For Seekers of God (Spiritual Talks of Mahapurush Swami Shivananda)

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Author: Swami Shivananda
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8175051221
Pages: 312
Cover: Paperback
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A spiritually illumined soul, who has scaled the depths of the Divine, is a constant source of inspiration to countless other seekers. Mahapursh Swami Shivananda, one of the direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna and the second president of the Ramakrishna Order, was such a person whose simple conversations with spiritual seekers were treasured by them as unfailing blessings for the rest of their life. This book has brought together such conversations of the good of the many, for the happiness of the many.


Shiva-the beloved and venerated of millions-is supremely unconcerned, and intensely concerned,m about the world. In his illumined life Mahapurush Swami Shivananda evinced this Shiva disposition. Inclined to be indrawn and withdrawn, he was yet anxious for all and at the service of all. By nature of simple habits, he was by divine providence involved in, and for twelve years the guiding light of, a growing, complex organization.

The conversations and descriptive matter of for seekes of God: Spiritual talks of Mahapurush Swami Shivananda bring us into close touch with a saint whose life was indeed hidden away with God in God, while all the time, owing to the circumstances of his presidentaship of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission, whatever was human in that life was, as it were, public property, The Bhagavad Gita, in a few broad strokes, sketches the sthita-prajan, the man of steady wisdom. In the present book we see that sketch filled in, together with the refinements and thejoys of living continuously in the state of illumination.

Some details of Swami Shivananda's life will be found in the Preface to the First Edition, which immediately follows, the Preface to the first Edition, which immediately follows, and others in the /foreword by Swami Vijnanananda, who, like Mahapurushji, was a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna. What is said in those pieces helps us to understand the person whose conversation are recoded in the book. Moreover in this book one can especillay see the mind and feel the heart of the Ramakrishna Order in particular, and of the movement inspired by Sri Ramakrishna in general. Like other books of the same kind this one is abundant with wisdom and inspiration. Mahapurshji's gives his words a rare heart-soothing quality.

The present volume is a translation of the Bengali shivananda vani published in two volumes by Udbodhan Office, Baghbazar, Calcutta. Part I is volume I of the Bengali publication.The first deition of for seekers of God consisted only of this. It was translated by Swami Vividishananda, head of the Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre, Seattle, U.S.A. Part II is volume II of the Bengali book and was translated by Swami Gambhiranadna, now General Secretary, Ramakrishna Math and Mission. It was originally published serially in Prabuddha Bharata, the English monthly of the Ramakrishna Order, from January 1961 to December 1962.

The glossary of the first edition has been expanded; but explanations of most of what may be unfamiliar terms will be found in the text.

We hope that this publication of the complete spiritual talks of mahapurush Swami Shivananda will be welcome by those seekers who cannot read them in the original Bengali.

1Peach hard to attain-Sincere, intense longing necessary-Self-surrender-Divine grace-Living presence of Sri Rama Krishna in the Order, admonishing and guiding
2Regularity in spiritual practice-aimless wandering of so called ininerant monks useless-Lord is within-awakening of the Kula-kundalini-General spiritual awakening by the prayers of Sri Ramakrishna
3The non-co-operation movement-Mahatma Gandhi and other nationalist leaders-Their self sacrifice exemplary and praiseworthy-The Ramakrishna Mission-Its plan of work and service different from that of the nationlist leaaders
4Dry period in spiritual life-Tenacity-Japa and constant remembrance of the Lord-Self-ccontrol and discrimination
5Pilgrimage to holy places-Life of an itinerant monk-Practice of dependence upon the Lord-Rules of monasticism, renunciation of lust and greed
6Death in Varanasi-Its spiritual advantage-A devotee is unconcerned where he dies18
7The Self is ageless without beginning and end-the world an illusion-The monastery chapel a veritable Kailasa-The early morning an ideal time for meditation-Days of ecstasy with the Master
8Dakshineswar temple garden-Its unique holiness-Sri Ramakrishna's Mahasamadhi in the Cossipore garden-Master's relics-Founding of the Order-The Baranagore Monastery-Intense austerities of the monks
9Rigid spiritual practice-Disciplinaly penance in the event of failure25
10'Truth alone triumphs, not falsehood'-Sri Ramakrishna won his disciples by his ineffable love-His inquiries about Mahapurushji's family-Mahapurshji's reminiscences of his father and mother-Sri ramakrishna's eating havits
11Discussion of Sri Ramakrishna's remark: 'This is the last birth of those who come here'31
12Reference to Swami Vivekananda's travels on the west coast of India-His debate with Chhavildas, an Arya Samajist, and other interesting episodes-Reference to Swami Shivananda's eqithet 'Mahapurusha'
13Importance of physical strength-Need of exercise-Continence-The message of Sri Ramakrishna and swamiji-How it is spreading in the West
14Referencew to a musical prodigy, a proof of reincarnation-Introduction of the worship of Mahavira and singing names of Sri Rama-The caste system
15'Do not forget God'-Spell of Maya-Resignation and prayer-fulness.39
16Swami Saradananda's last illness and death-His unique life-Ashwini kumar Dutta of Barisal-Sri Ramakrishna's method of initiation-Harmony of religions as taught by the Master-How he is being accepted by many as a divine Incarnation-reference to some of his Mohjammedan devotees.

