Foreign Policy of Hadrat Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Walallam)

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Author: Prof. Muhammad Siddique Qureshi
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 8171511406
Pages: 384
Cover: Hardcover
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description


At the advent of Islam world had deteriorated spiritually and morally. Human grandeur was being burnt in the Persian “Fire” But the world got emanicipation from the Clutches of ignorant prejudices and curses of territorial, linguistic and cultural ethnocentrisms. Humanity reached its zenith and the darkness of the universe was changed into the holy brightness which spread over from the mosques to markets, schools to courts, residences to the battlefields. The merits of wit, sympathy, mutual understanding and justice were created among the Arabs. Thus not only Arabia but the whole world was united in one whole- the name of this peace and equality is Islam.

Historians, chroniclers and biographers have written excellent books on Seerah. Yet there are certain angles of the life of this unlettered prophet which need attention. Out of these various ramifications•of his ‘life, one corner is his Foreign Policy which needs further research. An independent enquirer may honestly erase apparent contradictions.

In the contemporary world, international rivalries are on the increase. Cultural tensions are splitting human society. Change, constant change, like sheer speed, in every sphere of world is an abiding element. Man has achieved “abundant” but he is ashamed because social injustice has torn his soul. His very existence is threatened by the forces of his own creation. Therefore if he wishes to play his role as vanguard for humanity in the march of its destiny, the Muslims will have to study the example of Muhammad (P.B.V.H.) as we have been : commended to follow the guidance of the prophets. I But interests are dearer to the people instead of principles in the present world thus there remains no discrimination between good and evil. It confronted with innumerable problems that stagger it soaring ingenuity to find solution. If we abide by the fundamental international principles of Muhammad (P.B.U.H.), the distressed impoverished world can again get mental ascendency. Therein lies a political and administrative sagacity of the first magnitude and fit to be accepted by the modem world. His consummate skill as statesman, administrator policy-maker and legislator still remains ideal3 for all the Muslims who are ruling in more than 44 countries with an ever-increasing might in all fields of international relations. Islam, after fourteen hundred years, is still alive and expanding as it was from its very beginning potentially a universal religion. Its followers dwell the burning sands of Africa, in the snows of Siberia, the coral reefs of the Malays, and a barren valley of Arabia. It is good that they should keep in mind that ‘civilizations do not perish in storms, conquest or earthquakes. They succumb slowly to the cancer of injustice, tyranny and arrogancy which spreads and corrode its inside before it starts gnawing at its texture.’

For an extensive and novel subject like that of this book I have tried to consult ancient sources and modern scholarly discussions. I found them all helpful in different ways and I cherish earnestly that nothing of importance has been omitted. I have tried my utmost to glean and rearrange the possible available data which I could get. And I have gathered scattered facts into one focus. The readers, particularly the non-Muslims, will came to know that Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) was not a sinister politician or a grasping despot as many orientalists have made fumbling attempts to project his distorted picture And this is the raison d’etre of my monograph. But this is just a modest beginning. Our young generation has further avenues of research and exploration before it.

I owe to my friend Professor Muhammad -Nawaz for a careful revision of my manuscript, and for several valuable suggestions. Several other friends ‘were also-kind a helpful to me. They placed me forever in their debt by their we coming and generous acceptance. They have been patient and encouraging above and beyond the call of duty. And thanks, as always to Safia, my consort, for constant encouragement and provocative criticism.



  Preamble 1
1. Foreign Policy 5
2. Preaching of Islam 29-99
3. Relations Regarding Treaties 101-184
4. Ghazwas and Expeditions 185-234
5. Ghazwas and Expeditions Against the Jews 238-275
6. Ghazwas and Expeditions Against Bani Hawazin 275-278
7. Ghazwas and Expeditions Against the Christians 281-288
8. Ghazwas and Expeditions Against The Banu Ghatafan and Juhayan 289-294
9. Expeditions Against Banu Sulaym 295-298
10. Expeditions Against Banu Kilab and Banu Murra 299-301
11. Expeditions Against Banu Adal and Banu Qarah 301-302
12. Expeditions of Banu Tha lba 303
13. Expeditions Against Banu Tamim 305
14. Ghazwas and Expeditions Against Banu Lihyan 306
15. Expeditions Against Jusham D. Muawiya 307
16. Expeditions Against Bani Jadhimah 308
17. Expeditions Against Banu Asad and Banu Quza’ah 309
18. Expeditions Against Bani Fizarah, Udhrah, Quza’ah 310
19. Expeditions Against Banu Umayya b. Zaid 312
20. Expeditions Against Banu Sa’db. Bakr 313
21. Expeditions Against Banu Kinanah 313
22. Expeditions Against Banu Hudhayl 313
23. Expeditions Against Aus Khazraj 313
24. Islam And Sward. 315
  Reference 329
  Excurses 364
  Bibliography 366


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