First Aid Training (Set of 3 Volumes)
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First Aid Training (Set of 3 Volumes)

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Author: Dr. Charudatta Prabhakar Pingale and Dr. Durgesh Shankar Samant
Publisher: Sanatan Sanstha
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789352571178, 9789352571185,9789352571192
Pages: 321
Other Details 8.50 X 5.50 inch
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Generally, first-aid is the primary treatment provided to the victim/patient with the available resources till appropriate medical assistance becomes available. Present hectic living has adversely affected health, increasing the incidence of serious diseases like heart disease; due to the use of modern machinery accidents are on the rise and considering the forthcoming World War III, natural calamities, riots etc., it has become imperative for every wise citizen to receive First-aid Training as their duty towards the society and the Nation. In situations such as loss of consciousness due to drowning, a sudden heart attack etc. the time till medical help is received is very crucial. Appropriate first-aid received in the first few minutes can bring the patient back from the clutches of death. This Holy text has been published taking this into account.

This series has been divided into three parts. For the convenience of readers, each part includes a brief index of the other two parts. It is important for readers to preserve 'Part I' because this includes points such as 'Virtues essential and the behaviour of the individual who provides first-aid', 'What should be the contents of the first-aid kit ?', 'General instructions for the individual who provides first-aid', 'How to conduct the basic diagnosis of the victim's condition and how to actually diagnose ?' etc. This information is not provided in 'Part 2 and 3', as it will increase the number of pages.

This Holy text discusses the life-saving first-aid technique of 'AB-CABS'. From the Year 2010, this technique is being used throughout the world. (Before this, the ABC technique, known as DRSABCD, was being used.) Due to its inclusion, information on first-aid in this Holy text has become updated.

Some symptoms of related diseases have also been mentioned in the Holy text. The word 'symptoms' has been used here with two meanings - the complaints of the victim/ patient and the signs observed when examining him. Readers should note that all the symptoms of a particular disease described in this Holy text may not be noticed in a patient. 'First-aid Training' should be taken from an expert in this field. The description in this Holy text will be useful to those who receive this training. More than 140 images have been provided in all the three parts of this Holy text. This will help the individual who is providing first-aid to understand and practically implement them. Along with the basic theoretical information in brief, this Holy text also provides the measures to be taken to prevent the associated diseases or untimely mishaps. We pray at the Holy feet of Shri Guru that on reading this Holy text series and receiving First-aid Training, may every responsible citizen may become a good first-aider, and in the forthcoming World War times, may every household become a 'First-aid centre' dedicated to serving the society and the Nation.

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