Coalition Politics (The Indian Experience)
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Coalition Politics (The Indian Experience)

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Author: B.S. Tyagi
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 8121404657
Pages: 335
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About the Book

Truly speaking, political parties–both regional and national are not cut well for coalition politics. They have utterly failed to adapt themselves to new challenges cropped up at the collapse of one party rule. We have seen conglomeration rather than coalition. Consequently what has been to the fore, is sheer lust for power and governance is put on hold. Any issue of national interest is lost in the uproar of the outrageous legislators. Parties have behaved arrogantly, and not as responsible allies. Their parochialism is damaged and is damaging the very fabric of coalition.

The present book presents a brief history of coalition politics in India along with its basic concept which makes the system dynamically functional. It has discussed the grammar and manner of formation and fall of coalitions. It has surveyed ideas and ideologies of various parties which ganged up every time to grab the power and came a cropper when the question of national interest arose. Chameleon character of political players displayed on different occasions has also been recorded. This study has exposed those who boasted of being honest, democrat, secular and socialist or well-wishers of the common man. It has assessed the performance of two coalitions — the NDA and the UPA, to sum up the experience of the electorate.

Simultaneously, an humble effort has been made to focus the attention of the intellectuals and political scientists on the malignant malady which the present system is suffering from, by raising questions which have been pricking national conscience : Is there democracy in. India by any of its definitions? Can we have corruption and criminal free politics? Are people losing faith in the system itself? And so on. Hence. it makes a thought provoking reading.

About the Author

Dr B. S. Tyagi (b. 1954) did his Master degree in English, Political Science, Philosophy and History, and Ph.D. in Political Science.

His other books include :

• Political Philosophy of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

• Judicial Activism in India

• The Philosophy of Radhakrishnan

He also writes short stories, poems, reminiscences and travelogues.

Presently, Dr Tyagi is a teacher of English at Muzaffarnagar (U.P).


Horse-trading. Defections. Mud-slinging. Collapse of government. Elections. And this vicious circle goes on. This is the colour of coalition politics we have been witnessing in the country since 1967.

Come election day. Money and muscle power is in the fray. Hoolinganism. Vandalism. Populism. Booth capturing. Bonanza for lawbreakers who go the whole hog as they turn lawmakers. And we have democratic quorum without decorum. Here begins muscle flexing for seizing and sharing power through alliance without bothering the least about principles and policies for which the parties supposedly stand and the process of forming government is on about. Each one is an avid aspirant for some key post.

The bigger gets lion's share and others (who do not get) are promised well a slice of the cake later as. And coalition government sets in to work tottering because of lacking in cohesion. This is another shade of coalition phase added to the first we have experienced at the threshold of new millennium. Red tapism.

Inefficiency. Black money. Scandals. Scams and scums. Tribunals and trials-shock and awe, then acquittal with honour. Apparently all is bogged down for a while. Soon everything fades away in public memory. Again business of every kind resumes like before and thrives luxuriantly. Bagful schemes and plans are there but they are hardly meant for man on the street. Terror tremors stare the nation in the face. Corruption is still a nerve-racking challenge for all.

Almost unvanquished. Of course, honest and conscientious legislators are there but either they have gone senile or they have buried their heads in sand. Or their vitality and voice are lost in the din of unscrupulous leaders. Now dead and musty lyres. Or they are victims to inner vacuum; that is why they miss every occasion every time, when they ought to be seen in their towering personality with all their might and main. No! They are seen nowhere! Their drumbeat is inaudibly heard afterwards when the tide is over leaving colossal destruction behind. Pertinently, a word about judiciary—citadel of people's hopes and high morals. Backlog. Delay. Dismissal. Low conviction rate and increase in corruption and crime. Justice is relegated to the background.

Judge and justice are no more inspiring and encouraging words for a layman to fight to the finish. Not many moons ago the word `judge' used to command deep reverence and uprightness; justice instilled courage and confidence into the laity. The corrupt and criminal would feel frightened and the innocent emboldened at the mere mention of the word 'Court'. Today, the situation is just the reverse. Seemingly, judicial activism has given way to the whims of the high-ups. Awe inspiring aroma in the precinct of the citadel is gone. And the common man is left stranded, bewildered, gasping and thinking where are those feelings gone? Where is the import of these words gone? What has happened to the fragrance of these words? Such pious words now sound stale, crippled, and paralysed. Why? Corruption has penetrated la Sublime Porte and devoured all freshness, vitality and sweetness of these words, has it not? Indian politics is passing through a transition.

All institutions are searching restlessly for their identity and they are badly in need of some mentor that may guide and side with timeless values. All the things are in melting pot; so something worthwhile encompassing the whole nation should be made. What is needed most urgently today is the leadership as well as patronage of enlightened persons in all fields. I am as sure as day that there is no dearth of such persons. They need just to break the strands of complacency. They are capable of throwing away the present dead and dried system and replacing it with a new invigorating one. It is a crying need of the hour. If a nation of more than one billion suffers, more blame lies with those who choose to sit on the fence rather than take the plunge.

Frankly speaking, it was not possible for me with meagre means and manners to accomplish this work without the help of some men of letters who have been as it were the sheet anchor and beacons of light to me. Both guru and guide. On this long list comes first Prof. Dr. K.C. Gupta, former Head, Dept. of Political Science, Meerut College, Meerut who the more I wish to express my gratitude, the more my words fail. Next, Prof. J. P. Savita— my erstwhile teacher, Dept. of English, S.D. College, Muzaffarnagar who like a potter shaped my dumb feelings through lucid and lively language and whipped up my thoughts to traverse new horizons. Considerable logical talent and acumen of Shri Tejendra Kumar, former Chairman ofU.P. Bar Council, has ever left an indelible impact on my mind and soul. He willingly fished out precious moments for me and rendered me great assistance. I owe to a cluster of my friends and well wishers who patted on the back to go ahead. Among them is Dr. Kamal Singh, former Reader and Head, Dept. of Hindi, S.D. College, Muzaffarnagar who I express my heartiest thanks for sharing his political insight and experience with me. He was kind enough never to mind my encroaching upon his precious time. Shri Harpal Singh `Arush has not only shown keen interest in the work but also obliged me by discussing certain things critically in a new fashion and provided valuable suggestions, which have been thankfully incorporated. Thanks are also due to Dr. Satish Kumar Tyagi, Dept. of Political Science, S.D. College, Muzaffarnagar, who besides allowing me to use his library card, provided me books and other study material. Lastly, my affectionate thanks to my son Sandeep Kumar who not only introduced me basics of computer application but also helped a lot in computer work without which it was not possible for me to get this book ready.

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