Everybody’s Guide to Palmistry

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Item Code: NAC312
Author: Sri Krishna Dasa
Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788120705647
Pages: 266 (Illustrated In B/W)
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book

A product of study, research and experiments lasting over 35 years, this book unfolds the secrets of the science of palmistry discovered over centuries of human endeavour. It presents, in a language easily understood by the lay reader, in a CONCISE manner, traditional as well as modern methods of hand-reading, blending them to arrive at sound predictions.

Among the highlights of the book are: scientific analysis of the hand; judgement of character and personality—its shortcomings and capabilities; choice of profession; prospects in life; selection of spouse; diagnosis of diseases; advance warnings of adverse life situations.

A comprehensive, profusely illustrated treatise, it will enable the reader to make the best use of palmistry in his practical life.

A keen student of the occult sciences, Srikrishna Das (b.1913) has devoted 35 years of his life to the study of palmistry. He has seen thousands of hands of persons from all walks of life in different countries. To verify the correctness of his readings about diagnosis of diseases, he visited hospitals to study the hands of patients. His researches also took him to England, U.K., Europe, America and Far East.

Mr. Das’s aim in writing this book is to serve the public through palmistry. He is also an author of repute having written five other books. He figures in the Directory of Indian Writers, 1983, published by the Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, and in the 1986 edition of the Learned India and in the 1989 edition of Learned India (Directories of who’s who of persons of achievement & distinction).

Mr. Das retired as a Senior Executive of the State Bank of India.


Different modes of forecasting the future are in vogue from time immemorial. While astrology emplo5’s a mathematical basis for casting a chart and interpreting it on what it considers to be a causal connection between given planetary situations and events in human lives, palmistry approaches the subject of studying human nature and forecasting future in a different but more direct manner.

While some scientists in Western countries, based on their own investigations, have begun to endorse the truth of palmistry in India, no systematic attempts have been made. Instead, a certain section of the educated public, without any knowledge of palmistry, denigrates it as superstition.

Palmistry is the science of determining the character and mental tendencies and the likely events to happen in an individual’s life from an examination of the tines and marks in the palm. Amongst ancient Hindus, it had been raised to the dignity of a science. It is worth noting that Cheiro acknowledge that he owes his knowledge of palmistry to the Hindus.

Mr. S.K. Das, the author of this book, has dealt with die subject of palmistry as exhaustively as possible so that one who has no knowledge of the subject can learn it without the aid of a teacher. In the first chapter (introduction) the author has explained clearly the scientific rationale of palmistry. Types of the hand, the mounts, the fingers, the thumb, and the texture of the skin, the nails and the ridges have all received an exhaustive treatment while the lines on the palm and their interpretation have been skillfully dealt with. The chapters on “Profession” and “Medical Palmistry” merit the attention of our educationists. The book contains several illustrations so that palmistry as a whole receives an exhaustive treatment.

Mr. Das has brought to bear on the subject his long experience so that the book can be of real use to those who wish to learn palmistry.

It is hoped that ‘Everybody’s Guide to Palmistry’ will be welcomed by all those interested in palmistry so that the author is motivated to bring out more such books.