17Dol Purnima festival at the monastery-Ramlal Dada's presence-Sri ramakrishna is God Himself-Swamiji's hymn to Sri Ramakrishna
18Mahapurushji's ill health-'I am not the body'.51
19Religion is realization-Intellect cannot reach the self-The Nasadiya sukta of the Rig-Veda.51
20Meditiation and prayer essential in order to maintain the right spirit in humanitarian activities54
21Formal vows of monasticism are easy-But knowledge and devotion are what count56
22Mahapurushji's ill health-The body is subject to sixfold change, but the Self is eternal57
23'Blessed are those who have not seen me but have faith in me'58
24Why Go incarnates Himself as man59
25Blessed privilege of serving a direct disciple of the Master-'He who was Rama and Krishna is Ramakrishna in this age'60
26Narayana should be served first-Madhukari-The one abiding reality is God-How a householder should live62
27Just as medicine relieves sickness, so does food alleviate hunger65
28Be resigned to God-Nothing can be accomplished without His grace65
29It is inner seeing that counts-Shraddha ceremonies are unnecessary for highly developed souls-Both happiness and sorrow are impermanent-He alone is permanent -In Him is peace-Hold fast to Him
30The mind has a wave like motion-Genuine devotees ever remain calm 70
31To be able to renounce is a great privilege72
32Devotion is essential72
33The rules framed by Swamiji for the guidance of the Order-Swamiji a seer-His introduction of works of service for self-purification
34anniversary of Buddha's birth, the thrice-blessed day-Buddha's renunciation-The middle path-Discussion of Buddhist philosophy at the Cossiport garden-Swamiji's experience under the Bodhi tree
35Mahapurushji's compassion-Initiation-Pilgrimage78
36In an organization where many live together friction may occur-Patience and forgiveness necessary
37The monastery at Belur is steeped in spiritulity with many holy associations-Doubts will be solved from within-Auspicious and inauspicious days according to astrology-The day one takes the name of the Lord is a good day
38'If it serves His purpose He can mange His work even with this broken vessel'-Extraordinary revelations regarding the greatness of the Master
39Practise remembrance of the Lord-Japa and meditation86
40Visiting holy places is easy-Devotion and faith are rare-Sri Ramkrishna is God incarnate89
41Shibu data at the monastery-Mother kali at Dakshineswar-Devotion makes the image living91
42Love binds us together in the Order-Mother alone knows how and how long that love will work-Ways of the Master are beyond our comprehension-The light is within
43The world is full of sorrow-A devotee being resigned to God is never overwhelmed by sorrow
44The body has its pains, but he who dwells in the body is not affected by them-Divine grace is ever present-one must make effort to deserve it99
45Mahapursushji's deeper realizations-'I am that eternal supreme Being, ever pure, illumined and free'-'There is no joy in things finite; the Infinite alone is bliss itself'-Scientific discoveries-The attitude of a devotee-'Mother I do not want to know you'-Divine

