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Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8125912010
Pages: 108
Cover: Paperback
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23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries
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About the Book:

A man with supreme humane qualities, the Buddha was born in India in the 6th century BC. He did not believe in theories and rituals, austerities and extreme attitudes. The Buddha discarded all these, realizing their futility, and showed the Middle Way, the path of peace and tolerance. He showered his compassion equally on all -be it prince Ajatashatru or a poor, old woman or even the elephant Nalagiri.

Beautifully illustrated, The Buddha -stories and Parables is not a dry historical biography. It captures the essence of the Buddha's great life through various stories, anecdotes and episodes that immediately lift the reader to another realm -the realm of love, grace and compassion.

About the Author:

Dr. Varsha Das has writing for children for the past forty years in Gujarati, Hindi and English. She has received several awards for her contribution to children's literature. She has also authored the Jataka tales, published by Madhuban. She practices Buddhist philosophy under the umbrella of Soka Gakkai.


Who Owned the Swan? 9
Queen Mahamaya's Dream 11
The Son Siddhartha 12
Grooming the Prince 15
Siddhartha's Marriage 17
The Birth of Rahula 20
Siddhartha's Outings 21
Paradise of Pleasure 26
The Fouth Outing 28
Restless Siddhartha 30
The Quest for Truth 32
Siddhartha in Magadha 33
Practicing Austerities 35
Attaining Enlightenment 37
A Boy of the Himalayas 39
A Mud Pie 43
The Buddha Moves On 46
The Story of Three Carts 47
The Five Monks 49
Yash and His Wealthy Father 50
The Treasure Lost and Found! 52
In Kashyapa's House 53
In Veluvana 56
Even a Slow Sails Through 57
Sudatta's Offerings 59
The Mustard Seeds 63
The Son was a Monk Now! 65
A Gem in the Robe 66
Rahula's Inheritance 68
The Nest was Never Built 70
A Wealthy Man and His Son 72
A Poisonous Arrow 75
Chinchamanavika 77
The Physician and His Sick Children 80
Pataki 81
Amrapali 84
Reward to a Doctor 87
A Poor Woman's Lamp 89
Devadatta 92
Attempts to Kill the Buddha 94
Disciples' Mission 98
Ajatashatru's Repentance 100
Compassionate Offerings 102
Unto the Last 103
The Book Referred to by the Author 106

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