Chants for Curing Ailments (Importance and science underlying various types of chants)
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Chants for Curing Ailments (Importance and science underlying various types of chants)

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Author: Dr Jayant Athavale and H. H. Sandeep Alshi
Publisher: Sanatan Sanstha
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789352571017
Pages: 84
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Generally, Hindus know about chanting as worship of the Deities; but they do not know about the usefulness of chanting Deities Name for treating ailments. In-depth research on the chanting of 'Omkar is being conducted in the western countries such as the USA, and by chanting 'Ornicar many people in western countries are getting cured, but in Bharat Hindus are unaware of the effectiveness of the chanting prescribed by our own Dharma. This is such a misfortune. Through this Holy text, Hindus will be able to learn the importance of their Dharma and Deities. Mostly the root cause for physical and psychological ailments in human beings has spiritual causes.

To eliminate this causes, remedies at the spiritual level need to be performed. 'Chanting' is a very powerful remedy. Prarabdha (Destiny that is experienced in this birth) is one of the major spiritual reasons. By chanting, the patient's mild destiny is completely overcome, moderate destiny is reduced and the individual obtains mental strength to face and endure severe destiny.

Every Deity has specific vibrations. Chanting the Name of a particular Deity develops its vibrations in the body. Due to this, the unnatural vibrations or vibrations that are imbalanced in the body are taken care of, which helps in curing the ailments. Chanting not only helps in curing ailments but also provides mental strength to endure the pain and misery caused by the ailments. 'Chanting' is the easiest remedy for all. Chanting has no restrictions of place and time, purity and impurity, correct pronunciation (as in the case of chanting a mantra [See Glossary]). Chanting is not as difficult as Yoga and raga (Fire-sacrifice).

Medicinal herbs may not be available during the adverse times, but the spiritual remedy of chanting can be performed anytime, anywhere. Various types of chanting (For example -Chants as per special characteristics of the Deities, chants as per Astrology etc.) and the underlying science are mentioned in this Holy text. Knowing the underlying science of chanting will help in developing faith in it. The practical knowledge about which chant is beneficial on all the ailments related to the same organ and the chant of which Deity is beneficial for which specific ailment is provided in the Holy text 'Chants for curing ailments (Part 2)'.

In Kaliyug (Era of strife), man has more faith in modern science than he has in Spirituality. The research conducted with the help of scientific equipment's on the chant remedies has also been provided in this Holy text. Through this, even intellectuals will develop faith in chanting. Faith is important in any type of treatment. To develop faith towards the treatment through chants, selected spiritual experiences that illustrate the benefits of this way are provided in this Holy text.

In the Sanatan Dharma Rajya (Hindu Nation) that is going to be established in the near future, knowledge of treatment with chants will be included in the syllabus of schools and colleges. Hence, the future generation will have easy solutions to reduce the distress arising out of ailments at a very young age. We pray unto the Holy feet of Shri Guru & ShrT Narayarl -the protector of the universe - 'May more and more suffering people be cured quickly by performing these chant remedies'.

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