Catarrh, Colds and Grippe (Including Prevention and Homeopathic Cure)

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Author: John H. Clarke
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788131900352
Pages: 122
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About the Book

The book serves as a useful guide for the understanding of colds in general with it’s pathology & consequences discussed under the heads of cold catching, prevention & it’s cure. It incorporates useful section on epidemic influenza, nasal polyp & hay feel along with their homeopathic treatment. A short material medica of the most frequently used remedies has been added at the end to make it thoroughly comprehensive for the benefit of the readers.

About the Author

Dr. Clarke(1853-1931) was one of the most eminent homeopaths of England. He practiced at Bolton Street, Piccadilly, located in London. He was a consulting physician to the London Homoeopathic Hospital. He was the editor of the ‘Homoeopathic World’ for twenty-nine years. He was prodigious worker as his published works testify. His priceless contributions include : The Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica, A clinical Repertory to the Dictionary of Materia Medica, Dictionary of the Domestic Medicine, Gun Powder as War Remedy, Homoeopathy Explained and many more.


The call for a new edition of my little treatise on Colds has enabled me to put it through a complete revision, and at the same time to add a section on that most unwelcome visitor of recent years EPIDEMIC INFLUENZA. The name Influenza has become indissolubly connected with colds in the head; and epidemic influenza has so many features in common with ordinary colds, that some account of the malady and how it may be cured, together with the large family of ills it leaves behind it, seems called for in the present volume.

1 I have heard many people say in reference to the scourge, which is now in the seventh year of its visitation, that it is ridiculous to call this Influenza: this is something a great deal worse! But as a matter of fact, the epidemic influenza is the originator of the name, severe colds having been called ‘‘ influenza colds ’’ after it.

For centuries the epidemic disease has prevailed in Western Europe at uncertain intervals, and for want of a more definite description the Italians named it ‘‘Influenza,’’ or ‘‘The Influence.’’ And as this name does not commit any one to special views as to the pathology of the disease, it is so far unobjectionable, and has become generally adopted.

My own theory as to the application of the name to severe ordinary colds is this: For some time after a visitation of an epidemic, infectious colds of a severe type have prevailed, and have been called ‘‘ Influenza Colds,’’ to distinguish them from common non-infectious colds. By degrees, for the sake of shortness, they have been called simply ‘‘Influenza.’’ Hence has arisen the confusion when the next epidemic has come round.

The name our French neighbours have given it is ‘‘ La Grippe.’’ which is sufficiently suggestive of the sudden manner in which it seizes its victims, and this term, in its Anglified form of ‘‘grip,’’ is the favourite name of the disease on the American Continent.

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