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Garga Hora: A Practical Interpreter of Planetary Combinations in Rishi Vakyas

Garga Hora: A Practical Interpreter of Planetary Combinations in Rishi Vakyas
Item Code: IDJ842
Author: Sage Gargacharya
Publisher: Ranjan Publications
Edition: 1997
Pages: 184
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
About the Book

Saga Garga has enunciated few principles of general application in the context of predictive astrology in this work.

Also discussed in great detail are effects of planetary conjunctions ranging from two to seven with reference to the 12 bhavas.

These aphorisms may be of immense advantage in practical analysis of a horoscope.


Human beings have always wanted to look ahead and to a large extent are capable of doing so. Of all the methods of prediction in vogue, astrology is perhaps the most ancient and the most sought for. Supremacy in the astrological field belongs to the ancient Indian sages and Acharyas who have bequeathed to us a vast literature, in he great Sanskrit language, bearing on the methods of prediction.

And one of the valuable treatises belonging to this ancient legacy is the GARGA HORA, an English translation of which by Mr. R. Santhanam is presented in these pages.

GARGA HORA enumerates a number of significant combinations, some even novel. For instance there is a combination given that Sun in the 9th in Leo deprives one of surviving co-borns. This combination is applicable to those born in Sagittarius ascendant. When the Sun is in the 9th, he aspects the 3rd ruling brothers and sisters. But there is also a hint that if one co-born exists he reaches a high position. Such important combinations appear to be a feature of this book. The effects of six planets, five planets, etc., in different Bhavas given in the book embody important principles.

Mr. Santhanam has already to his credit a number of translations of ancient astrological classics and this translation will be a welcome addition to the extent literature on Hindu astrology.

I wish him all success.


Lord Ganesa has again blessed us with His benign looks which enabled us to come to the reading public with this work of sage Garga. Sage Garga, one of the sons of Lord Brahma, compiled many works out of his intuition like Garga Samhita, Garga Hora etc. The great Varaha Mihira also quotes Garga frequently in his illustrious Brihat Samhita.

Many principles from the present work were widely quoted by Yavanas in Yavanas in their astrological literature. Bala Bhadra, author of Hora Ratna, has opted Garga Hora's principles from Yavana's school and ha widely commented in his work. Our present translation has relied on the slokas of Bala Bhadra which slokas also find exact Tamil rendering by C. G. Rajan. In translating these slokas of Graga into English through Bala Bhadra's work, I have maintained apt originality. Exact translation of the Sanskrit slokas into English ha been provided in our present effort.

The work details in the first instance important rules on predictive astrology, which were the first-hand invention of the sage, not found elsewhere to a great extent. The latter portion details effects of conjunctions of planets ranging from 2 to 7 in Lagna through the 12th bhava. The reader, it is hoped, will appreciate our humble efforts in presenting this work for the first time in the English language. In am thankful to Dr. B. V. Raman for his kind foreword.

No error has been committed willfully in this translation. Yet if any lapses are noticed, we look forward to the readers for a lenient view.


1General principles9
2Various planetary conjunctions in the ascendant24
3Various planetary conjunctions in the 2nd bhava38
4Various planetary conjunctions in the 3rd bhava52
5Various planetary conjunctions in the 4th bhava65
6Various planetary conjunctions in the 5th bhava79
7Various planetary conjunctions in the 7th bhava109
8Various planetary conjunctions in the 7th bhava109
9Various planetary conjunctions in the 8th bhava123
10Various planetary conjunctions in the 9th bhava134
11Various planetary conjunctions in the 10th bhava147
12Various planetary conjunctions in the 11th bhava160
13Various planetary conjunction in the 12th bhava173

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