Explore the Power of Astrology: Trikona (An advanced approach to the three vital houses of the chart)

Explore the Power of Astrology: Trikona (An advanced approach to the three vital houses of the chart)

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Author: Dr. Vinod Kumar Parashar Dr. Ambika Prasad Parashar
Publisher: Unicorn Books Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788178061085
Pages: 206
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
Weight 320 gm

About the Book:

Inspired by their first book, Explore the Power of Astrology Dr. Ambika Prasad Parashar and his son Dr. Vinod Kumar Parashar once again offer a fresh and advanced perspective on the three important angles (houses) of the chart (kundali) traditionally known as TRIKONA, which are, the ascendant, the fifth and the ninth houses. These three houses deal with the most important areas of one's life, such as, the self, individual temperament, appearance and level of self-awareness; creativity, children and romance; religion and philosophy, extensive journeys including foreign travel, higher education, publishing and languages, respectively. The book deals very extensively how these three houses influence one's life constantly and how the planets, when own these houses, influence individual's life. The authors have also analysed 36 case studies in relation to these three houses and have discussed elaborately how planets play their role in the growth of human beings.

About the Author:

The father and son duo of Dr. Ambika Prasad Parashar and Dr. Vinod Kumar Parashar have been practising astrology for more than past three decades. Their enormous experience in this field has benefited numerous clients to secure answers to countless personal problems. Post-graduates and Ph. D. in Philosophy and Science respectively, they constantly help people discover answers to difficult questions relating to married life, romance and children, job opportunities, foreign travels, higher education and productivity.




  Preface 09
Chapter 1 : THE TRIKONA
Does Astrology work? 11
The Twelve Zodiac Signs 13
Prominent Characteristics 15
Aries 15
Taurus 16
Gemini 17
Cancer 18
Leo 19
Virgo 20
Libra 21
Scorpio 22
Sagittarius 23
Capricorn 25
Aquarius 26
Pisces 27
The House of Self
Ascertaining the Ascendant 30
The Strength of the Ascendant 31
General Discussions 34
Transits of the Sun 36
Transits of the Moon 41
Transits of Mars 46
Transits of Mercury 50
Transits of Jupiter 55
Transits of Venus 60
Transits of Saturn 64
Transits of Rahu & Ketu 69
The Ascendant in Various Houses 70
  The Houses 71
  The First House 71
  The Second House 72
  The Third House 72
  The Fourth House 73
  The Fifth House 73
  The Sixth House 74
  The Seventh House 74
  The Eight House 75
  The Ninth House 75
  The Tenth House 76
  The Eleventh House 77
  The Twelfth House 77
Discussions on the Transits of Ascendant 78
  The Rules 79
  Examples 80
House of Luck, Foreign Travel & Children
Features Accredited 96
Planets Transiting Ninth House 98
Transits of the Sun 98
Transits of the Moon 99
Transits of Mars 101
Transits of Mercury 104
Transits of Jupiter 109
Transits of Venus 114
Transits of Saturn 118
  The Rules 123
  Examples 124
House of Romance, Children & Creativity
Characteristics Accredited 141
Transits of the Sun 143
Transits of the Moon 145
Transits of Mars 148
Transits of Mercury 153
Transits of Jupiter 158
Transits of Venus 162
Transits of Saturn 166
  The Rules 172
  Examples 174
Bibliography 191
Appendices 193
  I. House of a Horoscope 195
  II. Natural Planets and Natural Signs in their Houses 199
  III. Refining the Signs 201
  IV. Retrograding Planets 205

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