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Author: Kavita Kumar
Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: (With Hindi Words Transliterated into English)
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 8129104571
Pages: 314
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 5.6” X 4.4”
Weight 150 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business


The Hindi Phrasebook is designed to enable non-Hindi speaking people from different countries to converse without difficulty with Hindi-speaking people on matters of daily life. it is a compilation of phrases ranging from one word to short sentences. A large number of situational sentences required in general conversation, useful for learning the language, making travel trouble-free and sightseeing enjoyable are given in the text. The material provides tourists and business visitors with appropriate tourists and business visitors with appropriate words and phrases to wade through diverse challenging encounters during their travel and stay in India.

The pronunciation guide explains the special sounds of the language. Phonetic spellings of each Hindi sentence are given to help you speak without any prior knowledge of script or grammar. At the same time, for those who may be interested, the text is given in Hindi script too.

it is equally profitable for students of Hindi in transition phase, where they have acquired the ability to read and comprehend written text in Hindi. But cannot speak due to lack of practice.

Sincere thanks are due to:

Shri R.K. Mehra and Ms. Sugeeta Roy Choudhry of Rupa & Co. for asking me to undertake this project and for their keen interest in its successful this project and for their keen interest in its successful completion.

My husband Prof. Hardarshan kumar for his sustained support in my work.

Mengla Prasad Dube for his assistance in composing the book.

My son-in-law Kant and daughter Anu for their understanding and generosity in every way during my stay with them in the United States where the first draft of this book was written.

My grandsons Arman and Rahul, and my daughter Tara for propelling vita energy in me in some of my lone moments.

I shall welcome any feedback from the readers especially any printing errors that might have escaped my notice.


Back of The Book

The Hindi English Phrasebook – containing an English-Hindi dictionary, a guide to Hindi grammar and a list of commonly used Hindi phrases – is the perfect companion for short and long-term visitors to India.

With an easy-to-follow, user-friendly plan that is the specialisation of the author Kavita Kumar, the Hindi English Phrasebook lists nearly three thousand words, covering diverse situations and conversations. it includes proverbs and idioms as well as useful tips and cultural notes to broaden understanding about conditions within India.

A valuable guide, this book will ensure pleasant social contacts, an enjoyable journey and a memorable vacation.




  Pronunciation Guide 1
  Word Order in Hindi 6
  Asking Questions 7
  Everyday Phrases 13
  Language Problems 32
  Introductory Meeting 33
  Parting Sentences 34
  Basic Needs 35
  Basic Emotion 35
  Meeting The Neighbours 36
  At The Customs 42
  Immigration 42
  Customs 43
  Hiring A Taxi 46
  In the taxi 47
  Tourist Information 48
  Booking A Room in a Hotel 50
  Enquiry & Booking 50
  Asking for Additional Services 51
  Room Service 52
  Complaints 53
  Ordering Breakfast 53
  At The Front Desk of a Hotel 55
  Rent a room / Apartment 56
  Paying Guest Accommodation 59
  Holiday Booking 60
  Asking Directions  
  Foreigner’s Registration Office 62
  Telephone Booth 63
  Lost my Way 64
  At The Crossing 65
  Samath 67
  Booking For Music Concert 67
  Sight Seeing 68
  Boat Ride 70
  Eating Out 70
  Indian Foods 73
  Finding Lost Belongings 77
  Accident 78
  Accident Averted 78
  Shopping 79-87
  Asking Price 79
  Asking Opinion 79
  Expressing Opinion 79
  Enquiring About Availability 80
  Expressing Desire to see More 81
  Buying Clothes 82
  Buying Books 85
  Photography 87
  Visa Office 88
  Exploring Business 90
  Banking 92
  Changing Money 94
  Availing Miscellaneous Service 95
  Car Repair 95
  Watch Repair 97
  Shoe Repair 98
  Washerman 100
  Astrology 103
  Communications 104
  Telegram 104
  Internet Cafe 105
  Telephone 105
  Postal Services 108
  Personal Grooming 111-113
  Haircut 111
  Body Massage 113
  Manicure and Pedicure 113
  Emergency Services  
  Police Station 114
  Fire 115
  Ambulance 116
  Transportation 117
  At the Railway Enquiry 117
  Reservation 119
  On the Platform 122
  On the Train 123
  Bus Travel 125
  Rickshaw Ride 126
  At The Airline 128
  Visiting The Church 131
  Health & Medicine 133-140
  At The General Physician’s 133
  At the orthopedics Clinic 134
  At the Ophthalmologist’s/Optician’s 135
  At the Dentist’s 137
  At the Physiotherapist’s 138
  Altemative Medicine 140
  Proposing Friendship 141
  Expressing Love 141
  Proposing Marriage 141
  Weather 142
  Seasons 144
  Telling Time 145
  Months 146
  Days of The Week 147
  Time Divisions 148
  Directions 150
  Hobbies 151
  Politics 154
  Dowry Problem 156
  Numbers 157
  Cardinals 157
  Ordinals 161
  Multiplicatives 162
  Aggregative 162
  How Many Times 163
  How Many Fold 163
  Fractions 163
  Cultural Notes 164
  Festivals and National Holidays 164
  Religions 166
  Saints Celebrities 167
  Hinduism 167
  Schools of Philosophy 167
  Scriptual Text 167
  Paths of Salvation 168
  Classfication of Society 169
  Stages of Life 170
  Four Goals 171
  Mystical Topics 171
  Proverbs 175
  Idioms 181
  Vocabulary 183
  English Words in Everyday Use 260
  Grammar 263
  Vowels 263
  Punctuation 264
  Consonants 265
  Noun 270
  Pronoun 273
  Adjective 275
  Adverbs 277
  Verb ‘to be’ 278
  Imperative 282
  Present Simple tense 284
  Past Habitual Tense 285
  Present Progressive 285
  Past Progressive Tense 286
  Past Simple Tense 288
  Present Prefect Tense 291
  Past Prefect Tense 291
  Future 293
  Postpositions 294
  Conjunctions 296
  Use of some verbs 296
  To like 296
  To want 296
  To know 297
  Can 297
  To need 298
  Should, Qught to 298
  Compulsion 299
  Probability 299
  Possession 299
  To be habituated to do X 300
  Conditionals 300
  To begin to do X 301
  Permission 301
  Kar-conjunct 301
  Simultaneous Activities 302
  Continuative Activities 303
  Gradual Changes; Disapproval 303
  Present Presumption 303
  Perfective Presumption 304
  Participial Constructions 304
  Commonly used Verbs 306
  Conjunct Verbs 309
  Index 311

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