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Brahman Beyond Time & Space: Introduction to the Profound Concepts of Brahman and Advaita Vedanta

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Item Code: HAY048
Author: Mohan Murti
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
ISBN: 9798890675033
Pages: 140
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Book Description
About The Author

Mohan Murti belongs to the ancient & culturally rich 'heritage village of Kalpathy agraharam, nestled in the serene landscapes of Palakkad, Kerala. A scion of the illustrious 'Josier family', his ancestry is steeped in intellectual brilliance and profound accomplishments. A distinguished lineage known for its expertise in Sanskrit scholarship, Vedas, Upanishads, astronomy and astrology. Mohan's illustrious professional career of over 44 years began with a significant nomination by Ministry of Commerce, Government of India & Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), as India's Representative to the United Nations-Investment Promotion Service, in Paris and Zurich.

This early experience set the foundation for his deep understanding of international business & diplomacy.


India's greatest gift to mankind is the wisdom packed into the Upanishads, especially the major ones As a non-agerian, I am happy to write this foreword to Mohan Murti's book on Brahman transcending time and space dimensions.

We all say 'this is my name, this my body, this my hand, this my house, this my wife etc clearly indicating a duality of 'me' the identifier and the several identities. Extending this, while I can say I am dying', can I also say 'I am dead! A brain-teaser!

I was introduced to the Upanishads during my college days. Being a student of Sanskrit throughout, had the opportunity to familiarise with the major Upanishads. I realised how an in dweller from within us, monitors all events in my body complex, prompts my earlier statements but without participating in any of them. At some point of time, this in dweller (Atman or Brahman) bids farewell, the body-mind-intellect complex becomes inert, proclaimed 'dead.

The "Atman' transcends time-space limitations, while the body constituting 'matter' perishes. The Upanishad thunders "BRAHMA SATYAM JAGAD MITH??? - ???? VEDAANTA DHINDHIMAH meaning Brahman is real, the Universe is a myth. The penultimate mantra of the AITAREYA UPANISHAD is an emphatic and itemised re statement of this.

Mohan's book provokes thinking that seems to be his objective too. May the insights shared in this book serve as stepping stones towards a deeper understanding of your true self and the interconnectedness of all existence.

I congratulate the author for presenting this exquisite work, and I wholeheartedly invite you, dear reader, to embark on this journey of discovery, contemplation, and realization.


Welcome to "Brahman - Beyond Time & Space." In this book, we embark on a journey into the depths of Advaita Vedanta, one of the most profound and ancient philosophies in Hinduism. At the heart of this philosophy lies the concept of Brahman, the ultimate reality that transcends time, space, and all limitations.

Advaita Vedanta invites us to explore the nature of existence, the essence of consciousness, and the path to self-realization and liberation. The teachings of this philosophy have inspired sages, seekers, and philosophers for thousands of years, guiding them towards a deeper understanding of the universe and their own inner selves.

The Upanishads, the ancient scriptures of India, are the wellsprings of wisdom that reveal the profound truths of Brahman and the path to Moksha (liberation). In this book, we draw upon the insights from the Upanishads, with a special focus on the teachings of Adi Shankaracharya, the great philosopher and exponent of Advaita Vedanta.

Throughout the chapters, we explore the non-dual nature of Brahman, where the individual self (Atman) and the ultimate reality are recognized as one. We delve into the significance of the Upanishads and their timeless relevance in the modern world, harmonizing ancient wisdom with contemporary scientific advancements.

As we journey through the chapters, we discover practical applications of Advaita philosophy for personal growth, well-being, and harmonious living. The teachings of Brahman inspire us to transcend the boundaries of ego, embrace interconnectedness, and cultivate compassion for all beings.

While this book provides an introduction to the profound concepts of Brahman and Advaita Vedanta, it is just a glimpse of the vast ocean of spiritual wisdom. We encourage readers to delve deeper, explore the original Upanishads, and immerse themselves in the commentaries of great philosophers to truly grasp the depth and significance of these teachings.

As you read through the pages of "Brahman beyond Time & Space," we invite you to embark on an inner journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. May these profound mughts open new vistas of understanding, lead you towards inner peace, and inspire you to live a life of purpose and unity.

May the wisdom of Brahman guide you on your path, transcending the limitations of time and space, and revealing the eternal truth that lies within each one of us.


In the vast and profound landscape of Hindu philosophy, few concepts hold as much significance and depth as Brahman. Revered as the ultimate reality, Brahman transcends the limitations of time, space, and duality, presenting a timeless beacon of wisdom for seekers of truth. This introductory chapter sets the stage for our exploration of Brahman, focusing on its essence in Hindu philosophy, its connection to the Upanishads, and the pivotal role played by Adi Shankaracharya, also known as Sankara, in Advaita Vedanta.

Understanding the Concept of Brahman in Hindu Philosophy.

Brahman, the fundamental reality in Hindu thought, remains elusive and ineffable. It defies easy definition and is often described as the ultimate reality or the unchanging, infinite, and eternal substratum of all existence. Brahman is the source and essence of the entire cosmos, encompassing both the manifest and unman fest aspects of creation. Its nature goes beyond any specific form or attribute, remaining as the pure, indescribable essence that underlies all phenomena.

The concept of Brahman finds its roots in the ancient Vedic texts, where hymns and chants praised this primal force as the underlying fabric of the universe. Over time, the Upanishads emerged as the philosophical culmination of the Vedas, delving deeper into the nature of reality and the self. It is within these mystical and profound Upanishads that the concept of Brahman is most elaborately explored.

Overview of the Upanishads and their Significance in Advaita Vedanta.

The Upanishads are a collection of ancient Indian scriptures, representing the concluding part of the Vedic corpus. Traditionally, there are over 100 Upanishads, but the principal ones that form the foundation of Advaita Vedanta number around 10-12. These texts are revered as the highest knowledge and are often referred to as Vedanta, meaning "the end of the Vedas" or "the conclusion of knowledge."

The Upanishads are characterized by their philosophical depth, spiritual insights, and emphasis on self-realization. They provide profound meditations on the nature of reality, the self (Atman), and the ultimate reality (Brahman). In Advaita Vedanta, the Upanishads are the primary source of knowledge, as they directly reveal the non-dual nature of Brahman and Atman.

The Life and Contributions of Adi Shankaracharya (Sankara)

Adi Shankaracharya, commonly known as Sankara, was an influential Indian philosopher, theologian, and spiritual leader who lived during the early 8th centurave le regarded as one of the greatest proponents of Advaita Vedanta, Sankara's teachings have left an indelible mark on Hindu philosophy and spirituality.

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