A Gift for Muslim Bride

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Item Code: IDG899
Author: Muhammad Haneef Abdul Majeed
Publisher: Idara Isha' At-E-Diniyat (P) Ltd.
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 8171014321
Pages: 596
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.9" X 5.9"
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book

This book, truthfully, is an ideal gift to Muslim brides, as mainly deals with the concerned affairs of newly married life e.g., How to live amicably with in-laws avoiding all domestic disputes and how to harmonise with the Husband's sentiments and preferences, to capture his heart and inclusive attention. Etc. etc.

The book also contains stories of some exemplary women, Imam Al-Ghazzali's advises and other precious parting advices as a light of guidance. By practising them a home can become a garden of Jannah.

This book should be read in sequence cover to cover and pass the advices on to other Muslim sisters.

How to read this book

This book ideals with people's domestic life. Since one's domestic happiness has a direct bearing on one's happiness outside the home, we advise that the contents of this book should be read with great earnestness and that the failings cautioned against should be avoided. Although these failings may result from immaturity and inexperience, they are nevertheless extremely harmful. One should read this book with the intention of reforming oneself. One will be able to avoid these failings if one reads this book with the following advices in mind:

1. Before reading the book, make Du'a to Allah saying, "O Allah! Make this book a means for my guidance and make me the delight of my husband's eyes and make me his most valuable asset."

2. Set aside such time for reading this book, which is free from disturbances and worries, because a mind that is preoccupied with other concerns will soon become weary with the subject matter of any book.

3. An important advice is that this book should be read in sequence from cover to cover even though this may take months. In fact, one should never grow despondent even if it takes longer than a few months. An easy way to ensure that one completes the book is to calculate a specific number of pages that one will read daily, based on the total number of pages in the book. A book mark should always be used to mark the page where one stops.

4. Another extremely important advice is that one should keep a pencil handy to mark places that mention something especially pertinent to one. These parts should be read many times and Du'a should be made to Allah to grant one the ability to practice accordingly.

Another benefit of keeping a pencil handy is that when reading, it may occur to one that some subject matter which may satisfy the thirst of some Muslim sister has not been included in this book. It may be that this subject pertains to a woman's life as a Muslim woman or as a wife or as a mother, or it may even be something that could terminate disputes. Should such a though occur to one, one should make a note of it under the heading of "Clarification" and bring it to the attention of the publisher or the compiler, specifying the page number and line number where it is to be added.

While reading the book, one should make Du'a to Allah that He creates love and affection between all married Muslim couples and that He makes them all a means of rearing pious children. One should make Du'a daily that Allah keeps them all happy together with all those getting married. Together with reading this book and progressing spiritually and morally, one should also pass these advices on to other women.

The final request to the reader is to make Du'a for the compiler of this book, the people who authored the books from which information was taken and all those who assisted in this publication in any way. Of course, the person making the Du'a will never be deprived of the good of the Du'a May Allah reward you all tremendously.


This book cites the sterling examples of six women during the time of Rasulullah. The lessons that this book teaches include:

Obeying the husband
True love for the husband
Honouring and serving the husband
Being loyal towards the husband
Making one's husband a Muslim or a pious person
Qualities of a good wife
How to remain the beloved of one's husband
Bad habits of women and ways of losing them
How to live in harmony with one's in-laws
The rights that women owe to their husbands
Advice for the married couple
Formulas to avoid disputes between a bride and her husband, mother-in-law and sisters-in-law, which often lead to premature separations and bitter feelings between entire families.

Besides the above there are many other subjects and solutions discussed. By practicing the teachings of this book, a home can become a garden of Jannah and means of attaining success in this world and in the Aakhirah (Hereafter).


