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The Kriya Sutras (In Eleven International Language)

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Item Code: NAL023
Author: Swami Satyeswaranada
Publisher: The Sanskrit Classics, Publisher
Language: Eleven Languages
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9781877854545
Pages: 544
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.0 inch x 6.0 inch
Weight 670 gm

Eleven Language

English French


The Indian scriptures in their expressions through verses (Sutras) having the connotations and denotations, not more and not less, but exactly, make them precise, compact, and rhythmical expression of the eternal vibration of pure Consciousness of the supreme Self.

In the present edition, the Himalayan Hermit, Swami Satyeswarananda Maharaj (S. S.) recorded what he received during the worship of the Divine Mother at the temple in the month of October, 1974 from Mahamuni Babaji Maharaj, the Divine Himalayan Yogi at Dunagiri Hill, Himalayas. The verses (Kriya Sutras) are in Sanskrit precisely written for the Kriya Science.

Later, Swamiji Maharaj has added the spiritual interpretations of the Sutras with special references from the Holy Bible, showing the essential scriptural truth of the East and the West. For example:

"Be still [tranquilize the Breath], and know that I [the Self] am God." Psalms 46:10

Thus this tiny book becomes the sure means of world peace and harmony for the present day troubled world. For the larger interest of mankind, he translated them in many intemationallanguages such as:
The Sanskrit, the original,
The English,
The Bengali,
The Hindi,
The Japanese,
The Chinese,
The French,
The German,
The Spanish,
The Italian, and
The Russian.

Hope, this edition will throw light to the seekers of truth who are in dark about the source of the Kriya Science.




  Dedication V
  Books by the same author VII
  List of Illustrations XIV
  Endowment at Calcutta University XVI
  The Kriya Sutra in Eleven International Languages  
1 Preface 1
2 How the Kriya Sutras were Received 3
3 Introduction 13
4 The Kriya Sutra in Sanskrit 53
5 The Kriya Sutra in English 61
6 The Kriya Sutra in Bengali 91
7 The Kriya Sutra in Hindi 173
8 The Kriya Sutra in Japanese 223
9 The Kriya Sutra in Chinese 269
10 The Kriya Sutra in French 315
11 The Kriya Sutra in German 349
12 The Kriya Sutra in Spanish 397
13 The Kriya Sutra in Italian 447
14 The Kriya Sutra in Russian 483

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