Letters to Hadrat Ali Murtaza (R.A.A.)

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Author: Muhammad Ayub Khan
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788171512041
Pages: 112
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

Publisher’s Note

We have the privilege of presenting the series of letters of the revered personalities of Islam. Prior to this book. we have already published the following Books of Letters-

1. Letters of Hadrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (R.A.A.)

2. Letters of Hadrat Umar farooq (R.A.A.)

3. Letters of Hadrat Usman Ghani (R.A.A.)

Now we have the honour of presenting Letters of Hadrat Ali Murtaza (R.A.A.).

These letters belong to a period which was most precarious in the Islamic History. It was full of turmoil and trial. Symbol of Muslim Unity and Dignity of Pious Caliphate was virtually thrown to the winds. Discipline. Rule of Law and Ummah’s unity was replaced by complete anarchy in the capital Al-Madinah. A handful of young rebels had already perpetrated a ‘coup’ and the elders were simply left as helpless spectators. It was not only the Third Pious Caliph who was assassinated, but the entire institution of caliphate was blown to the wind and completely destroyed. In those tumultuous days, Hadrat Ali the Lion of Allah took the reiqn of caliphate in his hands and had secured the Oath of Allegiance from the General Muslim Public. But this was not the end of the problem. nay it was the begning of a new chain of civil wars in the shape of Battle of Jamal. Battle of Siffin. Battle of Nahravan and so on. This civil war shook the foundations of the Caliphate and soon moulded it into Monarchy.

In those perilous and troublesome days Hadrat Ali (R.A.A.) wrote these letters to his governors, commanders and companions. The bitterness of those days can be easily seen in these letters.

from the bioqraphtes of Hadrat Ali (R.A.A.) we learn that he was a very coll minded erudite. wise and patient person. His decisions as a judge in the days of early caliphs were most judicious and thought provoking. His advices in the Majlis Shoora (Parliament of the Caliphs) were always found very sound and saqacious. In his personal life, he was very forgiving. forbearing and benevolent. He did not take revenge from his worst enemy in the battlefield merely to quench the thirst of his anger.

He was brought up, trained and educated by the Holy prophet (S.A.W.) himself. So it was rightly expected of him to e a model personality, and he proved to be so.

But all these qualities are not reflected in all these letters.

n some of these letters. Hadrat Ali (R.A.A.) looks a quite different person. It is very difficult for a layman to conciliate between the two personalities- one seen in the History books and the other in these letters. The least can be said that authenticity of many letters may be questioned. However, we have done our best to present these letters with full references now it is up to the reader to judge himself about the authenticity of these letters. In the circumstances these letters vere written and compiled, it was perhaps more than enough to put them the present form.

We are indebted to our revered friend. Mr. Muhammad Ayub Khan, Advocate, who kindly rendered these letters faithfully into English and fulfilled this delicate responsibility in a praiseworthy manner. May Allah reward him for this great service.



  Publisher’s Note vi
-1 To Salman Farsi (R.A.A.) 2
-2 To The People of Egypt 2
-3 To Hadrat Mu’awiya (R.A.A) 5
-4 To Hadrat Mu’awtya (R.A.A.) 7
-5 To Hadrat Mu’awiya (R.A.A.) 9
-6 To Hadrat Mu’awiya (R.A.A.) 10
-7 To Hadrat Mu’awiya (R.A.A.) 12
-8 To Hadrat Mu’awiya (R.A.A.) 14
-9 To Hadrat ‘Amr Ibn al-Aas (R.A.A.) 20
-10 To Hadrat ‘Arnr Ibn al-Aas (R.A.A.) 22
-11 To The People of Kufa 23
-12 To The People of Kufa 23
-13 To The People of Kufa 24
-14 To Hadrat Abu Moosa Ash’ ari (R.A.A.) 25
-15 To Hadrat Abu Moosa Ash’ari (R.A.A.) 28
-16 To Hadrat Talha & Hadrat Zubair (R.A.A.) 29
-17 To Hadra t Ayesha (R.A.A.) 33
-18 To Hadrat Qais Ibn-i-Sa’d (R.A.A) 35
-19 To Governor of Kufa 35
-20 To Hadrat Mu’awiya (R.A.A.) 36
-21 To Hadrat Mu’awiya (R.A.A.) 37
-22 To Hadrat Jareer Ibn Abdullah al-bajali (R.A.A.) 38
-23 To Hadrat Ash’as Ibn Qais Kindi (R.A.A.) 39
-24 To Hadrat Mu’awiya (R.A.A.) 41
-25 To Hadrat Jareer (R.A.A.) 43
-26 To Hadrat Jareer (R.A.A.) 44
-27 To Hadrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas (R.A.A.) 45
-28 To Ziad and Shuraih 46
-29 To The People of Merv 47
-30 To Hadrat Mu’awiya (R.A.A.) 48
-31 To Hadrat Mu’awiya (R.A.A.) 48
-32 To Hadrat Mu’awiya (R.A.A.) 50
-33 To Hadrat Mu’awtya (R.A.A.) 51
-34 To Hadrat Mu’awiya (R.A.A.) 52
-35 To Kharijis 53
-36 To Hadrat AbduIIah Ibn Abbas (R.A.A.) 54
-37 To Sa’d Ibn Masud Saqafi (R.A.A.) 55
-38 To Hadrat Abu Musa Ash’ari (R.A.A.) 56
-39 To Maalik Ibn Haris Ashtar (R.A.A.) 57
-40 To Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr (R.A.A.) 58
-41 To The People of Eqypt. 60
-42 To Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr (R.A.A.) 61
-43 To Hadrat AbduIIah Ibn Abbas (R.A.A.) 62
-44 To Ziyad Ibn Ubaid 63
-45 To His Governors 64
-46 To Qarazah Ibn Ka’b (R.A.A.) 65
-47 In Reply to Hadrat AqeeI’s Letter 66
-48 To Ziyad Ibn Khasafa Ansari (R.A.A.) 68
-49 To Ziyad Ibn Khasafa Ansari (R.A.A.) 69
-50 To Hadrat AbduIIah Ibn Abbas (R.A.A.) 70
-51 To Ma’qil Ibn Qais (R.A.A.) 70
-52 To The People of Kufa 71
-53 To His Companions 72
-54 To Hadrat Masqalah Bin Hubairah 81
-55 To The Shias of Kufa 81
-56 To Abul Aswad (R.A.A.) 83
-57 To AbduIIah Ibn Abbas (R.A.A.) 84
-58 To Hadrat AbduIIah Ibn Abbas (R.A.A.) 85
-59 From And To Hadrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas (R.A.A.) 86
-60 To Hadrat AbduIlah Ibn Abbas (R.A.A.) 86
-61 To Hadrat AbduIIah Ibn Abbas (R.A.A.) 87
-62 To Hadrat AbduIIah Ibn Abbas (R.A.A.) 88
-63 To Hadrat Mu’awiya (R.A.A.) 88
-64 To Ka’b Ibn MaaIik (R.A.A.) 93
  Bioqraphy of Hadrat ‘AB (R.A.A.) 94


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