46How one should practise Japa-Pranayama-Sandhya and the Gayatri mantra-A devotee's confession and Mahapurushji's words of comfort
47Hindu-Muslim riots-At the back of these there jis the hand of the Mother-Mother kali is a perfect manifestation of God
48Mahapurushji's reminiscences of the olden days -Swamiji's appearance at the Parliament of Religions in Chicago and his unique success-The master worked through him
49Greatness of the Holy Mother-God is specilly gracious to householders-Mantra112
50Janmashtami day-The Master's spiritual eostaties114
51Swami Brahmananda's birthday-Mahapurushji's reminiscences of him115
52Shiv, the Lord of Yogis-How Sri Ramakrishna would be lost in Nirvikalpa Samadhi, when he would hear songs on Shiva for some time
53'This body is not mine,-'It is the Mother's -'Whatever She wills will happen'123
54 M's death, a great loss-M.was filled with thoughts of the Master-His valuable contribution, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna124
55The worship of Mother Durga at the monastery-Mahapurushji's spiritual fervour-Animal sacrifice-Three kinds of worship according to temperamental differences
56Swami Subodhananda's serious illness and death-Mahapurushji's grief and reminiscences of him130
57Mahapurushji's meditations and prayers, not for himself but for others-His resignation to God133
58The Gangais sacred-Mahapurushji tells about his austerities and experiences as an itinerant monk-The monastery at Belur, rich with many holy associations-The influence of Sri Ramakrishna in the realm of ideas
59'Wherever my devotees sing of me, I am there'-Sri Ramakrishna subtle influence in the West139
60Mahapurushji's great compassion-How he blessed a woman who had gone wrong141
61How Mahapurushji changed his idea about God and his meditation after meeting Sri Ramakrishna-The worship at the monastery in the olden days was simple, an affair of devotion-Swamiji's worship characterized by his long meditation-The best symbol of God is ether-God cannot be realized without His grace-Durga Puja at the monastery-Mahapurushji's devotion142
62The knowledge of Brahman is natural-Lives of illumined souls are Upanishads-The Master is the Veda, Swamiji its commentary-One should not brag about one's spiritual practice and realization-thought-reading-Meditation of a veteran-Varanasi is the body of Shiva-Mahapurushji's experiencein varanasi and its after-effect145
63Sri Ramakrishna's name the Mantra for this age-Japa and meditation-Spiritual yearning-The Divine Mother has incarnated Herself as the Holy Mother
64The monk's proper attitude towards women-All spiritual practices are for acquiring self-surrencer-Right attitude to work, preaching and spiritual practices in monastic life
65Mahapurushji manifests his spiritual power and compassion as Guru-How to meditate and make Japa-How to live in the world-Three method of practising Japa-How to be free from doubts
66Mantra received in dream confirmed at initiation by Mahapurushji-The Lord is the Guru-Take refuge in Him-How to love in the world-Reception of Mantra by ripe soul-The illumined Guru and his powers
67Greatness of Dakshineswar-Causes of growth and declineof religous organizations-Dedicated work-Spriritual current set flowing by Sri Ramakrishna-Belur Math-Ideal life the best preaching-The Master himself does the preaching
68Hindus had lost faith in themselves-Sri Ramakrishna's role in restoring it -He is at all times the Kalpataru-The Kalpataru day incident-Gradual development is normal, yet divine grace is unconditional-The infinite grace of Sri Ramakrishna
69Swamiji's wanderings-Sri Ramkrishna drew him into intense activity-Doing God's work is also spiritual practice-The Master chooses his own instruments-He will see that egotism does not gain a hold
70Spiritual atmosphere of the Nilgiris-'The Master is my Paramatman'-The condition requisite for high spiritual experience-'I am his slave'-Renunciation essential
71Reminiscences about Swami Vivekananda189
72Initiation in Varanasi-Mahapurushji's vision of sri Ramakrishna as Vishvanatha194
73The holiness of Dakshineswar-The Master's experiences unparalleled-Mahapurushji ready for final release196
74Why the Master shakes up his organization now and then-Difficulties attendant on doing his work-Their inner meaning199
75The Master does not allow Mahaprushji to depart-Love is the life of the organization-How departed spiritual luminaries help seekers-World peace through acceptance of Swamiji's ideal
76Mahapurushji's instructions to a girl-Holy Mother none other than the Divine Mother of the Universe-She has awakened womanhood-Mahapurushji visited her at Jayrambati
77The Master lives as the Sangha-He came to save all-Holy Mother's love209
78The worship of the Divine Mother-At Belur Math it is devoid of all ulterior motive-The body must die-Call on Sri Ramakrishna-Food -Advice to the married-The Master is theSelf-Weep for God
