Jaimini’s Navamsha Dasha

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Author: Sachin Malhotra
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Edition: 2009
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Shipped to 153 countries
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About the book

This is an original research by a young researcher, Sachin Malhotra. It will answer the need of some of the many modern astrologers with honest and scientific approach to human probles.

Astrology is the science of sciences because an astrologer faces hundreds of questions which no science ever faced or will face. The questions put to an astrologer generally relate to E.C.M.C.D.I.P. (education, career, marriage, children, death, illness and property). T asked sachin to show the validity of his research by dealing with these problems which has done in six chapters and then summarized them in three astro portraits.

Use Chara dasha which is the king of the nakshatra dashas of parashara. Then narrow down your readings and clinch then through conditional nakshatra dashas. and Jamini's Navamsha dashas and Jaimini's Navamsha dasha as shown in this book.

Remember when you are doing Jaimini there are only seven Karakas, there is no charakaraka replacement.

Sachin, in his thirty month astrological career has come out with such a brilliant book which none of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi, in the last twenty two years has every done. That is the tribute to the high quality of teaching being imparted in the largest and most successful astrological school of the world.

Navamsha dashas are done at least in fifteen different ways. In this book one of them has been revealed here for the first time.



Sachin Malhotra passed out of our two year Acharya course in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan in June 2007 and straight away joined the research class where his participation is active, stimulating, original and never stereotyped. He took me by surprise by telling me that he had done a research of his own on almlnl' s Navamsha Dasha. I know fifteen types of navamsha dashas all of which work and some of which only I have taught to two or three people. I have made clear-since my sickness of 2000, I decided to encourage students to come out with their researches fast and that I would not write any book but encourage them to produce their original researches as soon and as fast as they could. The result is there before anyone and everyone to see.

I did not expect a student of Jyotisha Acharya with only six months in research to come out with a totally original research as he had done. It is a tribute to the high quality of the teaching we impart.

It must be remembered that no one has produced any research on Navamsha dasha which could be tried by astrologers interested in the less discussed branch of Jaimini as we have done in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan.

We have not bungled Jaimini with perversions like the eight karaka scheme and the fraudulent chara karaka substitution. Those who are indulging in these frauds were embarrassed recently when one of their own stalwarts challenged them to show where was the scheme of eight karakas in Jaimini or Parashara. No one dared to engage him in a debate and his challenge remains unmet through silence. G.K. Goel who used the eight karaka scheme and charakaraka substitution most irrationally and using my horoscope, circulated a paper through internet failed, I am informed, to participate in this debate and defend his blindly accepted theories. These astrologers do not know how much damage they are doing to astrology. One of them claiming to be of a parampara failed to show how this parampara ever got created and whether there was any other astrologer belonging to this so called parampara. When a fraud is created, one sole individual claims to be belonging to a parampara. Similarly, some other individuals can also claim to be representing a fraudulent parampara and such frauds will multiply. Go to google and see if in Rampur gharana, Kirana gharana etc. of Hindustani classical music there is only one single individual representing a parampara. Young gullible astrologers never had the intelligence to ask if a parampara can be represented by one sole individual and G.K.Goel never ever thought it necessary to raise this all important question and objection. An individual's unproven researches like a malefic becoming Atmakaraka (even Rahu!) shows a spiritually evolved person can get blindly accepted by gullible learners through internet these days.

Sachin stuck to the basics as taught to him, pondered over it and came out with this book whish appealed to me. I am exceedingly happy that Sachin caught the hint I had given in my book Mandook Dasha and worked on it to produce, let me repeat, an original research which has pleased me, startled me and has given me such immense pleasure as must happen in the life of a teacher who sees a student produce genuine research avoiding those stupid pitfalls like fraudulent Keel Serpe dosha, Rahu Kalam which have no basis in any known classic and upayas or pariharas as though they can ect like God and change fate.

Astrologers are not in the habit of proving their so called research through replicable methods as we in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawando.

