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The Best of Epicure's Gujarati Cuisine

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Author: Asha Khatau
Publisher: Popular Prakashan Pvt. Ltd
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788179916766
Pages: 212 (35 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description
About the Book

Gujarati cuisine is a perfect representation of the culture of Gujarat: vibrant and varied; subtlety intertwined deftly with the bold; traditional evolving effortlessly into the more contemporary.

In Gujarati Cuisine, Asha Khatau, India’s leading vegetarian cookbook author, invites you to experience the true taste of Gujarat with recipes from her personal collection. Cook up a thali of Gujarati vegetarian delights such as Surti Undhiyu, Handvo, Panki, Thepla, varieties of Dal, Kadhi, Shaak; popular Farsan including Dhokla, Khandvi and Chevdo and typical Gujarati sweets such as Gol Papdi and Navratan Basundi. A special section on Farali food will convince you that a fast can be as good as a feast.

Asha Khatau needs no introduction to lovers of vegetarian food. Author of numerous cookbooks on Indian and international vegetarian food, with Gujarati Cuisine, Asha invites us into her personal kitchen and reveals the variety and depth of flavours in this celebrated vegetarian cuisine.

From spicy Kutchi to milder Surti, and cosmopolitan Ahmedabadi fare, Asha lays out a banquet of traditional and contemporary dishes which will delight the palate with their sometimes subtle, sometimes bold flavours, but more often than not with their keynote hint of sweetness.

Gujarati dishes on offer in this book include all the traditional favourites and a few more. Discover the delights of Cashew Puri Sandwich, Mohanthaal, Saat Dhaan ni Khichdi, Fajeto, Turia Patra nu Shaak, Trevati Dal na Dhokla, and a range of fasting foods including Rajgara na Thepla and Farali Kand No Handvo.


About the Author

Asha Khatau is a well-known figure in the field of gourmet vegetarian cooking. After 20 years of experience in providing memorable meals to her family and friends, Asha was eventually persuaded to start her own cooking classes several years ago, which she runs under the name Epicure. These classes feature regional cuisines from all over the world. She has also conducted demonstrations in India and several countries abroad.

Asha Khatau’s first book Vegetarian Cuisines of the World was awarded the Best Vegetarian Book in the world, at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2002 in France. Delectable Desserts of the World, published in 2005, won Honourable Mention in the Best foreign Cookbook in the world category at the Gourmand awards in 2006. These Awards for food and wine books are considered to be the Oscars of the cookery world.

In March 2011, Aaha Khatau was honoured for an outstanding career in vegetarian cuisine at the Gourmand Awards Ceremony held in Paris. Asha also placed third among the Top Ten Authors/Chefs of the World.

Asha Khatau’s previous books in the Epicure Series:

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Author's Note

Gujarati cuisine has proved to the world that vegetarian food can be both delicious and complex in flavour. It effortlessly combines the sweet, sour, and spicy to create a range of exceptional dishes.

While wheat, rice, millet (bajra), and sorghum (jowar) are the staples of Gujarati cuisine, ingredients like, groundnut, gram flour, yogurt, lime juice, and sugar or jaggery are the hallmarks of its flavours and textures. The range of spices used varies in terms of flavour, colour and aroma: from the nuttiness of cumin, pungency of asafoetida, and heat from chillies to the vibrant colour and earthy taste of turmeric. The spices may be dried or fresh, whole or ground, or fried in oil to intensify their flavours. A pinch of sugar or jaggery is often added to dals and vegetables to balance the flavours and ostensibly to counteract the natural saltiness of Gujarat's water.

Gujarati methods of cooking cover the entire gamut of cooking techniques from the deep-fried to the steamed, affording a delightful melange of tastes and textures all on one thali or platter, all courses being served at the same time in separate vati (small bowls).

A traditional meal consists of, rice or rotli, dal or kadhi, a few vegetables (shaak), pulses (kathol), salad, a pickle, chutney or relish, one or more of Gujarat's famed farsan - an extensive collection of any-time delicious snacks and dessert.

While the eating patterns are more or less the same, there are 4 distinct cooking styles in Gujarat, based largely on geographical and climatic conditions: Kathiawar, Surat, Ahmedabad and Kutch. The food of Kathiawar which is a part of Saurashtra, is distinguished by its chilli-hot, often garlicky flavours and a generous use of oil. Cereals like jowar and bajra grow in abundance in this region and naturally play a major role in the diet.

Surti food on the other hand is milder, with fewer spices and less oil. Vegetables and fruit grow in plenty in the well-watered region providing a variety of fresh produce for the table. It is also a simpler form of cooking, where fresh ingredients are lightly spiced and flash-cooked to retain their flavours and freshness. Undhiyu is the one dish that all Surtis are most proud of - a melange of winter vegetables and spices traditionally cooked in an earthen pot buried under a wood fire.

Ahmedabadi food is understandably more cosmopolitan, given its status as the capital of Gujarat. Its food has a distinct sweetness, which perhaps is responsible for the mistaken impression that all Gujarati food is sweet. Street food and farsan come into its own in this busy metropolis, with dhokla, khandvi, bhajiya etc. always available on the go.

Khichdi and kadhi are the mainstay of a Kutchi table, with buttermilk playing an important role at every meal. The food is not unlike its Surti counterpart: lightly spiced fresh greens and vegetables, cooked with the minimum oil and just a hint of sweetness. Osaman and puran poli served with kadhi are Kutchi favourites.

This collection of recipes is my way of showcasing the best of Gujarati cuisine, featuring traditional as well more contemporary fare. You will see that cooking Gujarati food is not a time-consuming process. The key to cooking a successful Gujarati dish is to read the recipe very carefully before beginning, to be sure that you have all the ingredients at hand and to use only the best and freshest ingredients.

