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Lakshmi Calling

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Author: Meeta Joshi
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9781948146890
Pages: 40
Other Details: 8.00 X 5.00 inch
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About the Book

Lakshmi Calling is a compilation of all my experiences as a tarot card reader and an energy healer.

It tells bittersweet tales of my struggle with money, finding myself and emerging positively. Life is a journey in which we come across many people who teach us in numerous ways. Thus, I have mentioned my family, friends and pets who have significantly helped me with my growth.

About the Author

Small Description about the author: "Meeta is a good person to know. I know her past nine years and it is great to know her as a person. I met her in a meeting and from that day we became friends instantly. It was like we were destined to meet. She is very sensitive, loving, and generous. Her knowledge of tarots is excellent and very accurate. I wish her all the best in her future endeavours and for this book too."

Born in Almora, Uttarakhand on the r of July in 1972, ',Meta was born blessed. Profoundly spiritual, she was into meditation and yoga from her initial years. A pure and loving person at heart, she has helped and influenced several people's lives through her knowledge of tarots and energy healing.


Lakshmi Calling is about my struggle to earn money. In this life, we are either very successful or we are big failures. I don't know how to rate myself but I can say that if money was the criteria to judge success, I am a failure.

If one considers good deeds, then maybe I have passed. I go to any extent to help anyone. I think it is not a good quality. One should just plan for his or her expenses. But whenever I come across any needy person, I forget about my needs....

Whenever I did any tarot readings I was supposed to earn money out of it. But it was always otherwise. I would be disturbed by their problems and end up not charging any fee, later I realized I am doing a mistake. Money is a necessity. We should respect it. One should not run after it but it cannot be ignored.

Sometimes I ended up giving hand loan to my clients…..

I remember an incident where I was supposed to visit a household where I already told about my fee structure. After the reading I didn't change anything and came back.

I don't know why God has made me so. When I have money I spend ruthlessly, when I don't have then I regret.....

One of my clients is a Doctor. He is a plastic surgeon. A young man looking for a good match approached me to ask when he was going to meet his life -partner. I told him the time period and he got married in the same time frame.

Another client, a software engineer was in a fix to change his job or continue the same. Sometimes people ask such weird questions that my position becomes awkward.

One of the Doctors who was working in Dubai came to ask for further job opportunities in Dubai. I told him that I don't see any so he became very offended. I have to convey the exact answer without making any changes as I am just a medium between the universe and the client.

As an energy healer, I healed several people with chronic diseases. 80% of the diseases are phycho-somatic, 20% are physical.

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