The Great Saviours of the World

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Author: Swami Abhedananda
Publisher: Ramakrishna Vedanta Math
Edition: 1997
Pages: 187 (Black & White Illustrated is 4)
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description

About the Book

Lectures on "The Great Saviours of the World" were delivered by Swami Abhedananda before the Brooklyn Institute of arts and Sciences as also before the Vedanta Society of New York.

The principle aim and object of these illuminative lectures are to show that the fundamental teaching of the world have had the same spiritual keynote and that the stories connected with their divine lives and miraculous deeps are analogous.

Furthermore, it has been demonstrated in this volume that the universal religion of Vedanta embraces the teachings of all the Saviours of the World and it harmonizes all sectarian religions.

About the Author

Swami Abhedananda, an apostle of Sri Ramakrishna- Born October 2, 1866-Sppent his early life among the brotherhood in Baranagar monastery near Calcutta in severe austerity-Travelled barefooted all over India from 1888-1895 - Acquainted with many distinguished savants, including Prof. Max Muller and Prof. Deussen-Landed in New York and took charge of the Vedanta Society in 1897 - Became acquainted with Prof. William James, Rev. R.H. Newton, Prof. Josiah Royce of Harvard, Prof. Hyslop of Columbia, Prof. Lanmann, Prof. G. H. Howison, Prof. Fay, Mr. Edison, the inventor, Dr. Elmer Gates, Ralph Waldo Trine, W.D. Howells, Prof. Herschel C. Parker, Dr. Logan, Rev. Bishop Potter, Prof. Shaler, Dr. Jaynes, the chairman of the Cambridge Philosophical Conference and the Professors of Columbia, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Brkeley and Clarke Universities- Travelled extensively all through the United States, Canada, Alaska and Mexico - Made frequent trips to Europe, delivering lectures in different parts of the Continent -Crossed the Atlantic seventeen times - Was appreciated very much for his profundity of scholarship, intellectual brilliance, oratorical talents, charming personality and nobility of character-Made a short visit to India in 1906-Returned to America-Came back to India finally in 1921-On his way home joined the Educational Conference, Honolulu- Visited Japan, China, the Philippines, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and went as far as Tibet in 1922- Established centers at Calcutta and Darjeeling- Left his mortal frame on September 8,1939.


