Discourses of a Realized Saint (Self Realization is a Must for Eternal Peace and Bliss)
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Discourses of a Realized Saint (Self Realization is a Must for Eternal Peace and Bliss)

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Item Code: NAS576
Author: Dr. K. Krishna Ji Maharaj
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9781644291610
Pages: 344
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It is a matter of great delight for me to present this bunch of lectures delivered from time to time by the great spiritual philosopher and the most enlightened saint of the age His Holiness Dr. K.Krishna ji.

In order to fight the spiritual ignorance perpetuated by various Dharam Gurus and Bookish scholars who have never practically experienced the universal oneness and omnipresence of soul, His Holiness founded the spiritual Awareness society of India (Regd. No. 1122/S) in the year 1982. Today the world is beset with strife, disharmony, hatred and turmoil. This is because of the prevalent ideologies that are mutually contradictory in character. This has led to many bloody wars and genocide of millions of innocent people who are apparently never a party to this discord.

The problem has further been aggravated by the so called Religious preachers who do not know even the basics of spirituality and by most of our politicians who perpetuate their grip on the seats of power to achieve this end. These rank opportunists of politics and religion instigate one section of people against the other by whipping up communal, sectarian and religious partitions. They succeed in causing divisions among the masses on account of caste, creed, color and sex because of the blind faith and ignorance of the masses.

Inspite of commendable contributions of science, mankind is sitting on the top of volcano. The threat of a nuclear war is looming large endangering the very existence of man. Those advocating morality and moral values are held in disdain, violence, communalism and terrorism which have become the cult of the day. The common man has lost his moral and spiritual moorings. His soul is starving, his body aching and his mind writhing with pain. Even with so many material endowments he finds himself dejected and forlorn. He is pinning for peace, for peace of mind which appears to him only a distant dream beyond his reach.

In order to ensure integrated development of man i.e all round progress materially, spiritually and intellectually and also to relieve him of his tensions and depressions, His Holiness Dr. K.Krishna has given us a unique and all-embracing solution of chanting AUM in a specific and scientific manner on a bad conductor. This is the outcome of thousands of years of struggle on the part of this supreme soul that has incarnated on this earth as Dr. K. Krishna who is the Director of S.K.A Cancer Research institute Jammu, kurukshetra recently shifted at jammu, has manifested to the satsangies how the chanting of AUM in the specific and scientific manner, suggested by His Holiness, elevates the mind from Muladhara' to Agya Chakra' and then to Trikuti,' thereby channelizing the mind in the constructive direction, relieving it of all its tensions, hypertensions and depressions, spreading all permeating vibrations which can create peaceful atmosphere in the universe and help man in his ultimate goal of complete freedom by the unconditional merger of the self with the supreme and scientifically experiencing the inconceivable and peaceful effect of chanting AUM. This has improved their material status, mental efficiency and spiritual comprehension. No wonder that the society has its centers and satsangies all over India.

Society has taken a vow to revolutionize the thinking of all human beings with the chanting of AUM and thus paving way for quick spiritual evolution. This alone can wipe out unnecessary violence, terrorism, bloodshed, economic disparity, narrow thinking, corruption, moral degradation, disease and poverty along with regional and sectarian bias from the surface of earth.

Before taking leave I would lastly suggest that all our aims and objectives like truth, fearlessness, politeness, endurance, removal of social evils and development of character and service to mankind can be realized through regular chanting of AUM twice a day both in the morning and evening for five to seven minutes each time. This will go a long way in hastening our spiritual evolution thereby removing all stumbling blocks in the path of self-realization.

We are very grateful to all the members of spiritual awareness society who have given every help in compiling the work of Dr. Sahib JI. I would like to personally thank Mata Radha ji(SAS President), Ajay Kumar Sadotra(SAS General Sec. International), Satish Sawhney ji, Santosh kumari ji, Charan Singh ji, Manohar Lal ji, Kishor Ji, Vinod ji, Amit ji, Shammi ji, Vikram ji, Aakash ji, Hritik Badyal ji and all others for their special contribution which make the whole process of editing so much easier. I would not be able to do any of this without your support.

In the end I would like to express my gratitude to the Spiritual Awareness society of India for granting me the favour of presenting these precious lectures written by His Holiness Dr. K. Krishna Ji, in the form of a book for the guidance of the spiritual aspirants.

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