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Item Code: IDF552
Author: Translated By: F. L. Woodward
Publisher: The Theosophical Publishing House
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8170594561
Pages: 128
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 7.2" X 4.9"
Weight 220 gm
About the Book

The delightful stories appearing in this book are translated mostly from the Commentary on the Dhammapada. Originally published in the Magazines The Young Citizen and the Adyar Bulletin, they illustrate the moral teachings of Buddhism in a simple and easy form.

About the Author

F. L. Woodward was an authority on Buddhist teachings; many of his publication were published by the Pali Text Society, among them Pictures of Buddhist Ceylon, The Buddha's Path of Virtue and Francis Bacon and the Cipher Story.

1 Solitude and Service 1
2 Ananda, the Beloved Disciple 9
3 The Hare in the Moon 14
4 The Blind Men and the Elephant 20
5 Dear to the Self is Self 24
6 Kisa Gotami and the Mustard Seed 29
7 Honour Old Age 33
8 Suppabuddha, the Leper 40
9 The Brahmana and the Firstfruits 45
10 Honour Thy Mother and Father 50
11 Inattention 57
12 Health is the Greatest Gain 62
13 Haste to do Good 66
14 The weapon of Goodwill 72
15 Guard your thoughts 78
16 Vangisa, the Phrenologist 83
17 The elder Vakkali 88
18 The Bodhisattva and the Robbers 92
19 Hold Your Tongue 99
20 Excess of Zeal 103
21 This little Body Holdeth All 107
22 The tale of a Certain devotee 111
23 The Three Who Took the Robes 115
24 The Tale Of The Brahmana 118
25 Good Company is Everything 121
26 One Canot Please Everybody 125

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