Divine Love Number: Kalyana-Kalpataru (An Old and Rare Book)

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Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
Author: Edited By: Keshoram Aggarwal
Edition: 2003
Pages: 390 (Color Illus: 11)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

Is it not a misfortune for humanity that we are compelled to live and breath in the air that is surcharged with atheism and agnosticism? There are people who firmly believe that there is no need of a God for running and managing the universal machinery smoothly. It is all automatic and the very nature of universe to run. They do not even bother to think whether or not this show will come to a stop and whether or not it will again commence and when and how. It is sufficient for them that they are living; the earth is rotating and the planets are functioning in their routine way. The materialistic tendencies are reaching their peak and zenith.

Even though the generality of human population have started feeling some sort of unrest and suffocation in the core of their hearts and they are getting fed up with the material advancement and try to break through this horrible net. But alas! Nobody seems to have a torch to see the path clearly. So everybody seems to be groping in the pitch dark, moving cautiously.

Is there a remedy for the present situation? Yes, certainly there is a remedy. It is the faith and reverence and love to Divine and its divinity. The history tells and presents irrefutable proof that in the days when India was rich enough in her idealistic thinking, devotion and reverence for Self and Superself, everybody felt satisfied and happy within and without. They were after quenching the inner thirst of knowledge; to know the Reality which existed before the life commenced and which will remain even after the show is over.

Ego is an element which played a very important role in the development of civilizations-spiritual or material. Our seers in ancient India found the annihilation of ego as the only remedy to get inner peace. This annihilation of ego could be achieved through two different and distinct ways. Let us take an example. There is a slate with a drop of water over its surface. We have got to remove it from there. How to do it? Now we throw some heat and get the water evaporated and finally disappeared. This is one way. There is another way quite opposite to the first. We start spreading the water over the entire surface of the slate and ultimately we find that there is no water at all.

The seers of India experimented on both the ways. Some of them abnegated their very existence and made a complete surrender within the hands of their God. It was known as Bhakti cult. When Kabira says-

It is a complete abnegation of ego. There was the other camp which we may even call Upanishadic camp. They went for infinitival expansion of their ego or Self in other words- "Whatever there is, it is all the expansion of my Self. There is nothing different from and beyond this Self of mine. There again Kabira says-

In the words of Emerson-"I keep and pass and turn again." It was roughly speaking Jnanamarga of the Upanisads. We have seen the drop of water disappearing from the slate. So far the human genius could invent only these two ways for annihilating ego or Maya or social or spiritual dissatisfaction or in materialistic terminology as removing obstacles in the path of smooth and peaceful running of the society or universe.

One thing is certain we are swimming for which we are bound to, in the waters of materialistic ocean. There are only two ways for the adjustment-either we spiritualize the matter or materialize the spirit. The latter is automatically happening for the former we have got to make sincere and serious efforts. And for this purpose Kalyana- Kalpataru is bringing out its special issue as Divine Love Number-Divine Love which is the only panacea for all evils-social, cultural, spiritual and so on. What does the expression 'Divine Love' mean? Divine Love is just like a multifaceted coin. Artiste the Supreme moulds and makes so many toys and happily plays with them. Every creator is innately bound to love his creation. The universe and its relation within and without, is the proof of his complicated workmanship. He too loves his creation. As a token of His love He provided all necessary paraphernalia for all beings-animate or inanimate. He has provided gravitational force and strength for the sustenance of their position. The Upanisad says-"When His created beings felt hungry, He supplied food." That is one aspect of divine love-the flow of love from the Divine to its creation, (2) as a corollary of love, this cord of innate love among the creations, attracts them to the very source of the existence. There comes religion, worshipping, practising penances, devotion, doing job selflessly and realizing the non-existence of this illusory world and some more. These are all different aspects of love divine- a few negative and the rest positive in the forms of different approaches, (3) in the language of psychologists love is the most prominent among the fourteen instincts of the human beings. It is innate. A person cannot but love whether we distinguish it as mundane love or spiritual love i.e., love towards God.

