रोगी मन - असामान्य मनोविज्ञान अथवा व्यक्तित्व विकार: The Diseased Mind (An Old and Rare Book)
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रोगी मन - असामान्य मनोविज्ञान अथवा व्यक्तित्व विकार: The Diseased Mind (An Old and Rare Book)

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Since the introduction of Hindi as the medium of instruction for Intermediate and first degree courses in Universities the demand for books in Hindi has been rising. The present book is intended to meet this need in the area of abnormal psychology.

In trying to write a text book in this subject the authors have tried to cover the field as well as they could. Introducing the subject with a historical note, they have traced the course of behaviour development in health and disease. Next follows discussion of basic concepts such as personality, motives, frustration, unconscious and the adjustive mechanisms. The section following it is a theoretical exposition of the points of view of some prominent psychoanalysts. After a brief introduction to the organic and functional character of mental diseases and their classification part four deals with the symptomatology and etiology of various kinds of behaviour disorders. The concluding chapter sketches the principal therapeutic techniques.

The style is simple and employs language of everyday use. The authors have made efforts to develop a useful vocabulary of technical terms. Like many books on the subject this too is oriented principally to the hormic and psychoanalytic points of view with occasional biosocial emphasis, and should specially attract those who may be in sympathy with these views. The authors have produced a useful book which should interest students of education, psychology, social work and the common reader generally.


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