Auto Hypnotherapy for Psychological Problems Such As Fear, Failure Etc.
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Auto Hypnotherapy for Psychological Problems Such As Fear, Failure Etc.

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Author: Jayant Athavale
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789352570966
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This is the fourth in the Holy text series on 'Hypnotherapy'. The first - 'Science of Hypnosis' - gives information on hypnosis. The second - 'Hypnotherapy for Happiness' - gives theoretical information on removal of personality defects and some vices, which are responsible for psychological illness and creating obstacles in spiritual practice. The third and fourth Holy texts give information on how we can treat our psychological illnesses and the fifth and sixth give information on how to treat physical illnesses.

This Holy text series categorises a disease as physical or psychological depending on the symptoms. For example -most sexual disorders are psychological in origin; however, they show physical symptoms and hence, are included in physical illnesses.

When a psychological illness is in an advanced stage, the patient cannot treat himself. At such times, a knowledgeable and dedicated individual can study hypnotherapy and treat him. To simplify this process, examples of treatment given in various mental illnesses have been elaborated in this Holy text in detail. These will guide the reader appropriately in actual treatment.

1. Objective of compiling a Holy text on articles published in different periodicals years ago

From 1984 to 1990, we (H.H. [Dr] Jayant Athavale and Dr [Mrs] Kunda Athavale) published a series of articles on physical and psychological diseases in different periodicals such as Sahyadri, Lokprabha. Sarvadnyani, Mumbai Sakal, Gavkari etc. This Holy text is based on those articles. In 1995, I quit practicing as a Hypnotherapist and commenced spiritual practice. Besides, no new techniques of hypnotherapy and its effects have been discovered so far; hence, the earlier extracts have been reproduced. This is akin to the methods of spiritual practice - they never become outdated.

2. Selection of examples

A. Among patients, there are some who get cured after 8 to 10 visits over a period of 4-5 months. There are others who have to be treated in specific ways for over a year. There is much to learn from such long-term treatment of a psychiatric patient. This Holy text elaborates on such long-term treatment.

B. Some of our patients had been suffering for 10 to 12 years. The success story of these chronic cases would assure other patients - 'If they can get cured by hypnotherapy, we too will in a much shorter time'. This was another reason for publishing articles on these chronic cases.

3. Study the entire Holy text series

Some aspects of the subject such as how to use this science to treat a patient or the self, ups and downs of treatment etc. have been elaborated upon in this Holy text using case studies. Though the information on treatment is disease-specific, it can be applied to any other disease. Therefore, instead of reading the Holy text in parts which pertains to treatment for a particular disease, read the entire Holy text; rather, the entire Holy text series. As a result, you will learn how to overcome problems that arise during the treatment.

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