A Compend of the Principles of Homoeopathy
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A Compend of the Principles of Homoeopathy

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Author: William Boericke
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788131905982
Pages: 130
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This book is intended to be an introduction and an aid to a complete and wider study of Hahnemann’s doctrines. It contains philosophical concepts and practical directions for the establishment of a true science of therapeutics. A valuable compilation to fix the homeopathic principles clearly in the mind of students.

A useful volume for the students and young practitioners as a first stepping stone to the rich mind of deep philosophy.


Hahnemann’s Organon is the great text-book of the homoeopathic school. It contains philosophical conceptions and practical directions for the establishment of a true science of therapeutics, and all genuine progress towards this goal is in the direction pointed out in that work. To fix its principles clearly in the mind of the student, to faithfully apply them in practice, is the special duty and high privilege of Homoeopathy. The more this is done, the more will this masterly book become a veritable mountain of therapeutic light to the practitioner.

Hahnemann’s teachings, and the therapeutic edifice erected by the homoeopathic school, are based upon two distinct factors. On the one hand, upon facts of observation and experiment obtained by strict adherence to the inductive methods of research, facts that can thus be verified at all times; and, on the other hand, upon new ideas resulting from the exercise of deductive reasoning, ideas belonging possibly to a larger and higher realm, and to some extent beyond the acceptance of modern scientific thought, but nevertheless capable: of great power in achieving curative results.

Until quite recently, the tendency of modern homoeopathy was to bend its energies perhaps too exclusively upon the acquisition of the facts yielding immediate results, while neglecting to some extent the study of the underlying principles. With neglect of the study of homoeopathic institutes came coquetry with old-school methods, and the alluring adoption of modern palliative and mechanical therapeutics, leading unquestionably to deterioration of our distinctive practice. The reaction had to come. We are in the midst of it. A homoeopathic renaissance is upon us. Teach and study the Organon is its watchword. This little book is intended to be an introduction and an aid to a fuller study and wider acceptance of Hahnemann’s doctrines. It does not pretend to be more than an attempt to elucidate the salient and vital points often abstrusely and always metaphorically treated by Hahnemann, and thus to familiarize the student with the fundamental groundwork of our school. These essential doctrines do not include the necessary acceptance of every statement of Hahnemann as of equal and absolute importance. Indeed, a wise discrimination is necessary, for the minor things may be instructive or obstructive, or even destructive, according to the way they are held; they may, therefore, be useful or otherwise for the mental development of the physician or the scientific evolution of the school.

The author has gladly availed himself of everything published that furthered the end in view, and he hopes that the little volume will be used by the student and young practitioner as a first stepping-stone to the rich mine of deep philosophy and practical suggestion contained in the writings of Samuel Hahnemann.

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