The Book of Indian Sweets

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Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Author: Satarupa Banerjee
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788129110459
Pages: 233(40 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.5 inch x 7.5 inch
Weight 460 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
About the Book

India is land of tradition of festivals celebrated with pomp and gaiety, each festival and region with its own distinctive repertoire of mouth-watering sweets. The Book of Indian Sweets is specially meant for those who think India sweets are difficult to Prepare at home. Culinary expert Satarupa Banerjee includes more than a hundred easy-to –follow recipes from all over the country, from delectable rosogollas and malpoas from the east and jalebis and gajjar ka halwa from the north to scrumptious puran poli and sheer khurma from the west and pal payasam and pongal from the south. The author has successfully blended flavours from the four corners of the country to tempt your sweet tooth along with encouraging you to exercise your own culinary skills. Fully illustrated with colour photographs, this book is a must for the homemaker.


About the Book

Satarupa Banerjee was born on 20 December 1946. She is an ardent collector of recipes, with her journalist-husband accusing her of thriving on a staple diet of cookery books. In her own words, "mine is a classic example of a hobby turning into a profession that is now a passion." She also conducts cookery classes at home. Her other interests include casts, books and wool-switch embroidery.



Indians are too fond of sweets. Any good news, be that of a promotion in office, the fixing up of a daughter's marriage or the examination result of a child, is invariably heralded with a box of sweets or a tin of rasgullas. Our favourite expression is, aao, much meetha karo-come, sweeten your mouth.

And, I say, why not? We have an astoundingly variety of sweets ranging from the ice cream like kulfi and delectable feathery feni in North of the numerous payasams of the South, the slightly westernised cakes of Goa and paneer based Sweets of Eastern India.

As people from other lands came and settled down in our country – the Mughals, the Portugese, the British and others-their cuisine left the stamps on ours.

Hence we find Goan cuisine enriched by that of Portugal while the Parsis brought with them a whiff of Iran.

The Mugals made India their home and we thus have an aromatic culinary tradition.

So with the Britishers. We tend to forget that the puddings and cakes that form our daily fare are actually foreign stuff.

Now, you can make these sweets easily at home. If you feel the amount of ghee is excessive in some sweets, you can easily reduce the quantity in some cases and in others like the mysore pak, the extra ghee is drained out, anyway.

I do not think a few words on Bengali sweets, particularly from Eastern India, will be out of place.

Bengali sweets need no introduction really, they are famous all over India.

What makes Bengali sweets so popular? The traditional and better known ones are made of fresh paneer or cottage cheese. Artificial colours and flavours are hardly used and they do not taste excessively sweet. These factors makes the sweets nutritious and easily digestable.

The most widely sold Bengali sweet is of course, rosogolla, followed by cham cham, kheer mohan, rajbhog, chanar jilipi,pantua, amongst others. Somehow, one cannot get good quality sandesh, the acme of Bengali sweets, outside Bengal. But the scope of sandesh is endless. It can be made in over100 different flavours and textures. The winter piece de resistance being notun gurer karapak (hard sandesh made of palm jiggery). It can last for weeks without losing its shape or flavour.

One could wax eloquent and write pages on sandesh. However, that is beyond the scope of the book.

Apart from sweets readily available in the market, certain dishes are prepared at home. These are home delicacies and I have included a number of these in this book.

Once you have mastered the techniques of making the delicious payesh (kheer) and pithes (sweets made of jiggery, rice flour or ordinary flour and coconut), would hardly need to go to a sweet shop. They are actually quite easy to prepare also, as you will find out for yourself.