Chapter I
  Introduction 17-25
  One God is worshipped in different names-All prophets saved the world-The tribes of Israel before the advent of their prophet-Moses and the Jewish people-Moses was but a messenger- All the prophets were the messengers-God is the just and impartial Lord of all nations-What is true religion-What Vedanta says about the cycles of evolution-Divinity dwells on the topmost crest of the spiritual wave of humanity-What the great souls do for struggling humanity-The law of cyclic evolution and the prophets-What the Jewish people needed about 1400 years before Christ- The prophet Zoroaster-Lao-Tze and Confucius-Buddha, the great saviour-The prophet of Islam-Sankaracharya and his religion of Vedanta-Ramanuja and Chaitanya-Ramakrishna and his mission-Each of them has fulfilled his divine mission-The age of reason removes all kinds of sectarianism-He who has seen God has realized Divinity-The latest manifestation of Divinity was in the form of Sri Ramakrishna-He who has faith has everything.  
Chapter II
  Krishna and His Teachings 26-47
  Krishna, the God-incarnate-The historical Krishna-The account of Megasthenes-Prof. Prof. Lassen and Krishna-The opinion of Captain Wilford-Arrian and Strabo about Krishna-Sir William jones and Sir Godfrey Higgins about Krishna-The ferocious figure of King Kansa in the cave of Elephant-The popular belief among the orthodox Hindu about Krishna-Rigveda and Krishna-Krishna in the Chhandogya Upanishad-Panini and Patanjali about Krishna-The allusions to Krishna offered by Prof. Bhandarkar-Krishna was a historic personage-What happened at the close of the Brazen Age-Devaki and Vasudeva-Vasudeva and Kansa-The birth of Krishna-Vasudeva carried the baby- The cruel king Kansa-Krishna in Gokula-Krishna and his playmates-Krishna at Vrindavan-Krishna forgave the sins of a tailor-Krishna as a student-Christ and Krishna-Krishna and the Pandavas-Krishna in the battle of Kurukshetra-Teachings of Krishna-Krishna as a spiritual teacher-Krishna went into Samadhi.  
Chapter III
  Zoroaster and his Teachings 48-74
  Aryan peoples and their language-The Indo-Iranians-Indo-Aryans and Irano-Aryans-Hindu-Aryans retained their spiritual ideals-The story and birth of the great prophet -The significance of the word 'Zarathustra'-The Syriac and Arabic reports about Zarathustra at the age of twenty-The first Divine revelation-The vision of Zarathustra-He travelled from place to place-The third and fourth visions-The fifth and sixth visions-The teachings in Zend-Avesta-The miracle-Zarathustra defeater of all the great philosophers and prophets-His religion-Zarathustra married three times-He preached the gospel-The great holy war against Turanian King-King Vishtasp the defender of the Faith of Zoroaster-The spread of Zoroastrianism-Zarathustra's religion of absolute faith-It does not teach polygamy-What does the Avesta teach-Fire and the symbol-Hymn from the Yasna-Zend-Avesta Commands.  
Chapter IV
  Lao-Tze and His Teachings 75-89
  The birth of Lao-Tze-The historical account of Lao-Tze-The term 'Tao' indicates Brahman-What is Tao-What Lao-Tze says about Tao-What says Chawang-Tze-The sayings of Lao-Tze-He believed not in artificial modes of government-Lao-Tze's philosophy-Lao Tan and Confucius-The followers of Lao-Tze-Taoism was borrowed from Buddhism-Taoism and Vedanta.  
Chapter V
  Buddha and His Teachings 90-123
  The significance of the 'Buddha'-King Suddhodhana-The birth of Buddha-Voice in the dream-Buddha and the old man-Buddha and the sick man- Buddha and the dead man-The detachement of Buddha-Buddha on the way to Rajagriha-The King Bimbisara and Buddha as Bodhisattva-Arada-Kalama-Buddha and Arada-Kalama-Bodhisattva accepted the truth of the law of Karma-Bodhisattva towards Uruvela-Bodhisattva took bath in Nairanjana-Buddha and Mara-The first noble truth-The second noble truth-The third noble truth-The fourth noble truth-Tathagata found the middle path- The teachings of Buddha-Parable of the Lost Son-Parable of Buddha, the Sower-Parable of the Woman at the Well-parable of the Marriage Feast in Jambunada-The goal-The five commandments-Buddha performed many miracles-Buddha became the first person of the Buddhistic Trinity-The religion of Buddha-Buddha and nirvana-The story of Nihilism-Buddhism and Vedanta-Buddhism teaches the rebirth of the Karma-The teachings of Vedanta-Buddhism is pessimistic.  
Chapter VI
  Christ and His Teachings 124-132
  Jesus the Christ as the incarnation of the Father in Heaven-Balaam came to curse Israel-Malachi's prediction-The orthodox Christian belief-The Apocryphal Gospels describe many miracles - Jesus proved himself to be the Son of the living God-The super-human character of Jesus-Review of the higher critics of the Bible-The Song of Songs-The time and place of the birth of Jesus-Opinions of different scholars about the date of birth of jesus-The Christmas festival at Bethlehem-25th December as the birthday of Jesus-The birthday fixed by the ancient Egyptians-Osiris, Adonis and others-The Saturnalia festival-The birthday as fixed at Rome-The ancient German Yule feast-The Christmas-tree-Gimmon on the birthday of Jesus-Jesus lived the simple life-The ideal of Christ.  
Chapter VIII
  Vedanta and The Teachings of Jesus 146-152
  The divine being incarnates in flesh-What do the divine incarnations teach-The Indian incarnations-Truth is always truth-The teachings of Jesus as discovered by Oriental scholars-The theory of sin and Vedanta-What did Jesus teach-Teach-Teachings of Jesus in the light of Vedanta.  
Chapter IX
  Did Christ Teach a New Religion 153-159
  The religion of Jesus-God of Jesus was not a cruel and revengeful deity-The idea of the fatherhood -Jesus appeared in Galilee - Three principal sects of the Jews-The Christian idea of the term Messiah-The Synoptic Gospels and Jesus-The influence of the Buddhist missionaries-Emperor Ashoka sent missionaries to all parts of the world-The Essenes and their practices-Renan on the Essenes -The fundamental principles of the religion of Jesus-Buddha and Jesus.  
Chapter X
  Mohammed And His Teachings 160-172
  Mohammed was born in Mecca-The records of Pliny-The idolatry in Kaaba-The idols in the Kaaba-Abdulla and Amina-Mohammed at mecca-Mohammed in his youth-The reflective mind of Mohammed-Mohammed was resolute and taciturn-Khadiza and Mohammed-The Korish priests-Mohammed and his Divine revelations-The spiritual light in Mohammed-mohammed at the age of forty-Gabriel and Mohammed-The Divine Commission-Mohammed at the age of forty-four-The followers of Mohammed-The revelations and Gabriel-Mohammed at the age of fifty-two-Mohammed and the Arab tribes-Carlyle about Mohammed.  
Chapter XI
  Ramakrishna And His Teachings 173-187
  The divine promise was fulfilled-Buddha and Nirvana-Jesus the Christ-The social condition before the advent of Ramakrishna-The birth of Ramakrishna-His father and mother-Education of Ramakrishna-The boyhood of Ramakrishna-The Divine vision-The upanayana of Ramakrishna-In a dramatic performance-Ramakumar and Ramakrishna-Ramakumar at Dakshineswar-The magic personality-Ramakrishna as a priest in the Kali temple-His unique Sadhana-Ramakrishna conquered all lust and attachement -Yogesvari as his spiritual teacher-Spiritual practice under the guidance of Bhairavi-Ramakrishna and samadhi-Totapuri and Ramakrishna-The grand truth as realized by Ramakrishna-The ideal of religion as preached by Ramakrishna.  

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