Gems and Astrology: A Guide to Health, Happiness and Prosperity

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Author: Dr. G. S. Kapoor
Publisher: Rajan Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8188230065
Pages: 151
Cover: Paperback
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At A Glance

The rationale of the use of Gems to afford protection from evil influences of planets and to enhance their beneficial effects.

Gems act like vaccines in preventing diseases. Auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of Gems according to Brihat Samhita of Varah Mihir.

Properties and compositions of precious and semiprecious gem stones connected with the planets and tests of their genuineness and quality.

Selection of appropriate gem stones for those who have no birth details.

Mystical and divine powers of precious and semiprecious gem stones-Protective charms of Corals for children-Ruby acts as an antidote to poison-Yellow Sapphire expedites delayed marriages of girls-Kidney stones cure kidney troubles-certain gem stones flash warnings of coming disasters by changing their colour.

Suitability of appropriate gem stones for different Ascendants in birth charts-Gem stones as protective charms for various Ascendants.

Which gem stones should never be worn together-Medicinal use of gem stones. Utility of gem stones in diseases of the heart. Gem stones cure diseases and bring happiness and prosperity. Inexpensive semi-precious stones act as effective substitutes for costly precious stones.

Publisher's Note

Gems are beautiful stones with a large variety of colours and high density. Their luster has been a source of attraction for the people since time immemorial. These precious stones are found almost in all parts of the world. India has been very rich in gem stones. They are found in abundance in South India, especially in Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka.

Introduction 9-14
Chapter 1 A study of gems-auspicious and Inauspicious 15-20
Chapter 2 Description of Gems-Precious and Semi-precious- New discoveries 21-29
Chapter 3 Planets-Their Characteristics-Concerned disease-Selection of Gems 30-40
Chapter 4 Gems used for Planetary Afflictions 41-63
Chapter 5 Mystical and divine Powers of Precious and Semi-Precious Gem stones 64-85
Chapter 6 The Germs and the Birth-Chart 86-124
Chapter 7 Medicinal use of Gem stones 125-130
Chapter 8 Use of Gem stones for diseases of heart 131-141
Chapter 9 Use of Gem stones for favourable yogas in a birth-chart 142-151

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