  Introduction 18
1 How to make paneer 22
2 How to make sugar syrup 23
3 ROSOGOLLA(Rasgulla) 24
4 Kamalabhog (Orange Rasgulla) 27
5 Rajbhog (Giant Rasgulla) 29
6 Cham Cham (Flattened Paneer Sweet in Syrup) 30
7 Kheer Mohan (Cream Sandwich) 31
8 Malai Chop(Paneer Sandwich) 32
9 Rasomalai (Rasgulla in Sweet milk) 33
10 Kheer kadamba (Rasgulla Coated With Kheer) 34
11 Kanchagolla (Soft Sandesh) 36
12 Amrita Kumbha (Sandesh Bowl) 37
13 Bhapa sandesh 38
14 Sarpuria (Sandesh with top of the Milk) 41
15 Du Ranga Sandesh (Two Coloured Sandesh) 42
16 Ratabi (Pistachio Sandesh) 43
17 Khejurer Sandesh (Date Sandesh) 44
18 Chocolate roll 45
19 Pranchara (Sandesh with Kheer) 46
20 Rai Rakti (Dry Type of Sandesh) 47
21 Dim Sandesh (Egg Shaped Sandesh) 48
22 Kaju sandesh (Cashewnut Sandesh) 49
23 Ice Cream Sandesh 50
24 Chocolate Sandesh 51
25 Notun Gurer Sandesh (Date Palm Jaggery Sandesh) 52
26 Pantua (Gulabjamun) 53
27 Lady Kenny 56
28 Kalo Jam (Dark Gulabjamun) 57
29 Alutua 58
30 Machher Pantua 59
31 Chhanar Jilipi (Paneer Jalebi) 60
32 Chhanar Bara (Paneer Balls) 61
33 Chitrakoot (paneer Diamonds) 62
34 Aamer borfi (Mango Fudge) 63
35 Kamalalebur Borfi (Orange Fudge) 63
36 Paalo (Rice Flour Fudge) 64
37 Beler Borfi (Wood Apple Fudge) 65
38 Milk Cake 66
39 Mooger Borfi (Moong Dal Fudge) 67
40 Khirer Chanch (Concentrated Milk Mould) 68
41 Posto Borfi (Poppy Seed Fudge) 69
42 Patishapta (Stuffed Sweet Pancake) 70
43 Gokul Pithe (Fried Coconut Balls in Syrup) 71
44 Doodh Puli (Rice Flour Balls in sweetened Milk) 72
45 Borfi Pithe (Rice Fudge) 73
46 Gajorer Pulipithe (Carrot Fudge) 74
47 Rasbara (Urad Dal Balls in Syrup) 75
48 Chinrer Rasbara (Pressed Rice Balls) 76
49 Mooger Puli (Moong Dal Roll) 77
50 Chhaner Pithe (Paneer Fudge) 78
51 Bhapa Pithe (Steamed Fudge) 79
52 Notun Gurer Payesh (Rise Pudding with Date Palm Jaggery) 80
53 Chinrer Payesh (Pressed Rise Kheer) 81
54 Suji Chusir Payesh (Semolina Ball Kheer) 82
55 Luchir Payesh (Kheer with Poori) 83
56 Rosogollar Payesh (Rasgulla in Kheer) 83
57 Chhanar Payesh-I (Paneer Kheer-I) 84
58 Chhanar payesh-II (Paneer Kheer-II) 84
59 Kheer Kamala ( Condensed Milk with Orange) 85
60 Lau Kheer (Bottle Gourd Kheer) 86
61 Moog Daler Kheer (Moog Dal Kheer) 87
62 Paka Amer Kheerbhat (Rice Pudding with Mangoes) 88
63 Narkol Nadu (Coconut Balls) 92
64 Narkol Takti (Coconut Squares) 93
65 Chandrapuli (Coconut Fudge) 96
66 Ichar Mura (Coconut Fudge) 97
67 Narkol Chinre (Sweet Coconut Bits) 98
68 Chinrer Moya (Pressed Rice Balls) 99
69 Murki (Sweet Kheel) 100
70 Chanar Murki (Paneer Squares) 101
71 Sujir Nadu (Semolina Balls) 101
72 Tilkuto (Semolina Balls) 102
73 Paraki (Sweet Kachori) 103
74 Mishti Singara (Sweet Samosa) 104
75 Mishit Nimki (Sweet Nimki) 105
76 Sujir Mishti Nimki (Fried Semolina Bits) 105
77 Khasta Goja (Crisp Goja) 106
78 Kucho Goja(Small Goja) 107
79 Jibe Goja (Long Goja) 108
80 Doi-er Malpoa (Curd Malpua) 109
81 Sujir Malpoa (Semolina Malpua) 110
82 Kheerer Malpoa (Condensed Milk Malpua) 111
83 Aamer Malpoa (Mango Malpua) 112
84 Chinipata Doi (Sweet yogurt) 113
85 Bhapa Doi (Sweet Yogurt) 114
86 Manikbhog (Parwal Sweet) 115
87 Mohanbhog (Semolina Pudding) 116
