Carvaka/Lokayata: An Anthology of Source Materials and Some Recent Studies

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Author: Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya, Mrinal Kanti Gangopadhyaya
Publisher: Indain Council of Philosophical Research
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8185636117
Pages: 558
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description
From the Jacket:

The ancient Indian materialistic thought system known as Carvaka or Lokayata formed the most redoubtable intellectual and doctrinal sect outside the Vedic fold. Despite intense persecution from orthodoxy, it stood its ground unfailingly and left a powerful impress on the corpus of Indian literature from the Vedas to the Upanisads and later. The irreproachable logic of its basic stance still appeals to perceptive minds.

In this anthology almost all the available materials on Carvaka Lokayata have been methodically arranged. They are divided into three sections, the first providing the text from traditional sources, the second being devoted to modern studies on the system, and the third offering a critical survey of Jayarasi's Tattvopaplavasimha. The English rendering closely follows the original text.

The present complication furnishes a full profile of one of the most controversial thought systems in India. The volume can be counted as a major contribution to the field of Indian philosophical studies. Teachers and researchers as well as the students of Indian materialism and Indology should find it indispensable.

About the Author:

Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya (b. 1918) has been a National Fellow of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research. He has worked as visiting Professor in several universities of India and extensively toured abroad, delivering lectures and presenting seminar papers. He has written on philosophy and history of science, and some of his books which deserve special mention are: Lokayata: A Study in Ancient Indian Materialism; What is Living and What is Dead in Indian Philosophy; Indian Atheism; Science and Society; and History of Science and Technology in Ancient India: The Beginnings.

Mrinal Kanti Gangopadhyaya (b. 1941) is currently Asutosh Professor of Sanskrit, University of Calcutta. His published works include: Naya-sutra with Vatsayana's Commentary and Phanibhusana's Elucidation (translated into English and published in five Volumes); Vinitadeva's Nayabindytika; Indian Atomism: History and Sources; Indian Logic in Its Sources.

Preface IX
Editor's Note XIII
The Source Materials
Chandogya Upanisad (viii. 7-9)
The Asura View

Maitri Upanisad (vii. 8-9)
On the Ancient Heretics

Payasi Suttanta
Denial of the Doctorine of Karma

The Non-conformists in Buddhist India

Ancient Grammatical Literature

Arthasastra (ii. 1)
Earliest Enumeration of Philosophies

Epics and Puranas
See Muir's Article in Part II (No. 20), where all relevant sources are quoted

Nayasutra with Vatsyayana's Commentary 75
(a) On Inference 76
(b) Bhuta-caitanya-vada

Prasastapada-Bhasya with Nyaya-kandali
Self as Distinct from Body etc.

Jayanta Bhatta's Nyaya-manjari 109
(a) Dehatmavada 110
(b) On Inference 132
(c) Stray References

Udayana's Nyayakusumanjali

Santaraksita and Kamalsila 159
(a) On Lokayata 160
(b) On Svabhavada

Sankara's Sariraka-bhasya 234
On Dehatmavada

Vacaspati's Bhamati 240
On Dehatmavada

Madhavacarya's Sarvadarsana-samgraha
The Carvaka Philosophy

Haribhadra with Commentaries by Manibhadra and Gunaratna 257
(a) Saddarsanasamuccaya on Lokayata with Manibhadra's Commentary 258
(b) Gunaratna on above 266
(c) Gunaratna on Bhutacaitanya-vada 278
(d) Gunaratna on Kalavada etc.

Prabhacandra's Prameya-kamala-martanda and Nyaya-kumuda-candra 298
(a) Bhuta-caitnya-vada 298
(b) Refutation of anumana 312
(c) Akhyativada

Taranatha's History of Buddhism in India 343
A Quaint Legend of Refuting Lokayata

Krsnamisra's Prabodhacandrodaya 344
Caricature of Carvcaka 344
Modern Scholars
J. Muir: Verses Illustrating the Carvaka Tenets 351
Rhys Davids: On Lokayata 369
H.P. Sastri: Lokayata 377
G. Tucci: A Sketch of Indian Materialism 384
D.R. Sastri: A Short History of Indian Materialism 394
Th. Stcherbatsky: History of Materialism in India 432
Gopinath Kaviraj: Lokayata and Svabhavavada 441
Ananta Kumar Bhattacharyya: Carvaka-darsana 452
Eric Frauwallner: The Materialism 474
On the Tattvopaplavasimha of Jayarasi Bhatta
Sukhlalji Sanghavi and R.C. Parikh 492
Walter Ruben 505
K.K. Dixit 520
Index 531
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