How to read this book xv
Introduction xviii
Save your Husbands from Sin xx
The First advice xxiii
The Second advice xiv
The Third advice xiv
The Fourth advice xiv
The Fifth advice xiv
The Sixth advice xxv
Foreword xxvi
An Offering of Thanks to Rasulullah from all Muslim Women xxix
The Six Exemplary Women xxx
Why women were Created xxxi
The testimony of the Qur'an xxxiii
The Du'a of Allah's Sincere Bondsmen xxxiv
The Pious Wife xxxvi
Islam's Standard of Judging a Good Wife xxxvii
Hazrat Khadija 01
Her Lineage 01
Hazrat Khadija Comforts Rasulullah 02
Sacrificing One's Wealth for One's Husband 07
Advising the Husband Correctly 10
Making Sacrifices for the Husband 14
Serving the Husband 16
Obeying the Husband Completely 19
Some Ahadith Concerning Obeying the Husband and Fulfilling his Rights 20
The Advice of a Pious Father to his Daughter to be Married 24
An obedient Wife 25
The Demise of Hazrat Khadija 27
Du'a 28
Salutations of Peace from Us all 29
Hazrat Sauda bint Zam'ah 32
Conversion to Islam 32
Forfeiting her Turn for the pleasure of her Husband 33
Sincerely Obeying the Husband 34
Generosity 36
An Easy Way of Becoming Generous 37
The Testimony of a Co-Wife 37
Her Demise 37
Hazrat Zainab bing Muhammad 39
A loyal Wife 39
Separation from her Husband 40
Loyalty to her Husband 41
Testimony of the Husband 44
Love for the Husband 47
Women who make men old before their time 49
The Good Influence that a Pious Mother has on her Daughter 52
Hazrat Ruqaiyya bint Muhammad 55
The Wife of Hazrat Usman 55
The Second Migration 56
The Demise of Hazrat Ruqaiyya 57
Hazrat Ummu Hakeen bint Haarith 59
Sacrifice 59
Concern for her Husband 59
Her Second Marriage 60
It is the Responsibility of the Wife to Make her Husband Lead a Pious Life 61
Making her Husband a Muslim Through Marriage 63
An example of a Woman changing her Husband from the Better 64
There is no Harm for a widow to Remarry 66
A Woman Without a Husband is a Pauper 70
Marriage brings Wealth and Averts Poverty 72
Why is it Necessary for a Widow to Remarry 73
An Incident of a Saint 75
Khowla bint Maalik bin Tha'laba 76
Being Patient with an Aged Husband 80
What should the Wife do when her Husband is at Fault? 81
The Failing of Husband and Wife and a Word of Caution to Both 82
The First Incident 84
The Second Incident 85
The Etiquette of Entering a Home 86
First Greet with Salaam and then Ask Permission to Enter 86
Identify Yourself when Requesting Permission to Enter 87
One should Thrice Seek Permission to Enter 88
Never Knock the Door too Loudly 88
Reducing Anger 89
The First Cure for Anger 91
The Second Cure 92
The Third Cure 93
The Fourth Cure 93
The Fifth Cure 94
The Sixth Cure 95
The Deadly Poison of Backchating 96
Be concerned about Your Husband's Comfort 97
Make your Husband your Friend 98
How to make your Husband your Friend 98
Factors that Attract the Husband 99
A Wife Should Never Look Down on Her Husband 100
Diagnosis and Treatment of Two Evil Traits in Many Women
The First Evil Trait 101
An Interesting Incident 104
A Du'a that Every Woman Should Make 105
The Second Evil Trait 106
Animosity between Women Causes Animosity Between Men 108
An Appeal to Men 109
Caring for Orphaned Brother and Sisters-in-law 112
Two Principles for Avoiding Domestic Disputes 113
The First Principle 113
The Second Principle 115
An Excellent Method of Softening One's Husband 118
A Miracle Cure 120
A woman's Ability to Tame a Man 121
Women Cannot be Equal to Men 123
An Effective Manner to Creating Love in Your Husband's Heart 124
When Allah Looks at a Couple with Love and Mercy 124
A Smile Revives the Heart 126
A Pious Lady called Hazrat Ummu Saleem 128
As a Preacher 128
As a Warrior 129
As a Pillar of Fortitude and Wisdom 129
Rasulullah Concern for her 131
Her Sacrifices for the Propagation of Deen and the Glad Tidings of Rasulullah 131
