigate astrology for themselves, to watch the year-by-year workings of the planets in their own lives, and to see with their own eyes how and under what circumstances they respond to planetary influences. As such, it has had a wide acceptance ... so wide, in fact, that its system of prediction by transits, or projection, is working its way into the accepted language and practice of astrology everywhere.

The author has been investigating the force of transits for about fourteen years-one half of a Saturn cycle, if you think of things that way. His first tentative findings were published in Horoscope Magazine in 1936 under the pen name of Michael Bogan, in a series of brief articles entitled ;You and Today's Planets.; In a later series, ;Why I Believe in Astrology,; in Horoscope during 1938 and 1939, the principles were further elucidated, especially in one article published in February 1939 entitled ;The Transits That Made Hitler.; The . evolution of the rules governing transits has been a long process. It is not ended yet, though in increasing numbers students and professional astrologers write that its results, in explaining the past and enlightening the future, are opening new vistas to them. Even some of those who adhere to the less modem and (I believe) less accurate and helpful ;progress- ions; are beginning to investigate transits and to add their findings to those already in existence.

The study of transits is in its infancy. the basis for it is here. On this basis there is slowly being erected a structure of accurate chart interpretation and prediction which will, in the end, obey rules as rigid, certain, and dependable as those of medicine, mathematics, and astronomy itself. The information in this book gives deep insight into the laws of the planets and the way in which they govern life. This has become increasingly clear in the eighteen months which have elapsed since this book was first published, through letters I have received from readers. Their contribution to further study is tremendous, and with the book now going to new readers, I look forward to additional correspondence and through it to greater illumination of the mysteries that we seek to pierce.


Since primitive age the humans have been curious to know their future. Whether the future can be known? If yes, then through which medium? Many scholars opine that future can be known through Astrology. Astrology is the study of the movements and relative position of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

Astrology is made of two words-Astral plus logy (logic). Astral (light) means 'Sanskara' (italics) and logic means capacity to know the Sanskara. In Hindi language we can explain Jyoti + Sh. who knows astrology is known as Astrologer.

According to some other learned persons, the knowledge of prediction of sun etc. planets, astral and celestial is called Astrology. According to Rishi Varah Mihir the body cycle is the orbit ofthe planets. Forehead, mouth, chest, heart, stomach, belly, hips, organ, thigh, knee, legs and feets are twelve parts of human body which are respectively represented by the twelve Zodic Signs-Aries, Tourus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Copricorn, Aquarius and Pices. Amongst planets Soul-Sun, Innerself-Moon, Patience- Mars, Speech-Mercury, Discretion-Jupiter, Semen-Venus and Sensitivity-Saturn are the significators. The solar-cycle is a human body functions like the solar--system. The planets have their influence on humans positively or negatively according to the actions of humans. The nature of the influence is what circumstance shall be effective is foretold by Astrology. Not only of the human beings but the fate of even other animals, living beings and plants, trees etc. can be known through Astrology.

Chiero, John Dicson, Dr. Jule Burn, Prof. Harrar, G. Begiloton, Peter Harcous, Nasturdamus, Smt. Jean Dicson are some of the great astrologers, whose many a predictions have been proved to be correct. Amongst other famous foresighters the names of Romea Rolla, Annea Beasant, Vivekanand and Shri Aribindo are well known.

During the freedom struggle of Indians against Britishers, the Cheiro forecasted that the planet sun is strongly favourable for Indians as the same is in Acquarius sign. The emergence of India cannot be stalled by any force. Cheiro also foredicted that England would liberate the India but due to religious quarrels there shall certainly be partition of India.

An astrologer's forediciton can be true only if the astrologer has adequate knowledge of the movements of planets and constellations and he possesser the scientific knowledge of time and its analysis. The knowledge of houses of planets, the distances between different planets, the positions and change of positions of planets, the influence of one planet on the other planets, signs and their lords are essential for a competent astrologer.

Some astrologers make predictions on the basis of numerology and palmistry. It is said that the lines and signs on a palm gives the complete description of human beings. For example the unsymetricalline as crosses are formed before the six months of death on the nail of middle fmgure.

In fact from the various symptoms of parts of body 811 can know about the diseases, death etc., but knowin correctly the details of other incidents of life is not scien fically possible. Because astrology makes this possible hence it can be called as a science.

Grant Lewi in the present book has raised so questions pertaining to astrology and has also given sui solutions. Along with this he has minutely visualised astrological principles of foredictions and has attemp say astrology as a cosmic science.

According to Indian mythology, there may be other worlds in the universe. All events first occur in the supreme minute world and thereafter they reoccur in similar manner in our present physical world. Through different processes such events occur in peculiar forms in the super minute worlds.Such visualisers can only be the true forecasters, who can be called the minute visualisers Mahatma Buddha, Mahavira Swami, Mahatma Valmiki, Mahatma Vyas, Varah Mihir, Rishi Bhragu etc. were such minute visualisers of the events and occurances in the supreme minute worlds.


When this book was being written, before Christmas 1939, it was decided to illustrate the predictive method set forth by examples from the lives of important world figures. By seeing how known influences had accounted for known events, the reader could- be helped in judging how similar conditions might be expected to influence his own life. Andit seemed no more than right to carry this method to its logical conclusion. If we could explain so well what had happened, we might justly be expected to forecast what was going to happen. We therefore rejected the advice of lames Russell Lowell's grandmother: ;Don't ever prophesy-unless you know,; and ventured into prophecy. The results have been both good and bad. We have some hits, some misses.

When this second edition was planned we discussed what should be done about these matters. We eventually decided to reprint the book exactly as it was originally written. omitting nothing, changing nothing, merely adding some explanatory , notes and the foreword. If we wanted to claim credit for our hits (as-we did) it did not seem right to evade responsibility for our misses.

Another reason-a very simple one-weighed heavily in our decision to let everything stand. The method of chart analysis and prediction (or as it is more properly called, projection), set forth here for the first time, is sound. The basic theory works in practice, as you will discover when you apply it to your own life. It is not our predictive hits that make it work, though they do help demonstrate its soundness. And, by the same token, the misses do not condemn the system in the eyes of any right-thinking person who tests it in his own life and who understands that this book representsa wholly new combination of old truths, a combination which Astrology for the Millions presents to the world for the first time. It is a system rapidly being accepted by astrologers and laymen alike; and with increasing numbers of people investigating it and adding data to it, new truth will emerge from a study of its initial errors perhaps even more than from triumph over its initial hits. For this reason the errors must be preserved, for knowing where and how errors were made in the beginning cannot fail to help those who are adding each day to its perfection. To know what interpretation is wrong eliminates at least one possibility in the search for the right one.

Therefore, this second edition carries everything that was in the first, plus these notes. Some of them are boasts. And some are an effort to elucidate error in such a way as to simplify the search for truth in the future.






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What is Prophecy?



Fate or Free Will?



Strong Men of Destiny



Strong Men of Destiny : America



Ordinary Mortals






Your Vitasphere of Birth



Planetary Influence in Your Life




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