88 Cholar Daler Halwa(Gram Dal Halwa) 116
89 Dimer Mihibana (Egg Sweet) 117
90 Aadosha (Rice Flour Puff) 117
91 Chandani Madhuri (Paneer Cakes in Kheer) 118
92 Saramrita (Paneer Cake with Top of the Milk) 119
93 Bangeshwar (Fried Khoya Sweet in Syrup) 120
94 Kheerer Roll (Condensed Milk Roll) 121
95 Kheerer Luchi (Stuffed Sweetened Poori) 125
96 Basmati Shringar (Rice Mould) 128
97 Murki Mohan (Kheel Halwa) 129
98 Lavang Latika 130
99 Chhanar Pulao (Paneer Pulao) 131
100 Sitabhog 132
101 Darbesh (Gram Flour Labboo) 133
102 Aamer Morobba (Mango murabba) 134
103 Chikki (Praline) 135
104 Balushahi (Indian Doughnuts) 136
105 Khaja (Flaky Pastry in Syrup) 137
106 Makhane ki Kheer (Lotus seed Kheer) 138
107 Gujiya (Sweet Puffs) 138
108 Chana Poda (Baked Paneer Cake) 139
1 How To Make Khoya 144
2 Zarda (Sweet Rice) 145
3 Firni (Rice Flour Custard) 147
4 Khubani ka Meetha (Apricot Custard) 148
5 Ras Ki Kheer (Sugarcane Juice Pudding) 149
6 Rabri (Thickened Milk) 154
7 Petha (Ash Gourd Sweet) 155
8 Khoya Burfi (Condensed Milk Fudge) 156
9 Lachchedar Burfi (Ash Gourd Fudge) 157
10 Halwa (Flour Pudding) 161
11 Badam Halwa (Almond Halwa) 162
12 Gajjar Ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa) 163
13 Karachi Halwa 164
14 Jalebi (Syrupy Spirals) 165
15 Khoya Jalabi (Condensed Milk Spirals) 166
16 Instant Jalebi 166
17 Imarti (Dal Fritters in Syrup) 167
18 Boondi (Gram Flour Drops in Syrup) 198
19 Bessan Laddoo (Gram Flour Ball) 169
20 Motichoor Laddoo (fried Gram Flour Ball) 174
21 Choorma Laddoo (Wheat Flour Ball) 175
22 Low Calorie Choorma 175
23 Pedha (Solidified Milk Fudge) 177
24 Pinni (Rice Flour Fudge) 178
25 Feni (sweet Flour Vermicelli) 179
26 Kulfi 180
27 Kesari Kulfi (Saffron Kulfi) 180
28 Sharifa ke kulfi (Custard Apple Kulfi) 181
29 Gajjac (Sesame Seed Crunches) 182
30 Gulabjamun (khoya Balls in Syrup) 183
31 Saffron Biscuits 184
32 Nankhatai (Semoina Biscuits) 184
1 Modak 193
2 Steamed Modak 193
3 Fried Modak 194
4 Mohanthaal (Maharashtrian Gram Flour Fudge) 195
5 Puran Poli (Stuffed Sweet Pancakes) 196
6 Shrikhand (yogurt with Suger and Nuts) 197
7 Khajur Ghari (Pastry Encrusted Dates) 198
8 Lagan Nu Kastan (Baked Wedding Custard) 199
9 Dahitran (Yogurt Rounds in Syrup) 200
10 Mava Malido (Egg and Semolina Pudding) 201
11 Koomas (paris Cake) 202
12 Gur Papdi (Indian Toffee) 203
13 Bibnca 204
14 Bolings (Semolina Cake) 205
15 Baath (Goan Cake) 206
16 Tosha (Friend Flour and Khoya Squares) 207
17 Kharak Halwa (Date Halwa) 208
18 Sheer Khurma (Milk and Date Sweet) 209
1 Gil-E-Firdaus (Bottle Gurd in Thick Milk) 216
2 Double Mitha 217
3 Reshmi Zulfein (Vermicelli Sweet-I) 218
4 Sapno ka Meethas (Vermicelli Sweet -II) 219
5 Swvian Ka Muzafear (Vermicelli Sweets-III) 220
6 Adirasam (Sweet Rice) 221
7 Ripe Banana Fritters 221
8 Ada Pradaman (Flaked Rice Pudding) 222
9 Pal Payasam (kheer with Rice Flour Dumplings) 223
10 Paruppu Payasam (Moong Dal Kheer) 223
11 Pongal (Rice and Dal Sweet) 224
12 Sweet Murukku 225
13 Mysore Pak (Gram Flour Gudge) 228
1 Aam kalakand (Mango Fudge) 232
2 Aamras Chawal (Mango Pulp with Rice) 233
3 Aamra Khand (Shrikhand With mango) 233

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