In the present chaotic era the factor of love is most indispensable. Since the man has converted himself into a carnivorous animal trying to devour everybody else apart from him, the teaching, the preaching, the extension and the expansion along with the sublimation of love, is the only remedy, is the only cure. Only the sublimation and expansion of our mundane love can make us a real Karmayogi. It will reduce every type of friction to nil. In the words of Tulasidasa-

So, this is the natural result of love sublime. O! There does not stand a being other than me. It is all me and me. Of course, it is an ideal state. We certainly cannot expect to expand our love and our individuality to that standard yet there is no harm in making sincere effort in this direction. We can certainly cultivate in us the quality of tolerance, accommodating and respecting the neighbour. We should certainly not make a nuisance of ourselves and develop a helpful attitude to our society-mates and all other creatures and side by side remembering God-

We should never forget that the right place for us is not the top of an ivory tower. We have got to live in this very world willingly or unwillingly and at the same time we cannot sit idle even for a moment-work, work and work. So why not to make our work as divine worship?

Next I would like to acknowledge my shortcomings and limitations to the scholarly readers. It's a very big venture and a subject beyond the human reach of discussion and description. It is for the readers to judge the value and the merit of the issue. I on my part feel simply to be an instrumental puppet in the hands of Almighty. Anyway good or bad whatever it is, I offer to the lotus feet of the Lord. To our readers I apologise for the faults in this number which may be there. Side by side I thank the scholarly authors for their contributions and so do I thank the editorial staff of Kalyana-Kalpataru for the great and sincere labour they have put in bringing out this issue.