79Path to Brahman very difficult-Absolute continence necessary-Danger of mental derangement-Divine grace-Holy company
80The power of the name of God -Need for purity of life-The Master will guide from within-Conduct and inner awareness of the Avatara-The Avatara hard to understand
81In this body God has been realized-why the Master would not accept personal service from Mahapurushji-Initiation-The Master the Incarnation for this age
82Mahapurushji happy anywhere-His early life and family224
83Swamiji's fervour in speaking of Christ at Antpur-Why missionaries' efforts in India have achieved so little-The basis of social service must be spiritual progress-Christ's miracles-The Master's spiritual power-Christmas Eve at Belur Math
84'Let them enjoy: you stay on here'-The Master manages his own affairs-Grace232
85Name and named are inseparable-knowledge and devotionthe same-A case of suicide; but 'she will reach the Master'-Dacca riots-The Mother dances on Shiva-Repetition of 'Om'-The Master himself is present in Belur Math-Need of deotion as well as editation-Telling the beads233
86Seeing God in one's own heart is first necessary-Moral life not enough-Grace is the secret-The place of effort-Live with God all the time240
87'Mother is the only truth'-Life down at Her door'-'Struggle'242
88Merely hearing repeated instruction will not help; one must sincerely follow it-Restlessness-Showing off in spiritual matters harmful-Development does not come in a day
89Gita extolled-Napoleon and others could not cut through Maya-One will become free by taking the name of Sri Ramakrishna-He is none other than God Himself
90The Great Mother was born today as Holy Mother-God's play hard to understand unless.He makes one understand-Pure knowledge and pure devotion the same
91The birthday of Sri Ramakrishna-A momentous dya-It will take centuries to realize who the Master is-Mother is acting through him
92Sannyasa-Omnipotence of the Divine Mother-Need to get one's inner being coloured with ochre253
93Spiritual practice at night-Japa-Dealing with a restless mind-The Master is Samadhi incarnate-Grace-Buddha's determination-Struggles of the Master's disciples-Hankering-Taking refuge-'For one's won salvation and for the good of the world'-Proper conduct of a monk255
94Faith in the Master-Weep for God-Pure devotion jis rare-The net of Mahamaya-Its incompreshensibility262
95Hari Mahanty's death-Anyone who loves the Master will get liveration at death-Rasik's death-Balaram Bose's death-The death of Bavagopal Ghosh's wife
96Plans for Sri Ramakrishna's centenary celebrations-Money will come-Mahapurushji's absence of body consciousness-'The Master has kept you behind to guide us'
97The rise of the labouring classes-signs of devotion discernible from body conformation-Persevering practice necessary-Peace does not come easily-Example of the hereditary farmer-The cry for help will naturally burst forth when a real want is felt273
98Liberation can be had anywhere-Samadhi is neccessary -Samadhi is dependent on divine grace-It is no goood roaaming about so much-For lasting results, continue steadity in the monastery-What beauty is there in the external world ? Human life is vain unless one sees Him.277
99Perseverance necessary-Value of devotion to the Personal God279
100No happiness in the ephemeral-'The Infinite alone is Bliss'-Desire can never be satiated-Spiritual paths vary-The Guru has to ascertain the needs of each aspirant-Too much roaming about is not beneficial
101The Master slept very little-Mahapurushji's exalted mood-He vividly sees God in all-I act just as the Master wants me to
102Mahaprushji happy on accunt of rain-Holy company generates love of God-Intimacy in one's relation with God-Effect of the Master's company-His mere look could rgant samadhi-The Master was none other than Mother Kali 286
103The Master's song and dance-Spiritual practices at night289
104The man of realization is never disturbed by desire-Peace follows renunciation-'I see everything as Consciousness'-Service of the Guru must be accompanied by spiritual practice-Difficulty of understanding that the Master is God Himself-Doing the Master's work compared with serving the Guru-'He never disappoints a supplicant'-'This world has no existence for me'-Mahapurushji's vision of Swami Vivekananda as Shiva-Other visions of Mahapurushji-His diet-His request for a mango-'Consider the Master himself as your son'-Ignoring others' faults-'We can understanda man at a single glance'-Mahapurushji keeps his mind down with trifles-renunciation the greatest adornment of a monk-The Mother will arrange for everything-Mantra given by a perfected Guru is impregnated with new poer-Difficult to serve perfected souls-Mahapurushji's identity with the Master291
105The story of Ajamila-The power of the Lord's name305
106The purpose of life-Only one's relationship with God is everlasting307
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