. I asked my students never to run after the celebrity horoscopes or pick horoscopes from different astrological journals which do not assure you about the correctness of the birth data. Sachin stuck to my advice and has used horoscopes from his own collection. Then he verified the horoscopes through some events, based being the best method of correcting a horoscope, and then produced this research. He had to make sure that the navamsha 'lagna was hundred percent correct. One has to read-the book, apply the methodology given to his own or some horoscopes in his collection after making sure that the navamsha being used is correct because this research on navamsha dasha can be seen to be sound only if the navamshas being used are correct. If the navamsha is not correct, one can correct it, before applying this research. Navamsha dasha can be applied into a different way also and similar results got. Since no hint about how to calculate is available anywhere, it is only through a research that it can be proved is why this effort of Sachin is so laudable because he proves through research.

Significations of Karakas

Sounding a warning: the pattern of a fraud

I must warn and caution young astrologers to become aware of the pattern of frauds in astrology in India. Years ago, a fellow working in the central government came to me, introduced himself as a descendant of or in the lineage of Pawhari Baba about whom Swami Vivekananda has written and described himself as an astrologer in that line! I had never heard that Pawhari Baba was an astrologer. But this fellow went further and told that he knew some secret remedial measures and one of them was that he could nullify Mars totally in the horoscope of a girl who was suffering from Kuja dosha. My further questions troubled him and he stopped coming to me.

I have met other frauds who faJl into this pattern-trace your lineage, as a sole inheritor of a parampara, in the line of a great saint who must somehow become an astrologer and then claim rare remediaJ measures not known to anyone else in the world.

In my book, "Predicting through jaimini Chara Dasha", I have shown use of seven chara karakas of Jaimini. Before it is shown how events are timed through Navamsha Dasha, let the significations of these seven karakas should be understood,

1. Atmakaraka (AK) - It signifies soul, mind and body of a person and character, nature and general health of the native. It gives salvation or bondage which is why Rahu, the demon can never become Atmakaraka. This fact has been stressed by Iranganti Rangacharya many times.
2. Amatyakaraka (AmK) - The literal meaning is a minister or a person in high post. But in Jaimini astrology we also use it for profession, business, job and even source of income. Amatyakaraka represents all the karmas done by a person in his day to day life whether they are for earning money or not.
3. Bhratrikaraka (BK) - Bhratrikaraka is the significator of brother and sister generally but it also signifies the father. Basically, it represents the significance of the third and the ninth house of a horoscope. We can also extend other significations like short journeys, spiritual inclinations, religious activities, hobbies, interest in writing.
4. Matrikaraka (MK) - It refers to the mother of a person in Jaimini. Extend it to the significations of the fourth house like property as Mrs. Akhila Kumar has done, and read property, vehicles and house also from matrikaraka.
5. Putrakaraka (PK) - In Jaimini, putrakaraka signifies, children, education, wisdom, inteilect interest in teaching, reading and authorship.
6. Gnatikaraka (GK)- The literal meaning of gnathikaraka is relative. It should also signifies all that sixth house and its lord represents along with the eighth and twelfth houses and their lords. These are diseases, mishaps, accidents, agony, pain and difficulties in life. It also shows competition and competitive spirit is of utmostimportance in the life of a sportsman, player and other competitors in various fields and of course diseases and disputes. Generally, Irepresents cousins, maternal relations etc.
7. Darakaraka (OK)- The literal meaning of dara is spouse. This karaka also represents all that seventh house and its lord represent. It should then be seen to glean information about love affairs, business partners, foreign connections.
Late B. Suryanarain Rao, grandfather of Dr.B.V.Raman and Dr. Raman himself used only seven Jaimini karakas and P.S. Sastry and Iranganti Rangacharya, two of the finest Sanskrit scholars who did astrology successfuIly, also used only seven karakas. But in recent years an unscientific theory of eight karakas and even charakaraka substitution has been used by some people. One of them, belonging to that group, revolted and challenged as I learnt from an e-rnall sent to me, reproduced below.

