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Dynamics of Yoga

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Author: R R Sharma
Publisher: Prakash Books India Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788172343903
Pages: 348
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Book Description
About the Book

Yoga is a unique science with an age old history and wide scope and it is unique because despite being ancient it is still a new branch of well tested knowledge. Its permanence lies in the fact that it is a compact code of conduct and knowledge to teach physical fitness, mental discipline and spiritual enlightenment.

Yoga does not believe in compartmentalization of knowledge into science and spirituality. Being an inclusive knowledge, Yoga recognizes that both these important branches of knowledge are indispensible and have to go together to deliver prosperity and peace.

The basic theme of this book is to shed light on the present system of education is incomplete in its scope and approach, despite the knowledge and surfeit of goods and services that it has delivered. It has no tested system and methodology to inculcate humaneness, morality and spirituality in the students. These shortcomings have not been able to restrain people from the vices of greed and violence, which are threatening the existence of the planet.

The Yoga system of education offers a methodology to transform and uplift the people living in the current world order to inspire and unite people to herald a better world order. The view of Yoga is that science and technology can offer the hardware of civilization while Yoga can provide the spiritual software to weave with love and peace, the tapestry of the new world order.


About the Author

Mr. R.R. Varma was born in a remote but picturesque village of Himachal Pradesh. He did his primary schooling from a village and continued further education up to Graduation as a private student, while combining the Endeavour of learning and earning. In the year 1961, he qualified the Indian Police Service (I.P.S.). Mr. Varma started his service in Delhi and subsequently served in various wings of the Police department at different places in the country. In recognition of his meritorious and distinguished services, Mr. Varma was awarded with Police and President Medals. After retiring as Director General of Police, he served as the Chairman of Public Service Commission for five years.

For the last 33 years, he has been an active member of the Yoga Satsang Society of India and practices regular meditation. He enjoys writing, has contributed articles to national newspapers and magazines, and has also published three books through Prakash Books, New Delhi. Mr. Varma likes reading, and is fond of trekking and mountaineering. He is also a passionate orchardist and enjoys working in his apple orchards.



Broadly speaking, the purpose of education, apart from acquiring skills, is to build character and develop the mind to understand the mysteries of life and the universe to enable creatively inspired people to work for prosperity, peace and enlightenment of humankind. It is, therefore, through the pursuit of education that humanity, struggling through ages -as reached the present era of affluence marked by a surfeit of goods and services along with the explosion of knowledge. However, the long history of humanity for many people is a tale of grim struggle and penury that they had to brave through centuries. In this background, this present phase of abundance seems a sheer interlude, because our future stands - threatened by grave dangers, which are the consequences of - own making unleashed by greed and ignorance. It seems _- a: the instinct of violence has affected our genes. Even if we < of history since the Christian era, it is a record of violence and wars motivated by the fear of hunger and greed forever -ore. It becomes even more agonizing to know that those wars and carnages were perpetrated not for need and want but for greed, vengeance and aggrandizement. It is this aberration, which continuing through centuries, ultimately exploded in the 20th century in the conflagration of two World Wars. As if this was not enough for the world to learn its lessons, the 21st century inaugurated its advent with worse carnages of 9/11/2001 and 26/11/ 2008. Stark realities tell us that the prime movers of these tragedies are the human instincts of fear, greed and vengeance.

The dangers of man-made challenges that are confronting the world now are nuclear arsenals, terrorism and global warming. The crisis of sub-prime episode had pushed the world economy to the brink. Corruption, tax havens, drug trafficking and mafias are blooming because it is greed which is calling the shots. Business conglomerates, corporate, governments, academia, media et al are players in this game of minting money, in which some are proactive and some helpless.

It is not that men and women who are at the helm of affairs in various fields all over the world are not capable and responsible people. Most of them are outstanding and honorable people, and it is in spite of the capable and experienced world leaders that the dangers of destruction are looming ever large and solutions seem to be slipping through their fingers.

At this juncture, we must sit up and ponder whether everything is really correct with the main system of education that we have been following across the world; because it is education which is the real source of knowledge, which breeds wisdom to guide and bail us out in dire situations.

It is an understood fact that the system of education that we have been pursuing is incomplete. No doubt on the material plane, knowledge derived from education has served humanity beyond expectation but it has not been able to cater to the spiritual dimension of human life, which is the very essence, and substance of life. We should never forget the principal teachings of scriptures which proclaim that the real man is soul because man is essentially the soul and has a body. The prevailing system of education caters to intellectual pursuits and cannot access the soul within. This is the root cause of imbalance in the development of human personality. Since the existing system of education develops the mind and cannot relate to soul, which is the core and essence of every human being, therefore existing education is an incomplete source and medium of knowledge to develop the holistic and balanced human personality. No doubt, books for ages and computers of late are the source of knowledge which has showered, among other blessings, awakening and prosperity, Out lack of basic values and scourge of greed have unleashed the monster in people which has robbed peace and threatened our existence. Therefore, now there is need to recognize mat beyond human mind there is a higher, nay the highest acknowledge; the human soul which is the source of love and peace and the supreme knowledge, which the present system education cannot access.

In support of this view it may be said that the Yoga system education is a time honored and trusted system of ancient and yet ever new knowledge to discipline and use the mind creatively and access the soul slowly but certainly. Yoga is not against the present system of education but rather applauds -..s contribution to improve the basic material dimension of -:e so important for human growth and development. In fact, 7-2 role of modern education and Yoga are supplementary to each other. The essential role of Yoga-based education begins where the role of mundane education ends; but the importance of the latter is necessary to provide for the basic needs of physical life. Science and technology are the main forces, which have catered to material well being by alleviating the suffering of people, yet modern man stands bereft of individual peace and social harmony. Consequently, now greed, insecurity and violence have become nightmares of humanity. The Yoga system of education is a dependable methodology of education to culture and transmute the human mind and ultimately lift the consciousness to the spiritual dimension of higher life.

Like natural sciences, Yoga also is a science but it is a higher and finer science. Compared to the science of Yoga, other natural sciences lack advanced intuitive subtleties. Natural sciences deal with energy, matter and mind but the science of Yoga begins from where the physical sciences give up. Yoga deals with the astral and causal and spiritual dimensions of life and matter. Yogis know for certain that behind the phenomenon Universe and the body of man, exist their astral and causal counterparts, from where evolves energy and macrocosm of the cosmos including man's mind and body. Yoga education teaches that the source of mind, energy and physical forces and forms, which make the universe, are soul and spirit. All bodies and physical objects are operated in their actions and motions by their astral counterparts, which enliven, motivate and operate the manifest world of senses. Yogis have developed special techniques and scientific methods based on experiments and trials to culture and control the mind and senses to specialize in the art of exteriorization so essential to

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