Women were also Muftis 135
Five Qualities of a Pious Wife 136
The First Quality 137
Hazrat Abu Dardaa Advises his Wife 138
Uniting Two Hearts 140
The Jihaad of Women 141
The Second Quality 142
A Grave Error of Many Women 142
The Third Quality 143
The Fourth Quality 144
A Wife Should be Genuinely Concerned about her Husband's Wealth 145
Lavish Weddings 146
Hosting Simple Marriage Ceremonies 147
The Fifth Quality 148
A Formula that will Eliminate Dispute between Couples 150
The Story of Hazrat Isma'eel First Wife 153
The Story of Hazrat Isma'eel Second Wife 154
Both Husband and Wife should exercise patience 156
When Something Goes Wrong 158
Advice to Women 161
Keeping the Husband Feeling in Mind 161
An Unparalleled Relationship 162
How I conquered My Husband 163
Do not Divorce me 165
Never ask for Anything above your Husband's Means 169
How an intelligent Woman Runs her Home 171
The Etiquette of Meeting one's Husband when he Returns from a Journey 172
Take Good Care of Your Husband Possessions 173
What a Wife Should be when her Husband Becomes Angry 174
The Approach of a Wise Wife 175
When a Husband Strikes up an Extra Marital Relationship 176
How to live amicably with In Laws 177
Some Advices 178
Ponder Awhile 181
How a Woman can become her Husband Darling 183
The Couple should be Pious and united 183
Women Entering Jannah before Their Husbands 186
The person who Refuses to be a Servant of One will be the Slave of Thousand 186
The strange Psychology of a New Culture 188
To Summarise: 189
Progress or Destruction>? 189
Recognizing the Husband's Temperament 191
Praising the Husband and Having True Love for Him 192
A Principle to Follow for a Sound Relationship between Husband and Wife 197
A Sign of True love 199
The Woman who will Enter Jannah 200
Cooking Good food for Him 201
Imam Ghazali Advice to the Bride 206
A special Practice 207
The Rewards for Carrying Out One's Domestic Chores 208
Doing the Housework 209
The Domestic Life of Hazrat Faatima 210
Acquiring Skills 211
The Routine of a Pious Wife 212
Learning a lesson from the life of Hazrat Faatima 214
Rights pertaining to Wealth 215
Hazrat A'isha Spends on others 217
A Wife who used to spend on Allah's Pious Bondsmen 218
A woman who Entertained Guests 219
The Queen Zubayda 221
An important Right of the Husband that Woman are Heedless About 223
A woman should Respond Immediately 225
Nikaah is the Means of Securing Chastity 226
The Woman Whom the angels Curse 226
The Opinion of Experts in the Field of Psychology 228
Nafl Fasts may be Observed Only With the Husband's Permission 231
Obeying One's Husband is more Important than Nafl Acts of Worship 232
A Mother's Advice to her Daughter 232
A Groom's Gift to his Bride 234
Some Golden Principles for Every Bride to Follow 236
How to Live in your Parent's Home 240
The Manner of Living with One's Husband 241
Capturing your Husband's heart 242
Every woman's Wish 247
Learn to love your Husband 248
Conquer His Heart 248
You Mind Your Own Business and I'll Mind Mine 248
Secure Fasten the Bond of Love 249
Identify his Preferences 249
What Do Men like? 250
A Dialogue between Mother and Daughter 253
The Mother's Reply 254
Disputes between Mother's and Daughters-in-Law 257
The Evil of Disputes and Arguments 258
Disputes Caused by the Mother-in-Law 259
Disputes Caused by Sister-in-Law 260
How Every Mother-in-Law Should Think 261
How the Daughter-in-Law Should Think 264
A House Burned Down By its Own Lantern 267
Parting Advice 278
The Precious Parting Gift of a Father to his Daughter Hafsa 280
The Etiquette of Leaving Home 282
The Du'as that Women Make for Their Husbands Every Morning 283
The Etiquette of Conversing with One's Husband 286
What a Wife Should Never Do 292
The Formulae for Avoiding all Types of Troubles 302
Every Woman Should Think for Herself 306
