The Glorious Stories of Shirdi?s Sai Baba

The Glorious Stories of Shirdi?s Sai Baba

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Item Code: IHL211
Author: S.P. Singh
Publisher: Dreamland Publications
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788184511048
Pages: 112 (Illustrated Throughout In Color)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 11.3 InchX 8.7 Inch
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Sai Baba of Shirdi was a unique Saint who wielded a very profound influence on the Hindu as well as the Muslim devotees. He had a very deep insight into both the Hindu and the Muslim Scriptures. He was an Incarnate of the Almighty God and preached that the Almighty was the same Lord of the different religions. He performed many miracles to establish the rule of pure love, compassion, charity and truthfulness on the earth. The Dreamland book ‘The Glorious Stories of Shirdi’s Sai Baba’ with its simple language and impressive pictures, will add to the knowledge of people all over the world.


The Dreamland Publishers are delighted to present their new book ‘The Glorious Stories of Sai Baba’. This book has depicted the entire panorama of Sai Baba’s miraculous deeds which he performed at the holy Shrine of Shirdi. Sai Baba has made a niche in every heart by virtue of his sublime qualities of truthfulness, love, compassion, charity and nobility of purpose. Sai Baba symbolised The Hindu – Muslim unity. He incarnated mainly to revive the common people’s faith in the piety of human life. Sai Baba’s miracles dazzled people’s minds for good.

This book has lucid language and very suitable and suggestive pictures to help the readers to understand Sai Baba’s lofty message of showing compassion & charity for all. This book will leave an indelible impression on the minds of one and all.


1. Sai Nath’s Incarnation 4
2. Sai’s Birth 7
3. The whole creation in the mouth 10
4. Death of adoptive father 12
5. God or Allah is the same Almighty 13
6. (Brahma-gyan) Attainment of divine enlightenment 14
7. Sai’s arrival in Shirdi 16
8. The smouldering fire-place at Dhoop Village 18
9.Sai in Shirdi 22
10. Presence in Dwarakamai Mosque 24
11. ‘Sai of the Devotees’ 30
12. God is the only ‘Mater of all’ 31
13. Sai’s Devotees 37
14.Mhalsapathi – Sai Baba’s main devotee 38
15. Bayaja Bai 39
16. Tatya Kote 40
17. Laxmi Bai Shinde 41
18. Abdul Baba 42
19. Madhav Rao Deshpande “Shama” 43
20. Upsasini Maharaj 44
21. Shri Nanavalli 45
22. Yog-samadhi of Sai Baba 46
23. Sai’s promise to Bayaja Bai 51
24. Pre-monition of Sai Baba’s Death 54
25. Another gift of life to Tatya 55
26. Long trance 57
27. Baba’s sermons 62
28. Sai Baba’s Sacred Assurances77
29. Sai Baba’s words of wisdom 79
30. Miracles of Sai Baba 82
31.Glimpse of Mecca at Shridi 84
32. Shirdi’s protection through flour 86
33.Security of the boy, Kharparde’s life 87
34. ‘Come’ and ‘go’ at Sai’s bid 89
35. Returning hungry from the door 91
36. Feed the hungry 93
37. Sandalwood paste on forehead a bondage of love 95
38. Haji Siddique Phalke 97
39. Security of the female blacksmith’s son 100
40. Bring red clay to colour clothes 101
41.Blessing for a son’s birth 103
42.Tasteless tea 105
43. Nine balls of dung 107
44. The vision of God of Khandoba 109
45. The sincerest remembrance 110
46. Mystery of discrimination 112