The Disciple (Science of Spirituality Series)

The Disciple (Science of Spirituality Series)

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Item Code: NAD940
Author: Dr.Jayant Balaji Athavale & Dr. Kunda Jayant Athavale
Publisher: Sanatan Bharatiya Sanskriti Sanstha
Edition: 2000
Pages: 118
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 150 gm
About The Author

Bhaktarâj’s Sadguru Shri Anantânand Sâish had praised Him when he was a disciple, using phrases like ‘He is not crazy, He will drive the world crazy’, ‘You wrote for yourself, now write for the sake of others.’ After becoming a Guru the only motive in a Guru’s life is to teach His disciples. How a Guru like Bhaktarâj Mahârâj constantly taught through various media, is illustrated with examples in the chapters, ‘Teaching through spiritual quotes, Teaching directly, Teaching through humour, Teaching indirectly (through behavior), Teaching through spiritual experiences, Teaching through tests and Teaching through dreams’ of this book. The speciality is that in several situations Mahárâj Himself has explained the implied meaning. ‘The Name’ was the essence of Mahârâj’s life. Information on this is provided in the chapter ‘Path of Chanting The Lord’s Name (Namasankirtanyoga)’. This book also explains how important it is for one to do spiritual practice (sadhanâ) along with worldly activities and the mode of achieving it. It also has a Marâthi edition.


Every seeker in the primary stage has read that in Spirituality the ultimate means of salvation is a Guru whereas a seeker in the advanced stage actually experiences it. Most seekers are unaware of what they should do to acquire a Guru. As a result, not only the present but several future births are wasted. This book aims at guiding atleast some of these seekers. To be accepted as a disciple by a Guru one needs to gain the grace of a saint. However, for bestowal of the Guru’s continuous grace one has to constantly earn His blessings. An easy solution to this is to do what saints and Gurus expect and that is, practice of Spirituality, alone. In the later stages of spiritual practice one has to surrender everything that is, body, mind, wealth and life to Shri Guru. This book provides detailed practical information on the qualities that a disciple should possess, the spiritual emotion towards the Guru, behaviour with gurubrethren, the life style of a disciple, etc. Besides, it explains the meaning of the Guru’s grace (Gurukrupâ) and its mode of action.

Our sincere prayer to Shri Guru is that through guidance from this book, may many seekers become disciples and atleast a few of them attain the status of a Guru.


1Definition and Meaning
2The importance of discipleship
3The student and the disciple
4The medium and the disciple
5The Guru-disciple relationship
6Acquisition of a Guru
7The Guru' grace (Gurukrupa
8Duty and debt to the Guru
10The Types
11The Guru's forms and His worship
12How should one behave with the Guru?
13A disciple' life
14Disciples and gurubrethren
15When a couple has the same Guru
16A disciple' s test
17The planets in the horoscope, the days of the week and the Guru
18What should one ask the Guru for?
19What does spiritual progress depend upon?
20Changing the Guru
21Causes of deterioration
22Spiritual experiences and signs of progress
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