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Knowing New India - A Transforming Story

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Author: D. K. Hari & D. K. Hema Hari
Publisher: Sri Sri Publications Trust
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9789387080836
Pages: 516 (Throughout Color and B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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About the Author


D.K.Hari and D.K.Hema Hari, a husband -wife duo of Management and IT professionals turned research collators, are the founders of Bharath Gyan.

They conceptualized and founded "Bharath Gyan" as an endeavour to fill the void in creating a positive and open enquiring mind set about the knowledge, practices and culture of ancient civilizations such as the Indian civilization, with an objective of going to the root of social problems and finding comprehensive solutions for the same.

A Challenge

The knowledge of the Indian civilization is available scattered in various forms - books, manuscripts, oral tradition amongst scholars, various art forms, customs and traditions of the land.

The current generation faces a barrier in reaching out to this knowledge due to the limited access to such sources.

The ancient languages, the style of expression used and their approach to the subjects, which differ from the present way of expression, pose a challenge too.

Their Approach

With the help of

  • traditional scholars with a modern bent of mind and
  • modern scientists open to traditional knowledge systems,
all these sources of data have been carefully sifted through and verified, with an inquisitive, rational, logical and scientific mind to understand the evolution of the civilization from a fresh interdisciplinary perspective. The outcome of this analysis is the compilation of Bharath Gyan.

The knowledge of India embedded in books, manuscripts, oral tradition amongst scholars, folk lore, art forms, customs, archaeological artefacts etc. have all been brought together in this compilation.


The facts and data collated painstakingly, over the years since 2000, corroborate each other beautifully like pieces of a jigsaw and thus keep self-validating this growing compilation, spanning over 108 subjects. Their compilation currently runs into about 500 hours' worth of multimedia content which is currently being compiled into books, ebooks, articles, documentaries, short films and expositions for dissemination.

With factual content on the state of knowledge in India, its traditions and its sustainable practices, compiled with dedication, over the years, since 2000, the Hari couple have evolved into subject matter experts on the overall understanding of India from an Indian perspective, across ages from over 8000 years ago to the present.

Their USP is the range and depth of data they present on the Indian civilization from the perspective of India and an Indian ethos.


Hari and Hema Hari are widely sought after as speakers on the Indian Civilization across India and the globe, to wide audiences ranging from the research community, to educational institutions, to Corporates, social organizations and in various conferences on social engineering, technology, management, history, tradition, culture and religion.

They are often consulted on the long term vision and direction to take by various social bodies.

They have given over 250 joint talks in India and 'abroad on diverse subjects to wide audiences viz

International conferences including.

  • Civil BRlCS,
  • Pravasi Bharatiya Divas,
  • World Sanskrit Conferences,
  • Confer;nces on Mahabharata,
  • World Ramayana Conferences,
  • International Women's Conferences,
  • Ramayana Conferences for Tour Operators in Sri Lanka etc.
  • Conferences on Veda, Cosmology, Science, Technology and Spirituality.
  • KAlCIID Interfaith Conferences organized by Vatican, King of Saudi, Austrian Govt.
  • Research institutions ego Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) , Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc), Indian Space. Research Organization (ISRO), Coast Guard, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) ...
  • TED conducted talks.
  • Educational institutions, both private and public funded schools and colleges, various University Departments, UGC Faculty Refresher Courses etc.


This work is a narration of the transformation of India into a New India, which was set into motion from 2014.

It is about a New India that looks likely to emerge, changed in many respects, from around 2020.

Many a time, work done by successive Governments, are seen in disconnect from one another. Likewise, different steps taken by different ministries of the same Government, are also seen in isolation. The vision, the purpose and the impact, behind the various steps taken by a Government are not known to the common man due to various reasons such as:

• the size arid scope of the entire system being as big as the Government and the country
• the lack of " socially minded" people I bodies without political and commercial media agenda to speak about the work of a Government in a wholesome manner to the common man
• the lack of steps to educate the people on the knowledge and information needed to understand the rationale behind the steps taken
• the lack of efforts to rationally connect the decisions being taken by the Government of the day, with the happenings of

• the larger past which is the legacy and at times, baggage of the nation, that is actually carried by the Government of the day, and
• the absence of steps to place a Government's action vis-a-vis the ethos, character and assets of the nation, to enable people to emotionally relate to the Government's policies and actions. For, each step taken by the Government, affects mainly people and their progeny in the short and long run and
This work looks at the schemes and programs launched by the Indian Government of 2014, in the context of the progress of India. For, it is context, which can help in gaining an understanding of anything in a wholesome manner.

This work therefore includes where possible, the context for understanding and knowledge for appreciating what has been taking place in India since 2014.

It is a work aimed at using the Transforming Governance in India from 2014, as a model for educating a common-man about.

• the fundamentals of Governance,

• the work of a progressive Government and

the larger issues that confront a Government, using the present Indian Government, as a good example of a forward looking, democratic Government in the present world and in the present state that India is in.