Foreword by Dr. B.V. Raman vii
List of Illustrations xvii
1. Scientific Rationale of Palmistry 1
2. The Hand (its significance, which hand, right or left) 11
3. The Types of Hand 13
Simple classifications Classification according to ‘humours’ (temperaments) 14
1- Water hand
2. Air hand
3. Fire hand
4. Earth hand
Types of hand based on planets and signs, i.e., hands of Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Moon, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Rahu and Ketu 18
Planets governing different organs of the human body 28
4. The Mounts 29
The mount of Jupiter 31
The mount of Saturn 31
The mount of Sun 32
The mount of Mercury 32
The mount of Lower and Upper Mars 33-34
The mount of Venus 34
The mount of Luna 35
The Place of Ketu 36
The Place of Rahu36
The Place of Neptune 36
The significance of lines on the mounts 36-37
The plain of Mars 38
5. The Fingers 39
Short 39
Stiff 41
Flexible 41
Thin 41
Thick 41
Knotty 41
Smooth 42
Pointed 42
Square 42
Waisted 43
Crooked 43
Details of each finger
The finger of Jupiter 43
The finger of Saturn 44
The finger of Sun 45
The finger of Mercury 45
Shape of finger-tips
Round 47
Square 47
Conic 47
Pointed 47
Spatulate 47
Mixed 47
Space between fingers 48
Barley signs on finger-joints and their indications 50
Significance of lines on phalanges 50
Phalanges, significance of prominent phalanges 51-52
6. The Thumb 57
Importance of thumb in hand. Its three phalanges and importance of each phalange Distance of thumb from Jupiter finger making a narrow, right or wide angle High-set or low-set thumb 57-61
Stiff and firm-joined thumb; supple thumb 61
Kinds of thumb 62
Thick 62
Slender 62
Two-thumbs 62
Flat 62
Round 62
Broad 62
Waisted 62
Long and well-shaped 62
Small and well-shaped 63
Shape of the first phalange of the thumb 63
Pointed 63
Conic 63
Square 63
Spatulate 63
Clubbed 63
Signs and lines on the first joint of the thumb and their indications according to Hindu palmistry 64
7. The Palm 67
Division in three parts- mental, abstract and concrete 67
Horizontal divisions- emotional, mental and material 69
Vertical divisions- radial zone, middle zone and ulnar zone69
Length and breadth of the palm; sides of the palm 71
8. The Hair on the Hand 72
The texture of the skin and temperature 73
Consistency of the hand 73
The colour of the skin 74
9. The Nails 75
Long 75
Short 76
Broad 76
Thin 76
V-shaped 76
Square 78
Narrow 78
Circular 78
Hippocratic or bulbous 78
Bean, spoon-shaped, dotted, uneven-their indications about health and general character of person 78-79
Moons in the base of nails and their indications about health 79-80
10. The Ridges 81
Loop 84
Tented arch 84
Arched 84
Whorl 84
Composite 84
Malformations 86
Indications of disease and general charter from ridges on the palm 86
11. Signs 89
The Star 92
Square 92
Triangle 93
Cross 95
Island 96
Circle 97
Grille 98
Mole 100
Spot or dot 101
Signs- curious signs mentioned in Hindu 101
Palmistry- mystic cross, lucky M or W, lucky signs, ring of Saturn, ring of Solomon, line of Renunciation (diksha rekha) 107-108
12. The Quadrangle 109
The big triangle 111
13. The Lines 113
The lines on the palm, character and colour of the lines, details of the lines. Do the lines change? 113-116
Major lines: 115
14. The Line of Life 118
The line of Mars 126
15. The Line of Saturn of Fate 127
16. The Line of Heart 135
17. The Line of Head (Brain) 143
18. The Simian Line 150
19. The Line of Sun 151
20. Minor Lines 155
The Girdle of Venus 155
The Via Lasciva 157
The line of intuition 159
The line of health or the line of Liver 160
The line of Influence 163
The Bracelets (Rascettes) 165
Marks of accident 166
Marks of legacy and inheritance 168
21. The Line of Marriage 171
Married life 174
Some signs of happy marriage175
Some bad Signs of unhappy marriage 175
Marks of a good husband 176
Unfavorable signs on a man’s hand 176
Signs of a good wife179
Compatibility of husband and wife181
Professions of husband 183
Signs of widowhood, divorce and separation 183
The lines of children 184
22. Time From Hand 188
Corroboration of date of even from other methods 191
Duration of life 192
Some signs of the approaching end of life 195
23. The Judgment of Personality 198
24. Professions: 201
Marks of actor or dramatist 203
Marks of agriculturist 203
Marks of army personnel 203
Marks of architect 204
Marks of artist (painter) 204
Marks of astrologer204
Marks of author or poet 205
Marks of businessman 205
Marks of dancer 206
Marks of devotee 206
Marks of doctor 206
Marks of engineer 207
Marks of inventor207
Marks of journalist207
Marks of Judge207
Marks of lawyer208
Marks of mathematician208
Marks of musician208
Marks of nurse 209
Marks of orator 209
Marks of philosopher 209
Marks of physicist 209
Marks of politician 210
Marks of professor 210
Marks of religious teacher 210
Marks of saint of seer 211
Marks of scientist211
Marks of state official 212
Marks of sportsman 212
25. Medical palmistry 213
Marks indicating tendency of:
Apoplexy 214
Asthama 215
Arthritis 215
Anaemia 215
Biliousness 215
Brain disorder 215
Blood pressure 217
Cancer 217
Diabetes 217
Eye trouble or loss of sight 218
Ear trouble 218
Gout 218
Heart diseases 218
Jaundice 219
Kidney and bladder 220
Liver 220
Nervous disorder 220
Paralysis 220
Prostate gland 221
Respiratory diseases 221
Rheumatism 221
Spinal trouble 221
Sex diseases 222
Thyroid gland 223
Throat and Catarrah 224
Tuberculosis 224
Appendix I – Ready to read your hand: Model chart for hand-reading 225
Appendix II- 18 hand-prints of living persons from different walks of life with comments based on this book 229
Bibliography 245
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