Companion of God (Wisdom from One of The World’s Great Spiritual Leaders)

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Author: Dadi Janki
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Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788184951363
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Dadi J anki' s wisdom, gathered from a lifetime oflearning, is a powerful beacon directing our spiritual growth during a time of great uncertainty. In this book she takes us on an inspirational journey, offering advice as we take the first steps on the spiritual path, helping us overcome common obstacles such as lack of tolerance or self-doubt, and finally revealing the great benefits of connecting with God. Dadi Janki tells us, "The life of every human being can make a difference." In this book she shows us how to start making a difference in our own lives and the lives of others.

About the Author

DADI JANKI is the Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) and a world-renowned spiritual leader. She travels worldwide, teaching and sharing her wisdom and deep knowledge of the science of spirituality. Driven by her vision of a better world, Dadi Janki has dedicated the past 73 years of her life to uplifting humanity. She campaigns for truth and works tirelessly for world peace. Dadi is one of the 'Keepers of Wisdom', an eminent group of spiritual and religious leaders convened to advise political leaders on spiritual dilemmas underpinning current worldwide issues of the environment and human settlement.

Dadi Janki is a visionary whose uniqueness lies in her unswerving optimism and a heart that is rich with compassion. Through understanding spiritual truths, she has come to a position of personal peace and power. She is a soul who refuses to set limits and boundaries as to what is achievable and, in so doing, inspires others to believe that they too can make the impossible, possible.

Dadi has pioneered the development of several international projects (in 129 countries) developing vision, values and action at a grass roots level, empowering individuals and communities to improve their own quality of life and the environment.

Now 94 years of age, Dadi Janki is still spiritually vivacious. Her diary is usually packed with international itineraries, which take her from Asia to South America and Europe to South Africa. Even when she has a few days to spare, whether at her base in London or the Headquarters in Mount Abu, India, she makes sure they are filled with some form of spiritual service. His generosity and tirelessness are an inspiration to all.

Dadi Janki


Dadi JANKI is a woman of wisdom ... A woman who, through the understanding of spiritual truths, has reached a position of personal peace and power. In a world which is teetering on the edge of extreme chaos, Dadi Janki has discovered her own personal world of balance and order.

Now in her nineties, Dadi Janki is internationally acknowledged as a great spiritual leader, teacher and mentor who continues to offer inspiration to many people searching for peace and harmony in their heart and homeland.

As Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU), Dadi Janki provides a working leadership model for all women and men who are seeking to integrate both male and female qualities into their personal and professional lives. Dadi lovingly engages people of all faiths and walks of life to be true to their spiritual self; to undertake their unique and individual part in the play of creating the future - a world worthy of the generations to come. In short, Dadi Janki calls us all to our potential.

'What kind of world is forming now, beyond this winter of war and sorrow, of poverty, pollution and death? In the winter, we foresee the spring. Those with a positive vision of the future give us an image of a world on this planet where all things are given freely, where the highest human potential is fully realised. But we can get to that stage only when there are leaders to take us there.'


Interna tional acknowledgmen t of Dadi's work came in 1992 when she was invi ted to be one of the 10 Keepers of Wisdom, an eminent group of world spiritual leaders convened to advice the Earth Summit in Brazil on the fundamental spiritual dilemmas which underpin current worldwide environmental issues.

Dadi Janki has dedicated her life to the service of humanity. She began her spiritual apprenticeship in 1937 at the age of 21 and was one of the founding members of the BKWSU. She spent 14 years in an enclosed community where intense meditation practice and the study of spiritual knowledge provided her with a firm foundation for the future. Dadi's purest wish is that all people find the inherent truth of their own spirituality and, as such, realise the potential of their personal relationship with God, the Supreme Soul. In essence, this is the foundation of her lifelong work.

Through the BKWSU, which Dadi administers, the ancient Eastern principles of Raja Yoga are taught. The fulcrum of Raja Yoga is a silent form of meditation which over the past 41 years has provided many interested people outside India with an opportunity to understand and appreciate more deeply their values, their vision for themselves, their future and their faith. Dadi Janki has been an instrumental in bringing and translating this valuable self-management philosophy from the mystic realm of India to the hard-nosed, practical arena of our modern world.

Most of all, Dadi Janki is a visionary whose uniqueness lies in her unswerving optimism and a heart rich in compassion. She is a soul who refuses to set limits and boundaries as to what is achievable and in so doing inspires others to believe that they too can make the impossible possible.


If one were to ask Dadi Janki the question, 'How did you acquire such a wisdom and was it personal research, divine intuition or lessons learnt from life?' Dadi's answer would probably be to point her finger up above to indicate that the knowledge she shares has come from one Source. On further questioning, she would reveal that gurus, scriptures and devotion have not provided her with answers to the questions in her mind, but that her understanding has come frorn the knowledge revealed by the Supreme through the physical mstruu=v- of Prajapita Brahma, the founder of the BKWSU.

