Comparative Study of Ayurvedic Psychiatry With Modern Science

Comparative Study of Ayurvedic Psychiatry With Modern Science

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Author: Dr.Kousik Das Mahapatra
Publisher: Chaukhambha Orientalia
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788189469450
Pages: 471 (6 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
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Ayurveda seeks to remove mental illness in a holistic way .Its focus is prevention through correct diet, exercise, meditation and cultivation of right attitude. It offers a complex array of therapeutic techniques and natural medicates to restore balance and harmony. In an increas.ingly insecure and chaotic world, many people are finding conventional psychiatry & psychology inadequate for healing the mind.

The understanding of the cosmos and the tiniest component of the cosmos the human mind, which to the so called scientific investigative techniques since the dawn of human civilization, still continuous to be enigmatic, where as the Ayurvedic thought, the concept, the understanding, the intimate relationship between the mind & body, does offer a remarkably unique basis both for the normal as well as abnormal functioning of the mind. The techniques adopted by the Ayurvedic system for the sufferings of the mind to a learned scholar in the field does pose a serious point for further research, work & experimentation on the said system for evolving a comprehensive modality of the causality & management of mental and behavioural disorder.

The author, Dr. Kousik Das Mahapatra, a basic internist in Ayurvedic system of medicine got inclined due tenets of Psychiatry in the year 2004 when he joined the prestigiousRajeev Gandhi Govt. Post Graduate Ayurvedic College, Paprola, Himachal Pradesh and chose his subject for P.G. thesis in Psychiatry and has been working in both the fields simultaneously and tirelessly leading to acquisition of Ph D. has made an appreciable effort to pen down this treatise in the process of synthesis of the understanding of human psyche from Ayurvedic and modern medicine point of view.

I am confident that this book will take the lead in stimulating like minded professionals to think and undertake further worth in the field of integrated system of medicine with a view to understand the so far less understood-"The Human Mind".


This book has been developed from subject matter and examples that I have used in my teaching and practice in colleges and hospitals merely over last one decade. It is intended for Manasa roga (psychiatry) degree and diploma courses in which solid clinical structures form a part. Postgraduates and those preparing for the courses of professional institutions by examination in these subjects will also find this book useful.

The contents illustrate where overlapping topics in Manasa roga employ common principles and thereby should serve medical students of all disciplines. In the author's experience this broadening of the subject base is also aligned to the teaching of applied Manasa roga.

There is an obvious need of modern psychiatry to compare with centuries old Ayurvedic theories. That's why the modern psychiatric matters had been given in this book along with the treatment procedure. The matters of psychology have also been attached inside So that to understand the mind.

A concise approach has been employed for the theoretical developments in order to provide the space for many illustrative examples. It should become obvious that these calculations are all related to the load carrying capacity of materials used in psychiatric design. The reader will soon recognize, the style adopted, has been to provide mostly self-contained chapters with a logical and clear presentation of the subject matter. The choices of general chapter titles, that contain many specific topics, emphasize the more wide ranging principles of the subject. The chapters of the text are arranged to cover the necessary fundamental material on Manasa roga analyses ayurvedic theory.

I expect valuable suggestions which are aimed for further evaluation and clarifications from esteemed readers. I beg to be excused for my unforced mistakes in this little approach.


1History Of Psychiatry (Ancient & Modern)1
2The Mind22
3Concept Of Satvavajaya149
4Dream Interpretation171
6Udvega/ Anxiety209
9Sleep Disorder280
10A tatvabhinivesha290
11Madatyaya / Alcoholism300
12Drug Abuse321
13Diet For Mental Diseases346
14Yoga Therapy For Mental Illness380
15The Mental Health Act387
16Questionnaires of Mental Diseases444
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