Sample the vibrant colours that Gujarati food has to offer, and I am sure you will want to make it a part of your daily meals.




Sherbet Vaghere  
Keri nu Sherbet 10
Kakdi ane Fudina ni Chaas 11
Vaghareli Chaas 11
Gulab ane Badam nu Dudh 12
Nariyal Dudh ane Limda nu Pinu 12
Masala Chai Thandi 13
Annanas ane Keri no Rus 13
Nariyal Paani nu Pinu 14
Masala ni Chai 14
Farsan, Nasta  
Snacks, Starters  
Lila Channa na Samosa 16
Bajri Na Pudla 19
Bajri Wada 19
Ghughra 20
Shaakbhaji no Handvo 21
Masala Meva 22
Cheese ane Papad na Rolls 22
Mixed Chevda 23
Baked Ragda-Pattice 24
Khatta Dhokla 26
Khandvi 29
Tawa no Handvo 30
Bhakharvadi 31
Kutchi Daabeli 32
Hariyali Chaat 33
Makai na Rolls 34
Khaman Dhokla 35
Paneer- Vatana ni Puri 36
Methi na Bhajia 37
Palak Sev- Puri 38
Shaak na Mould 39
Bhaaji na Muthia 40
Bharela Dahiwada 41
Pawa no Chevdo 42
Makai Bhel 43
Handvo 44
Bajri Khichu 47
Panki 48
Bajri-Methi Khakhra ane Paneer 49
Bajri-Methi ni Puri 50
Kand na Pudla 51
Makai Cutlet Chaat 52
Arniri Khaman 53
Lila Mug na Bhajia 54
Kand na Rolls 54
Mug na Dhokla 57
Ugela Mug na Dahiwada 58
Damni Dhokla 59
Makai Wada ane Puri Chaat 60
Kand no Handvo 61
Makai na Dhokla 62
Batata na Dhokla 63
Ponk na Dhokla 64
Trevati Dal na Dhokla 65
Kobi na Muthia 66
Methi Dhokla 67
Vagharela Marcha 67
Dal Dhokli 68
Kachumber, Raita, Athana, Chutney  
Salads, Pickles, Chutney  
Kobi-Gajar-Simla Mirchi nu Kachumber 70
Makhana Raita 71
Kacha Papaya nu Shaak 72
Methia Keri 75
Khaman Kakdi 76
Teliyu 76
Suko Sambhar 77
Keri nu Shaak 78
Bharela Marcha nu Athanu 79
Chhundo 80
Gol Keri 81
Limbu nu Athanu 82
Murabba 83
Lili Chutney 84
Turia-Makai nu Shaak 86
Dudhi Channa Dal 87
Raswala Batata 88
Batata nu Sukhu Shaak 89
Seeng-Batata Chaaswala 90
Dahiwali Fansi 93
Mixed Palabhaji 94
Kanda-Methi nu Shaak 95
Makai nu Shaak 95
Gathia-Muthia nu Shaak 96
Pandola-Methi nu Shaak 98
Panchkutiu Shaak 99
Bhinda-Batata na Sambharia 100
Vatana-Muthia nu Shaak 103
Dahiwala Bhinda 104
Turia-Makai nu Shaak 105
Seeng-Batata na Sambharia 106
Fulavar Dahi na Sauce ma 107
Sambharia 108
Khatta-Mitha Shaak 109
Undhiyu 110
Batata ni Kachri nu Shaak 111
Bharela Parval nu Shaak 112
Dal, Kadhi  
Khatti-Mitthi Dal 114
Gol Kokum ni Kadhi 115
Val ni Dal ni Amti 116
Osaman 117
Kadhi 118
Trevati Dal 121
Lachko Dal/ Kathan Dal 122
Ugela Mug 122
Fajeto 123
Khatta Mug 124
Chhuti Mug ni Dal 125
Tameta ane Shaak ni Kadhi 126
Rotli, Bhakri Vaghere  
Indian Breads  
Rotli 128
Bhaat na Thepla 129
Khari Puri 130
Gujarati Puran Poli 131
Bajri-Methi na Thepla 132
Saat Dhaan-Methi Rotli 133
Dudhi Thepla 134
Bhakri 135
Chopda 136
Bhaat, Pulav Vaghere  
Hariyali Pulav 140
Makai-Masala Bhaat 141
Trirangi Bhaat 142
Palak ne Tameta na Bhaat 144
Vagharela Bhaat 145
Ek Top na Dal-Bhaat 146
Fada ni Khichdi 149
Baked Khichdi 150
Masala Khichdi 151
Saat Dhaan ni Khichdi 152
Farali Vangi  
Fasting Foods  
Kuttu-dara na Dhokla/Khichdi 154
Rajgara na Thepla 155
Farali Misal 156
Turia, Narial na Dudh ma 157
Vagharela Bhavnagari Marcha 158
Farali Kand No Handvo 159
Farali Lili Chutney 160
Mithai, Ice Cream  
Sitafal Ice Cream 162
Lychee Ice Cream 162
Sutarfeni 163
Navratna Basundi 164
Kaju Puri nu Sandwich 167
Mewavati 168
Badam Katli 169
Sitafal ni Basundi 170
Doodh Pak 171
Sherdi na Gola 172
Kesar Peda 173
Mug Dal Seera 173
Lychee Kulfi 174
Shrikhand 177
Gol Papdi 178
Khopra Pak 179
Jalebi 180
Keri ni barfi, Pista na Cup ma 181
Mohanthaal 182
Keri ane Custard nu Pudding 183
Annanas ni Barfi 184
Glossary 185
Glossary of Terms 188


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