Sure Steps to God Realization: [Gems of Truth-3]

Sure Steps to God Realization: [Gems of Truth-3]

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Item Code: IDG437
Author: Jaya Dayal Goyandka
Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
Edition: 2003
Pages: 252
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8" X 5.5"
Weight 210 gm

Publishers' Note:

Shri jayadayalji Goyandka, the writer of the spiritual essays, stands in little need of any introduction to our readers. He was the founder-president of the Gita Press.

A true light on the path of God-Realization can be shed only by a person, who has himself realized God, who has known Him, who lives in Him and through whom God manifests His will. Shri Jayadayalji was indeed a realized soul, obviously his ideas on the technique of realizing God must be most dependable, most illuminating and real gems of Godly wisdom.

We are full of joy to present this small volume in the hands of those who are keen to know God and are true aspirants and seekers of Truth as an unfailing guide, a comforting companion and an affectionate friend on their journey towards Godhead.

Originally these articles had appeared in the Hindi 'Kalyana' and later on appeared in the English 'Kalyana-Kalpataru' after being translated by the late Shri Chimman Lal Goswami, the celebrated editor of the English magazine.

Two more collections of articles by the same author have already appeared under the general title of "Gems of Truth" There are quite a large number of them still awaiting publication. We shall be only too glad to bring them also to light in due Course.

We are sure that devotees would derive definite aid and illumination from this volume.




1. The Secret of the Atma and the Paramatma 1
2. Faith in God 14
3. Prakrti and Purusa 24
4. Dualistic and Non-Dualistic Worship in the Upanisads 36
5. Meditation on the Absolute 59
6. Meditation on the All-Blissful Aspect of God 66
7 Intensity of Spiritual Practice 71
8. God-Realization through Intense Longing 76
9. God-Realization through Self-Discipline 91
10. Value of Faith and Reverence in God-Realization 97
11. God-Realization through Disinterested Action 119
12. Exclusive Surrender-An Easy Means to God-Realization 136
13. Love All Equally in a Disinterested Spirit for God-Realization 148
14. The Various Means of God-Realization 156
15. The Various Ways of God-Realization 179
16. Need of Dispassion and Devotion for God-Realization 188
17. Means of Attaining Supreme Peace 206
18. How to Realize God in an Instant? 217
19. Culture of Supreme Bliss 228
20. Value Your Sadhana More Than the End Itself 233
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