The objections raised in that eight karaka group were as follows--

The theory that seven chara karaka scheme is for mundane charts, eight char karka scheme is for living being was challenged. "If you or anyone can show me the verse of Parasara that says the above, we can discuss your views further."

When mentioning the two schemes, Parasara dearly said that the 8-karaka scheme is used when two planets are in the same degree. He never talked about "living beings" vs "mundane charts". Instead he talked about matching the degrees of planets to decide 7 vs 8 karaka schemes.

A dear guideline of Parasara has been ignored and a big hypothesis is made instead. "Such a theory with a weak foundation fails to convince me .••

In this case,has simply thrown the entire CK replacment theory into the trash can. Chara karakas are fixed in each chart. They do not change from time to time. There is nothing called chara karaka parivartana.

In fact, Vriddha Kar:ikas say the following: Revyeedt Shani Peryenteeh Bheventi Sapta Kaarakaah Amsha Saamye Grahau Dvau Ca Raahvantaan Ganayet Dvija I I (Meaning: Planets starting from Sun and going upto Saturn become seven significators. And, 0 brahmin, if two planets are in equality of degrees, one may count ending with Rahu.) Interestingly, G.K.Goel who circulated a paper through e-mail that was sent to me, also used eight karakas and charakaraka replacement theories without any basis and now when challenged ranway from the battle while others kept silent as they got exposed so openly.

Iranganti Rangacharya was quoted in this debate also-

He considers faimini sutras are much earlier to Parasara Hora since the Sutra Vangmaya is much earlier to Sloka Vangmaya. He considers Parasara Hora is a compendium of all the astrological principles available, that is a compilation work.

Regarding the Chara Karaka issue, he works out excepting Rahu becoming Atma Karaka. He has shown how Rahu can be other Chara Karaka vide his faimini Sutramritam Sanskrlt-Engllsh Commentary. He has not resolved the case with Rahu becoming higher longitude planet after deducting from 30 degrees, out of eight planets. He tells that Rahu cannot become Atma Kereke since Jaimini himself says that" Sa Ishte Bandha Mokshayoh ". meaning that AK can give either Bandhana or Moksha. But, since Rahu is karaka for Bandhana, he can never be considered for chara Atma Karaka.

Using Karakas my own original research

In no commentary of Jaimini has anyone ever shown how the seven karakas are to be used for predicting. specific events. All this was done by me for the very first time in three thousand or more years as is dear from my book, my predictions and the predictions of my students over a period of more than thirty years now. Why and how those famous commentators did not feel it necessary to show the use of karakas remains a mystery to me.

Karakamsha and Swamsha

Both in Rajasthan and Darbhanga horoscopes, I have seen seven Karakas used and the navamsha of Atmakaraka put in the birth horoscope and described as Karakamsha lagna.

When the navamsha position of all planets / Karakas is put in a chart, it is called Swamsha.

I have followed it throughout and got results over a period of more than three decades. Astrology these days seems to be swinging between the frauds of so called parampara in which lunatic theories like charakaraka rotation, as though karakas have a game of musical chairs spring up to one end and at the other end we have outdated, undedicated dogmatic statements without series of illustration.

Astrologers should be innovative intelligently, state a theory based on observations, prove them through series of illustrations and sound methodology, repiicate them themselves and through others to contribute something to meet the needs of a growing, changing and more than half rootless society which has moved away from the orthodoxy and dogmatism of feudal societies largely in metropolitan cities and societies.

1 Dedication 3
2 Introduction 5
3 How the Clue was Got 11
4 Sthira karakas in Navamsha Dasha 12
5 Benefic and Malefic planets in jaimini 13
6 How to Calculate Navamsha Dasha 14
7 Dasha 17
Illustarted Examples    
8 Education 18
9 Career 26
10 Marriage 33
11 Children 41
12 Mishaps 47
13 Disease 63
Astro Portraits    
14 Jawaharlal Nehru 68
15 Indira Gandhi 73
16 Rajiv Gandhi 78
17 Why Navamsha Dasha? 81
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