Dictionary of Indology (Detailed Description of Indian Scriptures, Sanskrit Books, Authors and Trends)

Dictionary of Indology (Detailed Description of Indian Scriptures, Sanskrit Books, Authors and Trends)

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Item Code: NAG348
Author: Dr. Vishnulok Bihari Srivastava
Publisher: V&S Publishers
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788122310849
Pages: 304
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.0 inch X 5.0 inch
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About The Book

Dictionary of Indology presents the history of Indian Scriptures, Language, Literature and Humanities in all the forms, colour and dimensions; not graphically but alphabetically ; from the most primitive time to the recent past; through detailed description of and references to, almost all the books available and the authors known in both vedic and Laukika Samskrit. It deals mostly with the facts but some critical insight is also given wherever needed or necessary. Such a handy book was the need of the time as most of us are unfamiliar with most of the stupendous work by intellectual doyens. A familiarity and affection will instantly grow, which will bring the readers close to the richest and widest range of illuminating products of sublime minds.


About The Author

The author of Dictionary of Indology Dr. Vishnulok Bihari Srivastava is currently working as senior lecturer in English at Rohtas Mahila college, Sasaram. Apart from his own field of study he is keenly interested in Indology and comparative aesthetics. The present book is sufficient testimony to his interest in Indology which, of course, is not a new subject, though it still needs fresh treatment and further exploration. Dr. Srivastava has contributed research papers to magazines and journals of repute in India. His Ph.D. thesis entitled Critical Polemics in Contemporary English Literature is an attempt to traverse new grounds in contemporary literary criticism. He has read Indology and comparative aesthetics widely and deeply which is evident from his present book as well as his papers and his Ph.D. dissertation.


Publisher's Note

Scriptural Transliteration has not been used in this book "Dictionary of Indology", instead only 'a' has been taken from it for long' a' sound, which is otherwise very difficult to write in Roman Script. Rest of everything is as written in govemment papers, educational and other institutions, general books, newspapers and magazines etc. It will help the general reader to read and understand easily: numerous Indian words and names. It is difficult to write Shlokas and Indian words in Scriptural Transliteration but more difficult to read. The reason is simple, the writers know about it but most of the readers know almost nothing about the signs used in Scriptural Transliteration.

Names of persons have not been given in Italics to avoid confusion. All the entries have once been given in non-Italicized for the sake of general readers; though, initially they are given in bold-Italics.

Several Samskrit words coined together have been separated for clarity.

Since, the Indians never attached importance to date of birth, death and personal life, so a lot of precious time and energy is regularly wasted in proving or disproving the dates. As far as practicable, we have refrained from them.

Efforts have been taken to reduce the repetition of similar matters, yet repetitions are bound to occur because at their different places they are an integral part of the term being explained. Take for example, the play Abhigyiinashiikuntalam, which is there as a drama, as the work of the author Kiilidiisa as well as mentioned in the Natyashatra.

The whole book is packed with information, and each reader will get a lot.


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