Care, has hence been taken to avoid too much data, charts and economical and technical terminologies in this work.

WHY FROM 2014?

India is fortunate in that, it has two layers that go to form the Government.

A Bureaucratic Layer for administration

A Political Layer for policy making.

While it is the political layer, which gets a mandate from the people to run the country for a maximum of 5 years at a go, the administrative layer, more or less stays the same, to provide continuity to the various tasks as per the established vision and policies of the nation.

Unless there is a strong override from the political layer, the administrative layer can continue to keep the nation going with the existing policies and system.

Policies and systems get formed / reformed / transformed only with the initiative of the political layer, which in turn represents the people's will and mandate.

Hence, major changes can happen in a nation like India only when a nation gives a unanimous mandate and that too, to a political layer which projects a clear vision of where it would like to take the nation in the next few decades. 2014, was one such eventful year in India's history when both these criteria happened to be met.

The rest is history in making.

WHY IN 2019?

In 2019, at the time of the 1st edition of this work, 5 years since the time of the new leadership in India, history indeed seems to be in the making.

The Promise

The political layer that moved into the Government, had stepped in with a promise of transforming the Governance system itself, so that the future decades of India, can run pretty much in a development mode.

The Act

Starting 2014, the system of Governance has therefore been undergoing a transformation at a scale and speed, the likes of which are startling to all - the majority of the population who stand to benefit from the change as well as the few who will be losing their advantage from an earlier leaky system.


Message from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar15
Preface-Why ThisWork and Why Now?17
A Note to the Reader23
Part 1-A Transformation Story

2014, A Benchmark Year29
Fundamentals First33
Indian History of Governance41
Collabration for Nation Transform47
Planning for Nation Transformation49
Cornerstones for Transformation51
More Power to State55
Scarapping Obsolete Laws57
Structural Changes in kGovernance Framework59
Deliverning A "Good Governance61
The Architecting of New India67
Where do All the Schemes fit In?71
A Record Transformation75
Icons for New India83
Making Way for Wealth

Corners Stones of Making ways to make wealth95
Make in India97
Startup India Campaign107
Atal Innovation Missing (AIM)111
Development of Development of Infrastructure117
Waterways -The Significant New Route In New India135
appropriate Use of River Water161
GST-singh Tax, Less Taxing for People165
Unleashing MSMEs-Cogs &Wheels of Prosperity Engine167
Enabling Wealth Generation-Results Speak175
Essence of Make in India179
Part 3-Creating Ways to Share

Creating Secure Sharing Systems183
Legalizing a Unique Id-Aadhar187
A Linked Bank Account-Jan Dhan Yojana191
DBTL-An End to End DBT Finally197
A Digitally Connected India203
The Need for a Digital India As Told By Rupay207
Mannu ki Baat-Government to People connect223
cleasing Road to Health

Health of Nation227
Swachh Bharat Mission229
Clean Neighbourhood-Stopping Open Defecation237
Clearning Slum-Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana241
Clean Economy-Anti Corruption243
Clean Money-Demonetization, War Against Black Money247
Healthy Gender Ratio-Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao259
Equal Gender Balance-Women Empowerment263
Equal Gender Justice-Marriage Rights265
Safe Society-Protection of Women and children267
Healthy Society-Wellbeing of Women and Childen269
Clean Homes-Pollution Free Cooking Facility271
Ayushman Bharat-Long Live India, Healthy India273
Accessible Medicare-Jannaushadi283
A fit India285
Healthy Food-Careful Choice295
Health of Traditional Crafts299
Wholesome Education-Opening Mind, Open for All303
Efficient Energy EESL313
Clean Energy-Solar energy319
A Environmentally Conscientious Nation325
Transferring to Higher Orbits in Space329
Go After Bronzes-Bringing Home Gods & India's Lost Icons337
Go For gold-Encouraging New Icons for India349
Clean Mind-International Days of Yoga351
Part 5 Securing peace & Prosperity

Defence & Diplomacy to Secure Peace & Prosperity357
Overcoming International Barriers Locally361
Opening Door to India Globally367
A Firm New India371
Significance Reductionin Terror Attacks373
surgical Strikes377
Respect for Armed Forces381
Diplomacy Transcending Governments For Humanity385
Fencing Border393
Counting citizens and Immigrants-NRC 2018397
Immigrations-No Small Issue for India401
Foreign Policy and External Affairs411
New India's Act-East Act413
Golden chapter in India, Bangladesh Relationship415
India Myanmar Connections419
New India's Need For New Ways423
New India's Near West Outlook437
New India's New Narrative447
New India's Strides and Imprints on the Globe451
The 3 Step Triad-Measuring Land, Skies and Seas457
Part 6-Changes in New India

The Contrasts471
Leadership That Golvanized People475
History in Making481
New India493
About Bharath Gyan503
About Authors507

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