Spirituality is Superior to Modern Science (Incorrect Impressions and the Correct Perspectives)
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Spirituality is Superior to Modern Science (Incorrect Impressions and the Correct Perspectives)

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Item Code: NAS042
Author: Dr Jayant Balaji Athavale
Publisher: Sanatan Sanstha
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789352570607
Pages: 92
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Most people experience the truth that, 'Happiness seems as minute as a grain of barley, while unhappiness seems as huge as a mountain'. In an average person's life happiness is 25% and unhappiness is 75%. Not only human beings, but other living beings too attempt to obtain utmost happiness. Since most people do not know how to attain Anand (Bliss), each tries to obtain happiness through the five senses, mind and intellect. However, happiness is temporary and of inferior quality, whereas Anand is eternal and of supreme quality. The science which teaches us how to obtain Anand is Spirituality. We can obtain Anand only if we abide by Dharma. If we hold on to Spirituality and try to obtain Anand by performing sadhana (Spiritual practice), then we get the benefit of worldy as well as spiritual happiness.

Even though there is so much importance attached to the Spirituality, most people do not even know the meaning of the word Spirituality. As a result, very few people turn to Spirituality. Anand is infinitely superior to worldly pleasure. If this is realised then one will certainly make efforts to obtain Anand. This Holy text elaborates on the hurdles faced during the study of Spirituality. Spirituality is not a subject of study merely at the intellectual level; rather, it is a subject to practice what is learnt and obtaining spiritual experiences. We pray at the Holy feet of ShrT Guru, that after reading this Holy text at least some people may begin sadhana and due to sadhana, may they experience a flow of inner Anand.

Compilers (The comprehensive preface to all the Holy text series related to 'Science of Spirituality' is provided in Sanatan's Holy text 'Dharma'.)

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