A woman should not Disclose her family Secrets to her Husband 306
An Incident to Illustrate How Molehills Become Mountains 307
The Couple should never Reveal Their Private Lives to Others 311
Guarding the Husband's Secret 313
Harmonising One's Sentiments and Preferences with those of one's Husband 314
A Good Wife is Content with what Allah Decides 318
How an Intelligent Wife Should Deal with a Foolish Husband 319
A good Wife is Always Loyal to her Husband 325
A Mother's Advice to her Daughter on the Night of her Marriage 329
A Father's Advice to his Daughter 332
The Advice of Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ahmad Surti to his Daughter 335
The Importance of Keeping the Children Clean and Tidy 350
Using perfume for the Husband 356
Honeymoons 359
Your Husband is Either your Jannah or Your Jahannam 365
A Comparison Between Two Women 366
How Can One Tired Person Comfort Another Tired Person 375
The Perfect Wife 377
True love Between Husband and Wife 379
How is a Beautiful Woman 382
Opening the Locks to Your Husband's Heart 385
1) Sight 386
2) Hearing 387
3) Smell 388
The Importance of Oral Hygiene 390
4) Touch 395
5) Taste 395
The Etiquette of Writing a Letter to Your Husband 397
A Letter to a beloved 401
Pinning One's Hopes Only in Allah 403
A good Turn is Never Forgotten 407
There is a Great woman behind Every Successful Man 409
The Description of a perfect Wife 413
Advices for a Bride 416
Salaah 417
Hijaab 417
Abstaining from Photographing and Videoing 422
Beauty Salons 424
Avoiding Ta'weezaat That do not Conform with the Shari'ah 430
Avoiding Jealousy 431
When a Woman has the Ill-Fortune of Being Married to a Constantly Warning Ingrate 432
A Valuable Lesson for Every Good Wife 440
Courting After the Engagement 441
Never Shake Hands with Non- Mahram Men 443
Rasulullah Advice to Women 445
He Earns but she Reaps the Reward 446
The Virtues of Sadaqah 448
The Harms of Hoarding 451
The Rights of Neighbours 454
Behaviours with One's Neighbours 455
A Good Neighbours 457
Observing Hijaab in Front of Neighbours 457
A Wife with Salash 458
Stealing From One's Salaah 460
Other Deficiencies in our Salaah 461
The Salaah of a Woman 468
When Commencing Salaah 469
When standing Upright 470
When in Ruku 471
Getting up from Ruku 472
When in Sajdah 473
Sitting between Sajood 473
The Second Sajdah 474
In Qa'edah 475
When Ending the Salaah with Salaam 475
Making Du'a 476
The Method of Making Du'a 476
Du'a After the Farz Salaah 476
An Excellent Du'a for Every Woman 478
Du'a for a Good Partner 478
The Du'a After Marriage 480
Du'as for Protection from an Evil Husband and an Cruel Mother-in-Law 481
Waking Up at Night to Make Du'a 483
Ten Practices of Rasulullah 485
The Method of Greeting 489
The Benefits of Greeting 490
The Meaning of the Salaam 491
Another Meaning of Salaam 491
The Islamic Greeting is Better than any other Form of Greeting 492
In a Nutshell 492
An Important Ruling 494
Simplicity 499
Rasulullah Marries and Hosts a Waleema Function While on Journey 503
Oppressive Mother-in-Law 505
The Jaheaz 507
The Jaheaz is a Hindu Custom 511
A Misconception 512
Giving a Gold Necklace to the Groom's Mother 515
Feeding the Bride's in-Laws 518
The Marriage and Waleema According to the Sunnah 520
To Summaries 523
Wives Owe the Rights to their Husbands 523
Parting Advice for the Bride 524
The Du'a for a Married Couple 526
Reply Clearly 528
Have Mercy on Your Children 530
An Estranged Wife's Letter to her Husband 533
The Husband Reply 540
The Story Afterwards 541
My Advice to My Sisters 542
An Examination Paper 543
The Last Will and Testament of a Muslim 547
A Good Husband parting words to his Wife 548
A Good Wife's parting Words to her Husband 552
Some Beneficial books for Women to Read 554
In Conclusion 557
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