Dadi rernernbers her experience of deep love for God from the age of 2 years. Her search for Truth began at the age of 11, and continued until she saw Brahma Baba after his own dramatic transformation. As a girl, she had known Brahma Baba since he studied and discussed the esoteric secrets of the scriptures with her uncles and relatives. At the age of 19, walking in a park, she met Baba again. An intense bright light emanated from this person and Dadi was transfixed and knew instinctively that something divine and magical had transformed this man. From that moment, Brahma Baba became the instrument to share God's Truth, in words, vibrations and actions.

Over the years, Dadi's own relationship with God has deepened to the point of constant awareness through the inspiration and guidance of Brahma Baba. Often in challenging situations, Dadi would ask herself - 'How would Baba deal with this?' _ and the image and activity of Brahma Baba would help her resolve the problem.

Today, Dadi is motivated by the desire to bring souls to God and share the enthusiasm and energy which she gives this task, as coming from the example of Brahm a Baba.It was Brahma Baba's total surrender and obedience to God, his humility, generosity of spirit and purity of heart which are the guiding principles for Dadi and the students of BKWSU even now.

A Woman of Wisdom and A Teacher of Teachers

A personal account of Dadi Janki by sister Jayanti

Is it possible for a mortal to make God their constant friend? Dadi Janki has demonstrated that it is possible to have such a living relationship filled with spirituality. This perhaps has been Dadi's greatest contribution to the lives of thousands of people - to transform the image of God from a distant figure of fear and awe to a loving Parent and wise Teacher who cares, supports, nurtures and uplifts each one. She can be described perhaps as an electrician - one who can repair the broken links, reconnect the wires of the soul with the Supreme Source of Light and Might, the Powerhouse who is God.

With humility and a heart so dear that it sees only the goodness of each human being; Dadi has absorbed Truth from God so deeply that each breath and each moment is filled with that wisdom. Destiny brought me into contact with Dadi at the age of 8. As a child, the predominant memories are of Dadi's love and generous heart - constantly sharing physical and spiritual gifts. Dadi's stability and consistent yogi life were a reference point during my adolescent years of turbulent change. At the time when I was ready to listen, Dadi shared insights that opened up the dosed doors of perception.

Events brought Dadi and myself to London together in April 1974. Living with Dadi day and night has been an incredible fortune that empowered the soul to learn, stretch, grow and evolve. I have observed Dadi playing with the jewels of spiritual knowledge and sharing them at each moment. Dadi is never too tired or roo busy; it's never too late. She keeps her personal channel always clear and open, so that God's light and love constantly fills her. She then manages to step out of the way, so that this light and love flow across to each one who enters her sphere of contact. Being a translator for Dadi for several years has been a unique education and training. I would be a 'fly on the wall' - observing souls come in confusion and distress and leave with clarity, joy and strength. Each day Dadi would deal with hundreds, sometimes thousands of people and she would listen to each with great regard and respect, ultimately enabling them to see facets of themselves that they had not been able to see alone. Sometimes her patience would be challenged, sometimes her trust, but Dadi has never yet lost hope for souls or let go of her trust in them. She recognises their qualities more clearly than they themselves do and enables them to fulfil their potential. It was with good reason that the founder of this institution, Brahma Baba, entrusted her with the role of being the teacher of teachers.

Dadi's power of communication extends far beyond the words she uses. It is a fact that each word spoken comes from the depth of her experience and application. However, it is her experiment with the power of silence that has the greatest impact. Her power of silence filled with God's love and joy has visibly changed the attitudes of people. The depth of stillness emanating from her presence has answered many questions. Her power of silence has made vision and dreams a practical reality, dissolving many obstacles that come in the way.

Dadi Janki demonstrates the method of transcending all limits - age, health, gender, personality and nature - of living under the canopy of God's love and sharing that protection with all.


Dadi Janki: A Spiritual Leader13
A Personal Account by Sister Jayanti16
Dadi's First Thoughts ...20
The Spiritual Path24
Original Peace25
Early Morning Contemplation26
Child of God27
Spiritual Tolerance34
Faith in Others35
Respect for Others36
The Drama of Life41
Playing your Part42
The Spiritual Army43
Dadi's First Thoughts ...46
Quality of Thoughts50
Leading Others57
Women as Servers58
Subtle Service59
Pure 'Thoughts60
Making Peace61
Staying Peaceful63
Talking to the Self64
Ruler of the Self65
Dadi's First Thoughts ...70
Obstacles on the Path73
Obstacles Within74
Friends and Relations76
Comparison with Others77
Emotional Pain81
Calming the Mind82
The Benefit of Sickness83
Understanding Sickness84
Physical Pain85
Spiritual Health86
Spiritual Medicine87
Removing Unworthy Habits90
Testing your Self-Respect91
Grades of Tolerance94
Checking the Self96
Changing Thoughts97
Dadi's First Thoughts ...100
Going Beyond104
Giving Your Heart to One105
Thought Power110
Creating Peace112
True Respect115
Spiritual Education116
Being a Teacher117
Spiritual Progress118
Dadi's First TI1Oughts: ..122
God the Almighty128
God's Light129
God as My Everything131
Blessings from God132
Connection with God133
Knowing God134
God as Director135
Helping God136
Devotion and Wisdom137
TIle Intellect138
Eternal Happiness139
Walking the Spiritual Path141
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