1. Foreword vii
2. K.K.'s Divine Love No.! - Sri Shyam Bhai xi
3. Subhasamsa - Rabindra Nath Guru xii
4. Rasakrida 5
5. Divine Love on Divine Plane - Brahmalina Sri Jayadayal Goyandka 6
6. The Nature and Glory of Divine Loe - Swami Ramsukhdas 12
7. Divine Love - Nityalilalina Sri Hanumanprasad Poddar 19
8. How to Cultivate Divine Love - Paramahansa Yogananda 25
9. Bhakti Movements, Emergence of Sikhism and Bhagat Contributors to Guru Grantha Sahib - Dr. Debabrata Das 36
10. Love Divine - K.V. Krishnamachari 40
11. Vision of All-Permeating Beloved's Form - Paragon of Divine Love - K.S. Narayanan 47
12. Premayoga and Bhaktiyoga - D. Hanumantha Rao 51
13. God's Divine Sport - K. Navin Chander 57
14. Upasana in the Upanishads - P. Govindarajan 66
15. Worship - M.P. Jain 74
16. Divine Love - Gateway to God - R.P. Dwivedi 75
17. Divine Love of Vibhisana - Suresh Chandra Srivastava 82
18. Divine Love - Means or End? - Brahmacarini Rukmini Ramamurthy 85
19. Divine Love in the Gita  - Dr. S.K. Balasubramanian 89
20. Divine Love: Highest Form of Bhakti - C.N. Parthasarathy 92
21. Prema Bhakti - Dr. P.V.S. Subramanian 95
22. An Invocation - L.D. Malkani 103
23. Love Mundane and Divine - Jagdish Prasad 105
24. Living is Loving - R.S. Sengar 110
25. The Practice of Divine Love - Brahmalina Sri Jayadayal Goyandka 113
26. Is Divine Love Unscientific? - G.V. Narayana Rao 121
27. Eight Successive Stages of Love - Dr. Mukunda Pati Tripathi 124
28. Divine Love - Prof. Dr. R.D. Srivastava 127
29. Divine Love is Sure Cure for All Sufferings - R.S. Agarwal 128
30. Divine Love of Omar Khayyam - Suresh Chitragupta 133
31. Divine Love and Renunciation - Dr. Amulya Mohapatra 137
32. Dar God: Delay Not - Shree Shyam 'Bhaisab' 141
33. Divine Love Facilitates Descent of Divine Grace - P. Bhavanisankar Rao 144
34. Divine Love of Bhagavan Mahavira - G.F. Burhanpurkar 148
35. What Gita Says - R.P. Gupta 150
36. Divine Love - What - R.C.M. Tripathi 156
37. Worldly Romance and Divine Love - A.P. Anand 162
38. The Nature of Mira's Love - Krishna P. Bahadur 166
39. Love - A Means of God Realization - Swami Asheshananda 169
40. Love Divine - K.D. Sanwal 171
41. All for Love 174
42. Divine Love - Its Meaning, Nature and Form - Its Mutual Relationship with Devotion - N. Jayarama Chandran 176
43. Technique of Divine Love - A. Gururaja 183
44. Nama-Japa - A Means of Divine Love - Dr. V.P. Tewari 193
45. A Lively Search - Shastri Chandrashekhar 202
46. Guru and the Applied Philosophy of Divine Love - Dr. Prakash Joshi 203
47. Divine Love in Kabira's Poems - Ramesh Chandra Verma 209
48. Sri Bharata: An Apostle of Fraternal Love - Dr. Ramakrishna Saraf 213
49. Bhakti is Much More than Sheer Emotionalism - Lt. Col. R.K. Langar 218
50. Saranagati - Sure Way to Salvation - Dr. V.V. B. Rama Rao 222
51. Satyasya Satyam - P.L. Kaul 226
52. Love Divine - Dr. Krishnachandra Shukla 234
53. Divine Flute 236
54. Love Divine is Supreme - Kumble Vittal Rao 240
55. Love: The Best Means to Attain God - Pandurang N. More 243
56. Divine Love - Dvaita Siddhanta - C.N. Srivasa Rao 246
57. Hindu Pantheon and Arts: Inter Se Inspiration and Nexus - N. Rajagopalan 249
58. Love God with Heart, Mind, Soul and Strength - Om Prakash Dubey 255
59. Attributes of Divine Love - D.S. Bajpati 260
60. Inner Suffering of a Tree - A Nature Loving Man - Dr. R.K. Vyas 265
61. Siva Bhakti - P. R. Kannan 266
62. Essentials of Guru Disciple - Love Divine - Dr. Mrs. Pratima Joshi 276
63. Love - Human and Divine - N.S. Pandya 284
64. Divine Love: A Christian Virtue - Vijay Singh H. Gohil 288
65. Family Love - Its Necessity and Importance - Shastri Harijivan Swami 290
66. The Concept of Divinity - K.N. Natarajan 293
67. Alwars and Nayanmars of South - Dr. P.P. Sharma 296
68. Devotion of Dhruva - The Plus and Minus of It - Swami Padmanabhananda 305
69. Education and Divine Love - Vivek Dwivedi 310
70. In Gokula, Dances the Divine Love 312
71. Krsna and Draupadi 315
72. Divine Love - Prarthna Saran 318
73. When Mundane Love Becomes Divine 323
74. Love Divine - The Devotion - V.K. Shastri, Governor (U.P.) 328
75. The Divine Love of Gopis - Ravi Verma 332
76. Some Devotees -   
  1. Narada 334
  2. Sandilya 336
  3. Sukadeva 337
  4. Ambarisa 339
  5. Sri Bharata 341
  6. Sri Laksmana 342
  7. Hanuman 343
  8. Akrura 345
  9. Uddhava 347
  10. The Social Side of Love Divine (Arjuna and Krsna) 348
  11. Suradasa 349
  12. Goswami Tulasidasa 351
  13. Prahlada 352
77. The Sufi Saints of the Iraqi City of Basra - P.S. Ramanathan 355
78. Devotees of Divine Love - Y. Balasubramanian 358
79. Lust in Love, a Rust in Love - B.B. Rajput 363
80. Kausalya's Divine Love - P.S. Varma 365
81. Mira Bai of Southern India - P. Narasimhacharya 367
82. Mira's Love for the Name - Madhava 369
83. Blessings from the Vedas 377
84. Prayers 378
85. Lord of Madhura 380
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