Daily Prayers On Navagraha (Tamil)
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Daily Prayers On Navagraha (Tamil)

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Publisher: Sri M. B. Publishers, Chennai
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788181241634
Pages: 64
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This Phonetic Reader for children is going to be their handy book. The methodology of word formation has been given in a fun-n-frolic manner which can be made comprehensible to them very easily. Very readily they can assimilate the tid-bits of information regarding word-formation.

This book aims to provide a general guideline for the 'Tiny-Tots'.

Totality is not within the ambit of this reader keeping in view the Tiny Minds that it aims to benefit. But it is my sincere hope and belief that by the time the small child has assimilated the contents herein, she/he will be able to 'take on any word in the English language with both pleasure and aplomb.

There are some words that defy simple rules, such as once, business, ocean etc. and are not within the scope of this book.

The children must become thorough with the FUN OF SOUNDS, the vowels make alone and when in combination with other consonants and vowels.

The children enter a whole new world of words - both sense and nonsense.

All the words start with a capital letter for a better visual impact.

By the time the child has gone through the book, the key letters highlighted on every page and the strokes dividing a word will have trained his eyes:

To take a closer look at a word.

To look at word patterns eg game, lame, same tame etc.

To see words within words : eg "Smother" has the words-the', 'her', 'other' & 'mother' inside it.

To break up words into parts : au/di/to/ri/um.

The words in Hindi have been given only to facilitate emphasis on 'sounds'. They are NOT SUPPOSED to be written down. The teacher can read aloud and write only the sound parallels of English-Hindi syllables given in Chapter-1 & Chapter-2.

A lot of spade work will have to be done by the teachers and within no time they will reap the benefits when the small child's vocabulary widens and deepens. It is expected of the teachers to explain all the words given here in, in an interesting and child-friendly manner. So along with the concept of word-formation, the child's vocabulary also becomes exemplary. The phonetic symbols at the start and the Hindi words all throughout the book are only for the teachers.

The sound-parallels make for a holistic approach towards the learning of word-formation rather than a fragmented one. The concept of sound-parallels aims towards greater understanding of both words and their formation. The phonetic symbols have been given but the stress in this phonetic reader is more on the fusion of the English-Hindi syllables.

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